Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Vs Samsung Galaxy S10! (Comparison) (Review)

Published on July 18, 2019
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So you guys might be wondering why I’m just now doing this review in comparison like many many months after these Samsung Galaxy is 10 and the Galaxy Note 9 have been released but I’ll be honest I totally forgot about the Galaxy Note 9 like I forgot to pick it up and because so many other things were going on at the time even when the Galaxy S 10 came out with the iPhone leaks and all those different things like the note 9 was just one of those last phones that I forgot to get I finally got one I did ass Y as you guys know I don’t call it is it still worth it in not a double ISO anymore it’s only just a still worth it in type of video after rename that playlist as well but but I think it’s kind of cool that we’re taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy no 9 in the samsung galaxy as 10 right now because the Galaxy S 10 in the used market has to appreciate it quite a bit and the Galaxy Note 9 has appreciated quite a bit as well so in the used market even though brand new prices the Galaxy Note 9 is probably still more expensive the Galaxy Note 9 is actually cheaper in the used market than the galaxy s 10 and obviously if it was between the two and obviously they both have their pros and their cons but we’re just going to go ahead and take a look which one you should get do you think you should save money do you think you should go to the bigger size with the Galaxy Note 9 or the smaller size with the samsung galaxy s 10 and features wise you’d be shocked you might assume the galaxy s 10 has more features but that isn’t really the case I mean not for the most part but let’s go and take a look at them so on the outside you can definitely tell that they almost look exactly the same you can see on the samsung galaxy note 9 is obviously a much bigger design but they both have much smaller bezels the Galaxy Note 9 has the top bezel and the bottom bezel with the camera being in the top bezel where the Samsung Galaxy S 10 has that hole-punch display pretty much bezel is all together now one thing that I’ve noticed by owning both of these phones I’ve owned the Galaxy Note 8 I’ve officially almost owned every single Galaxy Note device and I’ve almost done every single Samsung Galaxy S series device as well and what I can tell you from using both of these side-by-side is that you honestly don’t care so much about the bezel on either of these devices like yes the Samsung Galaxy says 10 is kind of novelty because there’s almost no bezel on it but you also have that hole-punch camera which can be a turn-off for a lot of people but the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 because of that top as well in the bottom bezel like it’s barely there I think in my opinion I like the way the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 looks as of now after I’ve been using the Galaxy S 10 for so many months in the galaxy known I’m so familiar with that design now I really like the Galaxy Note 9 and you know it’s kind of personal preference here and but ultimately I think I prefer that one now in terms of the screen sizes I kind of wanted to say my personal experience with the zdenka to the specs after the no.9 has a six point four inch 1440p Super AMOLED display a killer display literally like amazing amazing display the Samsung Galaxy S 10 has a dynamic AMOLED display that one is six point one inches and that is also clocked at 1440p surprisingly though the pixels per inch are higher on the samsung galaxy s 10 then on the node 9 that we have we have 550 pixels per inch on the S 10 516 only note 9 now is that a big deal is it crazy not really I mean if there’s been crazier things happening between both of these phones since their releases but I do think the screens on these things are super sick they’re very very nice maybe the S 10 has the advantage but I do like a bigger display and even though the note 9 is only like 0.3 inches bigger in the display section like it feels like a noticeably bigger device and you can see from my comparison and me holding them like it is a bigger device overall and you know are you gonna hate on it it’s kind of up to you whether you like a bigger display or a bigger phone or not that is one thing I immediately noticed they both have ip68 dust and water resistance as well so in terms of that they’re going to you know have almost the same type of experience on both the devices both have glass on the back as well and ultimately they’re both very very premium filling phones but one interesting thing though is when we look on the back of both of the phones you’ll see on the note 9 we have a dual camera setup and a fingerprint sensor right below that and I’ll definitely tell you I’ll get into the cameras later but I kind of like the no nines fingerprint sensor but all at the same time I think it’s the worst placement ever they should never put it anywhere near the camera you’re going to keep smearing the camera and I always found it to be the worst especially how it was unlike the older Samsung Galaxy S series devices as well including the Galaxy s8 horrible placement where