Samsung Galaxy S9 is an excellent smartphone value

Published on July 4, 2019
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The 2018 Samsung flagship Galaxy S nine which is now well over a year old has come down drastically in the price point and is now an excellent smartphone value let me explain why in this video coming up let’s go so what is up guys Nick here helping you to master your technology the Samsung Galaxy S 9 is an excellent smartphone value right now first thing is first the price point the samsung galaxy s 9 if you look on Amazon has come down quite a bit let me zoom in just a bit so you can see what I’m talking about not all these are brand new but even the plus look you get a plus for 369 now not all of them are brand new but some of them are renewed and some of them are refurbished but if you look for a new one you’re still under 500 here 470 right there the galaxy s 9 so I’m saying what I’m trying to say here is that this phone right now represents quite a great amount of specification for that money Galaxy S 9 brought you a 2k panel 5.8 inches 12 megapixel 4k 60 recording with variable aperture on the rear there four gigabytes of RAM was plenty enough for this one I feel like 6 gigs a little bit better for the s9 plus now I’m dragging a 45 in a 3000 milliamp hour battery so not the biggest battery in the world but still flagship specification here fingerprint scanner heart rate monitor front-facing iris scanner so you do have a secure lock method so really the galaxy s 9 packing quite the punch for that money right now next reason is the body is light and compact now the s10 is also light and compact but this is more like the s10 ease size to be quite honest with you the s10 a feeling maybe slightly more compact but still there’s not a lot of phones that offer you these compact sizes these days in the galaxy s 9 is one that did here now I will say one thing if you thought that the s10 II was too big and you wanted a smaller size device not one of these larger phones that is now on the market today you definitely will like what the Galaxy S 9 gonna offer you so good light package here with plenty great specifications for a reasonable asking price here in 2019 and this phone still runs the one UI which is a great thing the next reason this is an excellent smartphone value is the display so the display like the galaxy s 10 is Super AMOLED well this is dynamic AMOLED still pretty similar technology here in terms of the way it looks to your eyeballs if we go over here to display settings you’ll see they both do have a similar resolution display display and if we go to screen resolution 29 60 by 1440 the S 10 goes to 30 40 by 1440 but still I mean in real world they’re pretty much a similar type of display when it comes to that crisp in this now I will say that the S 10 gets a little more natural and it does have a little bit more of an all screen display whereas you get thicker bezels here but you also don’t get the obtrude of the cut out display over you get the full display experience on the s 9 so that might be a draw for the galaxy s 9 but overall just a little more saturated I think on the S 9 this is more natural looking than this display so that really is something you got to make a decision for yourself but if you just look at these two right here they’re both pretty similar so you’re getting a way cheaper phone than the s10 but you’re also getting a similar style display so really good display for the money in addition to those other things I’ve mentioned the performance is still top-notch with the galaxy s 9 I’ve been using it for quite some time 4 gigabytes of RAM is not the highest amount but because it has a flagship CPU in the 845 I haven’t found it to be too much of a problem here with the S 9 so for the first time in a while I think the s nines were the first Samsung phones that really didn’t represent the phone that gave you much lag the s8 had some the note 8 did as well but with the s9 I’d really didn’t have an issue with it at all I don’t think you will to this day now when it comes to the 1 UI it made it even better in terms of its performance aspect so it just got a little bit snappier just a little smoother feeling with the one UI and it’s a really a nice update for the s9 didn’t really hurt battery life on my experience it might have on your so let us know your one you experience some people don’t like the icons and what-have-you but the overall performance is still rock solid for the s9 which is why I still think it’s a good value next up is the camera is still an incredible value here for the s9 variable aperture in really good results off of this camera I mean really sharp pictures you can get with this phone right here they’re definitely at a flagship level look at the detail it’s out of this world here for the s9 and yes it doesn’t have triple camera flash it doesn’t have the you know the flashy dual camera setups but it does give you a really solid primary shooter and I think for most people that’s all you really need you can still zoom in even though you don’t have the optical lens but at the same time selective focus is here videos here promotors your panoramic food and wall dr emoji this is a fully loaded camera experience without the extra lenses let’s just put it that way now you also have a pretty solid front-facing camera although this was drastically improved for the s10 it’s still pretty good here a megapixel 1440p recording on the whole I would say that the camera well it doesn’t do the best in Instagram it’s still a really solid you know piece of hardware for your camera so take a look at some of these samples with the s9 you kind of see what I’m talking about [Music] [Music] next reason this is an excellent value is that you’re getting dual speakers now this is an area where mid rangers oftentimes will cut a feature is in the dual speaker setup not all of them give you that but the s9 does with Dolby Atmos which can be used on the regular speakers as well as with your headphones sometimes they’ll get Dolby Atmos but it only works with the headphones it actually works with the hardware speakers as well for the s9 in addition Samsung did not actually headphone jack with the s9 and they might do that going forward but this phone was not one of them that lost that feature so you can be happy about that you had phone jack lovers I also love the headphone jack so I’m talking to myself you can see right here I can still hear it you can still hear it so really good speaker performance always loved that about the s9 look at that video I mean nothing of true ting here just a bezel here just a bezel here clean video right there so do love it here for the video experience on ds9 and I want to combine multiple features into one segment here talking about them all together the rear fingerprint sensor was put in the right place for the s9 making it very easy and accurate to respond to your usage you’ll easily get used to this and I do like physical fingerprint sensors because I find them a little more accurate then under display fingerprint sensors right now you can also pull down the notifications tray and your toggles up there with that fingerprint sensor so that’s always a nice touch as well the next thing I want to talk about is that the S 9 gives you a heart rate monitor so those of you who do like you know fitness stuff like that you’ll love this phone wireless charging just like a galaxy s 10 ip68 dust and water resistant just like an S 10 you also do get Samsung decks experience optional if you do get the adapter to go into a monitor attach a keyboard and you can make your s9 operate like a laptop in addition this also has the perks that the S 10 will offer you such as fast charging so there’s a lot of perks that you’re gonna be sold on these and the ds9 already gave you making this again a great smartphone deal so where does the Galaxy S 9 stumble because so far it might have seemed like all I’m doing is praising this phone like it has no downsides and while it does have a couple I will promote some of those to you and that is well the battery life not the best I’ve seen on a samsung phone what a 3000 you’re not gonna be bragging about battery life it’s just not a large battery and this one definitely did not make it more than a day in fact I had to charge this thing sometimes before bedtime so not the best but fast charging wireless charging effectively a battery packs all over the place these days and a lot of public places even have places to charge it’s not too big of a deal so in conclusion if you are looking for a samsung galaxy phone do not like the big price that comes attached with the latest and greatest smartphones that are on the market then you might really do yourself a favor by buying the s9 now you could say there’s a lot of great mid ranges that are better than that phone but not so much in the processor not so much in the camera they might have triple cameras but some of the mid Rangers have weak triple cameras so I would rather have a really good primary camera then have three weak triple cameras not all of them but some of them I know some people are gonna say the galaxy a series but there’s still a lot of advantages to this over the a series like wireless charging glass body ip68 there’s a lot of stuff in here that would make it ass all over the a series as well so if you have an S 9 please share your experience with the community on below how it’s been working for you if you just picked one up share that experience as well if you have any questions comments concerns about this excellent value of a smartphone in the Galaxy S nine please drop those in the comments if you found this video helpful entertaining and forming do me a favor click that like button for me if you’re new here consider subscribing for more thank you very much for watching always appreciate it I will catch you all in the next episode be sure to be well Nick here and peace

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