Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In 2019! (One Year Later!) (Review)

Published on July 15, 2019
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Man as you guys know the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be released and I even did that video about what I think the Galaxy Note 10 is going to bring and as you can see not that many people care that I got like a thousand views on that video but you know what at least a thousand people watch that you know even though I spent like five hours doing those renders I guess it’s not that big of a deal but I finally went ahead and picked up the Galaxy Note 9 now and surprisingly like when I picked this thing up like I was kind of shocked to see how close this thing actually was to the Galaxy Note 8 I mean in terms of the body like I don’t really think there’s too much going on that’s different now this is not a comparison review or anything I’ve already done one of those but I did kind of want to do an updated review I guess a couple things have changed you know we saw Samsung Galaxy 1 UI get released on the Galaxy S tens and all those things so even though this phone really isn’t too old there’s still a lot of competitors and even though yes it’s still worth it is still a good phone there’s still a lot of competitors in the specific price range that are you know feigning for your money you know there’s the Galaxy S tens there’s a one plus seven pros there’s so many different models of phones and and it’s kind of crazy I’m like almost like a 1 year span of how much phones and how much phones have developed in that short timeframe so we’re gonna go ahead and look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 seeing whether it’s still worth it yes obviously I’m gonna tell you right now it’s still worth it but seeing how it compares in this phone market and also looking at the depreciation of this phone this phone is not the $1,000 phone as it used to be I picked mine up for three hundred and something dollars which is so much lower in price than what it was before so this thing came out in August of 2018 so literally in like two weeks it’ll it’ll turn a year old so we have that going for it so in terms of the body you can see this thing does not look like a cheap device at all and even though we’re still in like that bezel is trend to phase where some phones are becoming bezel lists and others not this phone will definitely hold the test of time the Galaxy Note 10.1 the top and bottom but it’s not going to be like as crazy as you might think of course I might look better but you also are going to have that hole-punch display in the middle whereas on this one on the note 9 it’s just so you know bezel on the little bit on top and bottom I really really like the way this phone looks on the front you do have a Super AMOLED display on the front it’s six point four inches 1440p it’s an amazing display I mean there’s really nothing wrong with it and honestly when I picked mine up I get I got mine used and usually with every phone that I get that’s used you know there’s a bit of screen burnin I’m expecting something on it but this is one of the first phones I ever pick that was an AMOLED device that did not have any screen burnin now that could be something to do with the Galaxy Note and specifically maybe the person I bought it from maybe they took a really good care of it but I sense a lot about this specific device I don’t know maybe I’m just kind of lucky that I got it one that didn’t have screen burnin but with my Galaxy Note 8 that had screen burnin the Galaxy Note 5 they got all the Galaxy S series phones that I’ve had all of them have burn and go back and watch those videos you will see some sort of screen burnin on that with this one I didn’t see it which is an amazing thing looking on the back we have a dual camera setup and now obviously glass on the back as well the cameras are very good I’ll get into those in a second but man that’s how you met this phone feels such a premium like there’s so much premium that’s going on with this device it’s not even funny and the awesome thing is this phone not only this hat does it have a USB type-c port it still has the headphone jack which people are saying the Galaxy Note 10 is going to get rid of so that’s a pretty big thing right there at least this phone still has that and a software updates not gonna remove that or anything you also have the S Pen which is an amazing thing as well so I’ll definitely tell you this phone has a lot going for it in terms of the hardware if you go in with this thing out it still feels like a very very premium device you will not feel like you have a cheap phone at all which is an amazing thing when you’re looking at the longevity of a device you don’t want to go pick up a phone that has you know humongous bezels on the front because it’s not going to look good and it’s not gonna last as long physically and even terms the way it looks that’s something that has with less bezels on it so that’s a huge thing to keep in mind now in terms of software this thing was released with Android 8.1 Oreo but right now you are able to upgrade it to Android 9.0 Pi which is on one UI which is really really cool we do have any Android q’ betas you know we were shortly you know hopefully getting the official version very soon and eventually this phone