the Galaxy S 10 has an inbuilt screen fingerprint sensor which is killer it’s one of the best features about this phone and the fact that we’re going to see this technology port over to the Galaxy Note 10 as well is going to be awesome and that’s one of the biggest features of the Galaxy S 10 at its release which is so sick so that pretty much covers the outside like I’ve stated now moving on to the actual performance of both of these devices now I think both these phones are extremely fast I even just said like yesterday that the note 9 is one of the fastest phones I’ve ever owned and I’ve ever felt like you know what I mean where the Galaxy S 10 is also one of the fastest phones I’ve ever owned and over time phones do get slower you know sometimes they get updates that make them slower sometimes apps aren’t supported and all this other stuff but since both of these devices to have very large PBIS and also high-resolution screens there can be a time where both of them are sluggish at the same time or whatnot now I did do a speed comparison between both of them and I did find surprisingly overall even though the Samsung Galaxy S 10 is a newer device the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 actually was the faster device between both of them it was faster at opening apps in terms of the gameplay itself – I kind of saw that the note 9 was kind of faster there – I mean is it a crazy difference not really it’s like a split second between both of them but it is kind of a noticeable amount which is surprising I honestly was not expecting that now in terms of the specifications inside both of those phones on the samsung galaxy note 9 we have an X no sandy 10 chipset on some variants but on mine I have the Qualcomm Snapdragon a 45 chipset in an octa-core CPU and on my variant that I own I have 6 gigs of ram where the Samsung Galaxy S 10 has the Exynos 98 20 chipset or on other versions an updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset which is the one I have on right now in octa-core CPU and on my variant and all variants of the S 10 they have 8 gigs of RAM and a specs on paper you would probably assume the Samsung Galaxy S 10 is faster it has a much better chipset more RAM all those different things but you know like I stated before the specs on paper does not necessarily translate to actual performance and that’s why I always save the specs for last because like it’s not that big of a deal like if a phone has like 20 gigs of RAM and 10 gigs of RAM are you going to automatically assume that 20 guys of Ram phone is faster no I mean yes it might be better at like storing apps in the background and opening up that later but ultimately it’s not that big of a deal I would definitely tell you between both of these phones in terms of performance the note 9 might be a little bit faster here and there but I don’t think it’s like a worth an upgrade or switching between both of the devices I’m honestly more surprised at the note on is faster than the s10 considering the fact that the s10 is technically more expensive in the used market than the known nine is now so the choice is yours in there but you can tell from the speed comparison that I did the no.9 is just a little bit faster now in terms of software support this is where the note 9 might lack a little bit compared to the Galaxy S 10 now the S 10 was released with Android Pi which was their new one UI update but the note 9 was released with Android 8.1 you are able to get the 1 UI update which I have on currently but because it is a little bit older than the s10 I’m only going to go out on a limb inside the s10 might outlast the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in terms of software updates now it could be where Samsung you know they’re turning over a new leaf they might make their no mine last longer in terms of software but who knows at this point I’m only going to assume based off what I know in the past and maybe it’ll go further maybe it won’t but I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see so in terms of software I’m going to go out in a limb and say the s10 might outlasted but like I said I really don’t know at this point now I talked about the cameras early on a little bit but we’re going to go and hit on it a little bit more thoroughly honestly not even like they’re both are very very good sensors like amazing one of the best cameras still in the market the no 9 has two 12 megapixel sensors on the back they both have optical image stabilization very very good cameras you can shoot 4k at 60 frames per second literally it’s an amazing camera the Galaxy S 10 might be a little bit better because it does have an extra sensor so there’s two 12 megapixel sensors they both have optical image stabilization just like the note nines but it does add an extra 16 megapixel ultra wide sensor which it allows you to get like that fisheye lens type photo in a camera or that you can carry in your pocket which is so sick they both can shoot 4k 60 frames per second and like I said before man the galaxy’s 10 is an amazing device it’s an amazing camera but so is the samsung galaxy note 9 if it’s between both of them I’ll probably say that as tens is better but that doesn’t necessarily mean that no nines