Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Essentially Great [4K]

Published on March 31, 2019
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hey welcome back this is your host Phil funky calm and today we’re gonna learn pretty much everything about the Galaxy S 10 II so the SN e is a smallest very end of the s10 series there’s a vanilla 10 s 10 es 10 plus and then the S 10 5g which is not going to be launched globally but into select markets anyway that being said the biggest feature of the galaxy’s 10 e is the small compact size the profile is five point eight inches that might not sound very small but it actually is it fits really nicely in your hand and it’s very light at the same time at 150 grams or 5.2 nine ounces nevertheless it’s got infinity Oh display with slim bezels all around well not all around there so a small amount in the bottom chin but to me that’s ignore about the more interesting part is that it’s got a flat panel which technically speaking is lesser variant and the edge panels but in reality is a lot easier to put a screen protector and it’s probably gonna get tracked less and to complement the sturdiness it is covered by ip68 weather protection now before anything else let’s talk about this display there are a number of ways to wake the phone up firstly you can use a fingerprint reader position right there I actually like this position when I first saw this I thought it was a little too uptight but since the phone is so small my right thumb lies really snugly right there and it showed us my left index finger along with that there were new options like lift to wake and double tap to wake up or you can always use the face recognition via the camera anyway the screen is got resolution of Full HD Plus which is lower than the two HD plus on the other as ten devices but more than enough on a five-point eight inches of display the panel is very accurate in colors this bright at the same time it’s really nice especially under direct sunlight for the night time it’s got blue light filter or even the night mode this is a system-wide dark mode so all of the first party apps interface is going to turn black or very dark in the sense there are two screamers vivid or natural and vivid mode you can choose your own white balance cool or warm or even to the advanced settings to our GMB individually and then there is the camera cut out most of the apps work fine you can make the full screen app stop right before the top panel or stretch all the way despite losing some space with the camera hole if you hate it so much you can even decide to hide that area as hole but I see many reasons to do so and of course there’s the always in this play that is a lot more customizable thanks to the new interface now talking about that interface the whole system is run by Exodus 98 20 or stop terminate 55 in America’s China and Japan now the overall optimization is flawless it’s actually really fast I was surprised at Samsung’s work it even as Wi-Fi 6 for ultra fast connection and look at this interface it’s called one new Y and this is the best one Samsung has ever done so far everything’s got simple rounded corners the color themes are very neat the icons are not most beautiful but they’re way nicer than before the tabs are on the bottom so they’re easier to reach it is based on Android Pi so you can swipe to multitask around you can replace a navigation bar with the full screen gesture so you can just swipe on the bottom and Samsung finally lets you customize the big speed key either single or double press has to be big speed but you can customize the other action to the app that you want the next department is camera and it’s got two of them the ax down the telephoto lens so you can’t have the optical zoom you can quickly launch a camera with the double tap on the power key and the app looks like this is the classic Samsung camera there are two angles normal or wide you can go hundred twenty degrees of wide angle and overall it takes very nice photos the main lens can switch between F 1.5 or if 2.4 so the low-light photos are brighter and the brighter scenes are sharper there’s the scene optimizer that automatically recognizes the scene and applies the optimum setting for it although the food mode is usually way too orangish and now suggest you the best proportion it’s not always helpful and it’s sometimes give the shutter lags so if you’re sure that you don’t need that you might want to turn that off on the settings anyway overall the normal angle camera is just great now switching to the wide-angle it’s not the sharpest photos that you’ll get but you have to understand that it’s a wide-angle camera and this is so much better than the other wide-angle camera is desk a lower resolution and smaller pixel sizes this is definitely one of the better wide-angle cameras that I tried and there’s also the super steady shot video which utilizes the wide-angle camera and crops it to super stabilize it all be kept at full HD resolution the result is stunning also the live focus it’s a lot better to Samsung’s older machines tend to complain all the time that it doesn’t know what to do it couldn’t apply the effect for whatever reason that it doesn’t no but it’s different now it’s very positive it always says the effect is ready and they usually are and does a pretty good job there are a number of options to choose from the blur effects and the edge processing is so much better the selfie cam is also nice it hasn’t changed much it’s still f 1.9 but switching the lens gives us a little glow effect that’s very fun it’s capable of autofocus so you can focus exactly on the spot that you want and there’s a wide-angle option and there’s also live focus feature this is software back so it needs a human face anyway first in the galaxy the selfie cam now also supports 4k video recording audio wise we can start with the stair speaker one on bottom and one on top simply put they sound very nice especially with the dolby atmos turned on I strongly suggest this although they sound the best to stuff below the national volume [Music] if you’re wondering something kept the headphone jack there so that’s a very nice thing and there are loads of sound effects starting from the equaliser that you can even custom the uhq upscaler and adapt sound is still there although they asked down the tube amp pro and concert ole i never was a fan of either feature so i don’t really care but they really have to get rid of him and finally the battery is got 3100 millions of cell bills inside and it wasn’t that overwhelming i gave me 5 hours of screen on time which is not spectacular it’s about average in 2019 but thanks to that charging the phone back is actually fast through a USB port it gets up to 15 watts of fast charging half an hour’s gonna give it 48 percent an hour for 82 hour and a half for 93 and fully charging the phone only takes an hour and 40 minutes it also does faster wireless charging and look at this it’s got wireless power share mode this was firstly introduced with huawei I guess Statham paid in it so now you can use your phone as a wireless charging pad like this even works with the cable plugged in and here we go with the conclusion simply put I like this phone samsung managed to put everything inside the small package sure it doesn’t do anything crazy but it’s so well-balanced that I barely have anything to complain about it’s small its light this build is very solid is a powerful device with the latest chipset the cameras are great it’s got amazing audio and the battery is good enough at a relatively affordable price of 749 US dollars and I hate to call 749 for a phone affordable or fair by any chance but that’s just the world we’re living in right now so yeah that’s the galaxy s 10 II I believe the e stands for essential and the phone lives very much up to that name is everything essential without anything that isn’t in a small package which is a very rare thing to be seen in 2019 so that’s the galaxy s 10 II thank you always for watching if you have any questions please do leave them down in the comment section below we’ll see you guys later you can always meet us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter ciao

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