will get that version as well but the sad thing is I think that’s where this phone is going to end I maybe it’ll get Android 11 Samsung is in a situation you know that we’ve seen recently they’re trying to go and kind of reinvent themselves a little bit they don’t want to be that phone manufacturer that has like the horrible TouchWiz software clunkiness and the software and all that they’re just trying to kind of streamline things and now that apples you know biggest lead ahead of Android manufacturers is their software updates most likely I could probably see Samsung maybe even extending the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in extra year I followed Samsung kind of closely I’ve owned every single Galaxy S series now I’ve owned every single Galaxy Note phone except that fee and I can you like that’s a very possible and before I was like cameras had to be better before it was like hardware things oh this phone can do this this one can do this but now even after one pluses keynote of their device they focus on software I think Samsung is going to do that too I may be the Galaxy Note 9 will last an extra year but as of right now it should get one more version of Android and then it will probably be done who knows so that kind of covers this software aspect of it and that’s probably the most interesting thing in my opinion in terms of the performance though like it’s exactly how you would expect this phone is an extremely fast it’s probably one of the fastest devices I’ve ever owned I’ll tell you the specs but the specs probably aren’t even gonna explain it that well it has an X nose 9810 octet chipset but on this variant I have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 that’s an octa-core CPU and depending on which area you get you can either get the 6 gig of ram auto which is the 128 gigs or if you get the 512 gaghe option you can have 8 gigs on your device now now in my device I have 128 gig model so it has 6 gigs of ram and what I can tell you this phone like it’s the one of the fastest phones I’ve ever owned in my life and I remember saying almost the same as I think what the Galaxy Note 8 that phone was an extremely fast device as well and no doubt the galaxy no 9 is up there tuned now there’s really nothing I could say wrong about it the phone doesn’t heat up it old it doesn’t like really glitch up that much like it just is such a smooth device but one thing I will say and you know this might be like a comparison I didn’t really want to go there that well but one thing I will say is that if Samsung wants to take it the next step if they want to go and kind of reinvent the wheel and kind of keep continuing on this trend of being like the leader they will have to put a 90 Hertz refresh rate onto their device if they put that on a device like a Galaxy Note 9 which is an extremely fast device they would have such a humongous hit on their hands and in one way that’ll be like you know how much better of a phone can you get with the Galaxy Note I’m like of course there’s probably faster phones out there you know even like if you compare it to like a tennis max maybe the tennis max is faster but when you’re not comparing it and you’re just using the note 9 obviously it does everything perfectly fine but you’re just kind of wondering to yourself like how much better of a phone can we get like what kind of device do that the Galaxy Note 9 cannot do and when I’m running through it and when I’m just opening apps closing apps when I’m playing games on it like I’m just like what can we from a device that we already don’t have and that’s kind of the only thing I see Samsung kind of lacking it is probably their screen refresh rate I mean obviously the main leader in that right now is oneplus but hopefully with the Galaxy Note 10 and to prove that the note 10 will have to have some sort of screen refresh rate it can’t just be like 50% faster three times as fast than the no.9 because like the no nine is already such a fast devices you can see how is Samsung going to go and fix this and how a Samsung going to go and improve this device they will have to put that refresh rate if they don’t they will at least be like a year behind in terms of that because then they know 10 people are going to say like once I pick up the node 10 I’m gonna say that same exact thing so this phone it feels like a very fast phone it’s still going to last you a very long time in terms of performance like it’s not going to be slow at all like nothing at all makes this device is slow phone the only thing that might lack on it is the refresh rate which if competitors start picking it up that can be a humongous deterrent from you know picking up a Galaxy Note line because you know once I own the oneplus 7 problem when I use my note 9 that’s the really the main thing that I noticed the big difference of is that refresh rate so but in terms of everything else this phone is an extremely fast device it literally will last you as long as you wanted to like it’s not going to be a slow device at all now moving on to the camera sensors so like I said before it has a dual camera setup on the back to 12 megapixel sensors both sensors have optical image stabilization the second lens just that telephoto lens which allows more you know image into a photo a wider angle lens lets you get more into a photo basically I know I