Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 Review – What’s New?

Published on December 24, 2019
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Hey what’s up guys Samsung the list enjoy 10 for the Galaxy S 10 galaxy s tiny galaxy s 10 plus and it’s also available for the galaxy note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 plus it’s basically the same thing if you want me to make a video for the Galaxy Note I’m just let me know in the comment below and I’ll get that video up for ya alright so the Galaxy S trend finally get into a 10-point now without being said let’s get to what’s new and what stay the same as I enjoy my porno so here we go so I’m using the galaxy s 10 plus of course and so you can see on the home screen it’s basically the same as the galaxy s 9 ko9 juvenile porno so if I swap down like so and you can see I’m using the tag team of course you got your Wi-Fi you got your mute switch you got your Bluetooth rotation lock switch you got your airplane mode I’m gonna disable that and you got your flashlight of course if I tap on that you turn on the flashlight on the very top to your right you got your search button you can set for any app or game you have on your device so that’s nice if I go back swap down again and you can go straight to your settings just tap on this icon like so you got your connection now they removed a outdoor audio from the Bluetooth section it’s no longer on the blue toad what they did is that they removed the door audio from the Bluetooth connection they remove it from that they put it on the side and vibration if you go to sound and vibration this is what you get you get a different thing you get sound vibrate and new you get your temporary new you can temporarily new the device for a certain amount of time that you want and of course on the very top to your right you got your such button if there’s any particular app or games you want to search on your device without going through it you can just search it by top in it and you should be right there he got your ringtones I mean that went on yeah ringtones for your son card he got your notification silent for yourself odd or whatnot you got your volume for your runtown your media notification system and you also that they use volume key for media he catch on vibration pattern he got your vibration intensity just like song and he where they put they adore audio now like I said before they remove that door audio from the Bluetooth section they put it under sound and vibration they put it under separate app silence so this is why he put they are dual audio now you can see got a like a paragraph they sound coming from your phone to your Bluetooth speaker so that’s cool play sound from one up only different audio so this is the door sound is to get on anyone 9.0 PI so they take it from bluetooth section they put it under separate app sound so that’s nice and if you want to activate it the bluetooth told audio all you gotta do is click on turn on now and you’ll be able to select what the sound would come and form in which Bluetooth speaker or headphone the sound go into so that’s nice if I go back like so you got your notification this is what everything looks like if I got a display you got blue light filter you got your dark mode dark mode is new wealthy mode not new because it was already available and and shown up on your part but it’s a lot better than enjoyed 10 porno in the galaxy stand because now if you guys remember an angel 9.0 PI only certain amount of apps used to be able to use the dark mode now almost every up or every you know every time you do one on your ID on your device supported the dark day mode on Android ten so previously and join I only saw and apps could use the dark mode now an angel at when you get almost every apps or games supported the dark mode so that’s nice you also got screen resolution this is what this look like you got your hdr+ not hdr+ but ht+ 720p full HD Plus turn a li and your q HD you can also go down to 720 or 1080 if you don’t wanna use their 4k I mean 2k also you got the full screen up you can also customize it if you tap on any app you can make it go at all or full screen you can force it to do it back so you got your navigation bar now for enjoy turn on the Galaxy S fan you got full screen gesture from the Google so that’s nice Google and play made it the full screen just as now if I select the full screen gestures you can see now they are on screen button disappeared on the bottom the way I would go back is that if I swap in the center I’m going back to bring it back up top and hold another go to bring the page up top on it if I wanna go back one section swap to the bottom left nope I forgot the dialogue let’s try it again the way you swap back is that you move your finger to your right oops you swap there we go that’s how you do it you swap to your right and you bring the up back if I tap on display again and I’m going to homescreen nope actually I’m going back to navigation if I do that to go back swap to my right and I’m going back again go back to your home screen swap up like so playing it up and there we go that’s some of the gestures for a full screen on Android 10.9 the galaxy extent it actually works pretty well but I prefer on-screen button so I’m gonna disable that if you’re not just us the Android ten point on the galaxy s 10 will not disappoint you gasps but I prefer on-screen button so let’s get back at that something that’s new that common enjoy a ten-point known for the galaxy s 10 is that the camera is different now not different but they add some new tanks to it under the hood to make it more stable a little bit faster you know stuff like that you can see that you are for the camera stay the same pretty much as I enjoy 9.0 pan the galaxy s fan if I tap and hold your focus like so and on the top of course you got your settings if I go to settings there we go that’s settings for you you got screen you got sent up to Mars I I’m insane optimizer he got shot suggestions save option with video recording 2k 4k in 1080 sixteen by nine full or one by one so that’s nice for fat camera everything basically stay the same instead of video optimization and video stabilization you got your different mode 0.5 X 1.0 and you got your two point no zoom in the D modes you got on enjoyed Chinese legal advocates video la focus photo video and more if you go to more you got your poor motion you got your panorama food night super slo-mo and slow mo you got hyperlapse and Instagram you can edit the icon you know move them around just the way you wish so that’s cool something that’s new they add on Android ten for the Galaxy S ten is that if I go to my files now they are the trash button I’ve been waiting for this update for so long because I knew I needed that trash icon it’s basically like a PC now sometimes you might make a mistake and delete something from your device and you no longer be able to find it now if you delete something from the mine thumbs up it will locate it under the trash icon but you have to turn the trash icon on as long as you have the trash icon enable it’s like trash icon for your PC if you delete something it’ll go to your trash and you can install it if you would if it was a mistake so that’s nice previously when you delete something from the my files up on your Samsung device you would be no longer able to find that file now if you delete something you activate it the trash icon you’ll be able to find it in the trash section so that’s nice that’s awesome guys now enjoy I finally got the trash icon for samsung devices if I tap and hold this is what you get you got a big speed home you can disable bigsby home or keep it in label on the bottom you got your wallpapers now I don’t see any new one papers for Android ten on the galaxy s strengths so keep that in mind let’s go back you got your themes you can also download things on the Galaxy store by Thames if you wish so that’s cool and now if I go to widgets this is what widgets look like on Android ten on the Galaxy S ten nothing special basically they made the same as Android app or no power if I go to home screens and settings you got your app screen with home screen read you got your home screen layout if I tap on home screen layout you got home and up screen the car home screen only one thing I forgot to show you guys go to settings and go to display if we go all the way let’s see what this thing at if I go to screen resolution I think nope that’s not gay there it is screen mode you still it are vivid natural and you still the address settings if I go to advanced settings you cannot see your RGB white balance so that’s nice this is what the power button look like on Android 10 it’s basically made the same as and join our porno pi so yeah you got your power off restart an emergency up on power off you get that once you press it again you’ll be able to listed to discard the device or turn the device off this is what volume look like yep nothing special some of the icons also change on Android 10 form into an apple pie but overall guys this is a nice update the Galaxy S Pen enjoy 10 point no update was about 2 gigabytes so yeah it’s a big update it make the Galaxy S then come back to life it’s a lot faster now no lag of course I’m liking the device and I’m gonna have some speed tests some more videos coming up on the Android 10 some state on Gaza mount base.

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