is horrible at all like if the galaxy s 10 is like a 10 out of 10 no pun intended the galaxy no nines is probably like a nine point seven five out of ten like they’re both extremely extremely solid cameras and there’s really nothing to bash on either of these now they both have front cameras as you probably already know most phones now do have them the no nine has an eight megapixel sensor that’s 10 has a 10 megapixel sensor and really the main difference between both of them like danger in terms of quality and everything they’re both almost going to be the same the no 9 can shoot 1440p videos best thank issue 4k videos on the front camera which is a pretty big deal in my opinion that’s kind of showing the movement and you know that kind of future proofs that s10 in a way because that’s a pretty big deal in my opinion so in terms of cameras they’re both very very good maybe the s10 has a little bit of an advantage though now we’re going to go ahead and hit on battery life and surprisingly the note 9 in my opinion has the superior battery life between both of them they both have Qi wireless charging but the no nine has a four thousand nine power battery the s10 has a 3409 power battery and they’re both very good batteries even the s10 has a really really cool feature though that is a reverse wireless charging and I think that’s one of the coolest things ever you can go and charge a Galaxy Note 9 from an s10 but you can’t charge it as 10 from a node 9 so that’s a pretty big discrepancy I would say in terms of sheer battery quality after using both of them the Galaxy Note 9 is the better battery life device but the s10 has a really cool advantage where you can share wireless charging which is amazing so in terms of that you’re kind of stuck in a crossroads but I would definitely say like I said before in terms of sheer battery life the note 9 probably has the advantage here now that kind of covers up basically every single thing I wanted to talk about but there are a couple of things I still want to hit on they both have microSD card slots which is amazing that’s something that no iPhone has that a lot of phones still like of and they’re even getting rid of which is literally backwards these phones do offer them so that’s something that they do share in common a huge advantage for the Galaxy Note 9 is that it does have the S Pen and that is an amazing cool little feature you know you have features on both of them that they don’t necessarily share like the reverse while there’s charging on the s10 the triple camera set up on the s10 but the no.9 does have that S Pen which is amazing that such a cool feature and I’ve been raving about it ever since I picked up my first note which was like a Galaxy Note 3 or no for like years ago and I still love this thing like it’s a such a sick concept I do personally feel like Samsung can take it up a notch a little bit like maybe added some type of screen on it or something I have no idea that’s really out there but I really do think they could take it up a notch with the Galaxy Note 10 and hopefully they are able to do that ultimately this is how I would kind of recommend them to people if you can find that Galaxy S 10 for a really good deal let’s say you have a trade-in value or whatever the case is and you like a smaller phone the Galaxy S 10 might be the phone for you but the Galaxy Note 9 in the user market like I stated is overall cheaper and you have a better chance of finding a cheaper Note 9 than a cheaper Galaxy has 10 and if you like a bigger phone if you like a phone that has the S Pen that has still amazing camera great screens you know amazing features over all in great battery life a Galaxy Note 9 might be the phone for you now I don’t think either these phones are horrible I don’t think you know one is way better than the other but it kind of just comes down to which one do you like in size but so if you can’t tell on the size out probably just default you to the galaxy s 10 it is noticeably smaller has less bezel and I do think the galaxy has 10 might be the better phone here overall but I still like the galaxy no 9 personally for me but the galaxy’s tenant would be the phone that I would recommend to people as the safest option but if you like a bigger phone and the galaxy and the s-pen that no 9 might be the phone for you so hopefully I didn’t confuse anybody I will leave links in the description for the cheapest one I find on Amazon the galaxy s 10 or a Galaxy Note 9 they’ll both be down there as well as the prices so you can go pick them up from there and help support the channel at the same time but that is pretty much it if you guys have any other questions or anything leave them down in the comment section below it I like bunn that’ll mean so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really does counsel me so much of you guys could hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my Twitter my Instagram my second channel all those links telling down below I would really appreciate if you guys could check it out but more importantly than everything else I love every single one of you guys hopeful I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out with them

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