said that twice but this camera like I’ve stated with every other galaxy note camera it’s like an amazing camera like there’s nothing I mean what can I say to make you guys understand that this is a very good camera you know what I mean like if you guys can help me try to explain that in the comment section of how I can do a better job at that let me know but at this point I’m just like you know cameras or cameras they’re very good the Galaxy Note tens camera is gonna be better than this and so on and so forth it can do everything you want to with it one slight thing I will say and I think I should make a separate video talking about this but I really hope phone manufactures start focusing on the microphone and the audio quality from these videos because you know for someone like me I want to be able to sometimes even like record the audio from a phone I want to record the audio of these videos on a phone sometimes I know it’s not that like the most personal thing and best thing ever but sometimes if I’m on the go I want better audio quality from my device so and that’s something with the note 9 in other phones like they’re kind of liking in so camera quality this thing is killer it’s you know 4k at 60 frames per second 1080p at up to 240 frames per second very very good video quality I’m just kind of hoping the audio quality will improve on the next generation the front camera is really only 8 megapixels which is surprising but it’s a very good front-facing camera as well you can shoot 1440p videos on it and ultimately dude it’s a very very good camera sensors both the front and the back another amazing thing about this phone is that it does have a 4000 million power battery which is amazing qi wireless charging fast battery charging all that good stuff and this battery life is really good in my opinion as well even though it does have that large 1440p Super AMOLED display even though it’s a very powerful phone it doesn’t have that bad of battery life and you could probably get a day and a half out of it you know maybe probably could push it to 2 days but on my usage I could probably get a day and a half right now it is on Android Pi like I said and hundred life is a very good thing there’s no reverse wireless charging like we do have on the galaxy s 10 but that’s not a big deal because a lot of phones don’t even have that so I’ll definitely tell you the battery life is not a negative thing on this phone at all there’s two things I want to hit on real quick one the micro SD card slot this phone does have it which is really really cool a lot of phones don’t offer that one plus seven pros and all for that so that is something I feel like Samsung is still going to maintain because a that gives them a huge edge on you know other phone manufacturers you know this phone has something that other phones don’t have but the second thing is Samsung makes their own microSD cards so they make like way more money doing that so not only does Samsung make money as marketing it a phone and that has a micro SD card slot but also they can sell their own micro SD card slots and make even more money which is amazing and the second thing is the s-pen the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 one of the biggest Vantage’s ugly no.9 devices or the s-pen and that’s a humongous advantage you know that’s something I phones don’t have now I don’t think though I ever have them oneplus Series phones don’t have them LG’s phones don’t have them Huawei phones don’t have them this phone has that and you’re kind of paying a premium for for sure but because this phone hit that depreciation right on the nose like this phone is just going down and value like crazy I think it’s a very cool feature to have and you know that’s pretty much all they wanted a hit on like is the Galaxy Note 9 worth of brand-new price tag obviously not don’t pick up a brand new Galaxy Note 9 since the Galaxy Note 10 is right around the corner but what I will say is the Galaxy Note 9 in the used market is such a good pickup you can pick one of these up for less than $400 and you can easily use this thing for a long time you know there’s probably custom roms out for it I didn’t really look for them to be honest but I will definitely tell you the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely worth it in 2019 and it’s still going to be worth it for much longer after this it’s one of the best feeling phones I’ve ever had one of the fastest phones I’ve ever had and ultimately if you’re looking for a phone this is probably one of the best ones that are still on the market if you want to pick up the Galaxy Note 9 I’ll find the cheapest one on Amazon it’ll be the first thing down there so if you want to help support the channel you can you can buy that straight through there and that’ll mean so much if you guys have any other questions or anything leave it down in the comment section below hit that like button that’ll mean so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really does counsel to me so much we guys can hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those links are linked down below I would really appreciate if you guys could check it how more importantly everything else I love every single one of you guys hopefully catch you guys in the next video peace out son

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