Siemens S65 — review

Published on December 27, 2019
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Hello everyone well haven’t made a proper phone review in a while you know holidays and stuff but now we’re back with this phone which met it we will probably recognize this is siemens s65 it’s him written on here this phone it was very popular in I think 2005 mostly maybe it came out over in 2004 yeah I think so it was a competitor to say Sony Ericsson kay 700 nokia 6230 probably Motorola’s maybe motorola III 98 something like that yeah this particular piece is in a really good condition I’ll just cover here but otherwise yeah it looks really good so this one has been very well taken care of we have a battery here this is not the original battery though mmm when was it made where was it made more like I can see made in Germany okay so there used to be a factory over here in Germany so interesting yeah this is a digital camera 1.3 megapixel it actually is a true megapixel camera unlike the so networks in case 700 which was capable of making megapixel photos but it was just like a computation of interpolation or something like that I don’t know what what you call it but it only had a VGA camera this is a horrible connector for external antennas yeah it doesn’t look good and as they could I don’t know cover it for something I don’t know if they did with the original piece but this one is not covered at all and yes Siemens logo down here connector a little bit newer connector in a compared to the previous generations so it was partly compatible not fully compatible we’ve got volume keys on the right-hand side that was not a usual thing back then I think and something which could be a strap like oh let it hold a full strap something I don’t know what it is maybe just mmm the hole for it’s something yeah absolutely nothing on that no I’m lying not absolutely nothing here is an infrared port good and the front face which is the most interesting one there’s a you know quite a huge speaker which well the sound of it doesn’t come up in a very good quality though a joystick which is a very well functioning joystick you know compared to Sony Ericsson models this one has survived and is working just fine also it’s actually very pleasant to functional keys something which i think is for access to the internet send and well numeric keypad let’s turn it on the screen is huge but the resolution is not very high I think it’s mm yeah Oh – it’s otra branded by the way the resolution was sorry I think 132 by 176 something like that you know so it has the same amount of pixels in this you know in vertical compared to so no X in case 700 have the same amount pixel in horizontal so yeah it had much better displayed in this one it’s very bright it’s really big there’s a beautiful wallpaper there yeah this is the backlight even even the joystick is actually backlit a little bit maybe you can see that I don’t know not really make any dark conditions here okay info you could program this yeah this key for any functions you wanted to but we don’t have a function on Simchat that’s why there’s only info and t-mobile is here that’s probably yeah that’s actually sim toolkit because we saw that this was branded 202 so you could probably change it as well like this and you can see how many various different functions are here I’ll try to focus on the screen maybe two for it to look a little bit better on the camera mm yeah very many functions that yeah numeric keypad is actually not so comfortable at least it’s made of hard plastic so yeah it’s a little bit more durable again let’s try and focus this is the main menu the icons look like this Oh a decent I think you know if you remember the other phones from the 65 series by Siemens had those well quite ugly hand-drawn icons luckily this phone doesn’t have it you know this is actually quite beautiful kind of two-dimensional as you can see but it looks you know fitting for the phone and okay let’s take a look at individual functions first one is an address book do we have some no all of this so you can add a new entry and I was just a long long long form this is probably not even yeah all fields you can continue and you have everything here yeah it had a huge address book maybe we can somehow see the capacity over here yeah the thousands of contacts as you can see and they even shows kilobytes I don’t know what that is about you can set up your own business card okay that’s me fantastic and yeah new entry we just saw that you have some groups that’s nice and the Falls book okay address book a phone book the nomenclature is not very clear but phone book is actually what’s on a SIM card and the address book is using the internal memory call records that’s basically missed calls received calls all of this fun all outgoing calls this phone hasn’t been used that much as you can see four hours of incoming calls 10 hours of outgoing calls hmm not that much Oh too active okay that’s supposed to be like a regular internet access which is not gonna work obviously so we can just proceed with camera so this is supposed to be one megapixel and I have anything to take a photo of so I’ll just take a vote of my own hand the quality yeah in these conditions seems not really great let’s take a photo of my hand here what a sound we can in the post process I can put it into into the video and you can also see how long it actually takes for this to save it doesn’t have a flesh round if in like that’s very much part I can do with it probably know those my balance that’s interesting and yeah that’s it no effects other thing you know it’s a bit Spartan camera but I know that like Nokia phones had even fewer options than this messages well it looks pretty standard doesn’t it so we can type in hello oh yeah he you have to get used to the positions of spaces and special characters and everything how are you so you you right you yeah you’re insert space by person number one this is for the special characters like this and you also have a table saved message yes of course because this is the best message ever yeah it supported EMS you know that thing that nobody used so you could insert but not here you could insert some stuff into it input language format text picture and sound okay this is bit confusing but that’s you know it’s kind of a theme at for Siemens phones to sometimes be confusing in their user interface and menu and stuff so insert actually doesn’t insert objects for it you have to go to the picture and sound options and then they have like fixed animation fixed sounds and so on I will go through these in a separate video with ringtones and stuff so I’ll also go through these sounds organizer there are very many options available as you can see this is the calendar looks reasonable you have a monthly view weekly and daily and you had a new entry which was either memo called meeting voice memo birthday holidays okay quite a lot of options actually for a phone like this quite impressive new appointment that’s basically the same thing yeah yeah only yeah it’s the same thing as the calendar I don’t know what’s going on tasks again you know looks very similar but maybe there is a difference I just don’t see it like it has maybe a little bit too many options for you know what a regular user actually needs a new entry for a text notes okay text notes can only have 160 characters that’s an unnecessary limitation in my opinion yeah but whatever missed appointments I was needs actually dictation dictation machine what what a name okay you can record a new thing 140 minutes okay and you started recording and then it just goes on and you stop it saved as voice memo in capital letters he’s loud speaker yes great well we quality is not at all fantastic I guess it was probably standard back then but yeah this is not really good time zones that actually appears to be a java application or something like that I don’t know why it took this long to open and kinda set up okay just some settings let’s leave this place have organizer there are many many different features yeah extras so what other extras do we have well there’s a sim toolkit that’s the same thing that we haven’t in right software key that we’ve got alarm clock you know lovely repeated Elanco this is actually quite nice user interface you can switch it on and off and select which which dates you which days you want sound recorder it’s pretty much the same thing as that okay there was a record calculates her again calculator looks like it’s a job application units converter yeah same thing is that sometimes it really takes a while for it to do something stopwatch stopwatch is an internal application that’s good I remember yeah it could yes well reset I saw the combination of the buttons you know sometimes you have to actually take a look at be careful about what each individual buttons can do yeah that was fantastic remote synchronization okay nothing really anybody would use device management what is that okay something very similar file system first is the main that’s interesting because we have a separate icon in the main menu for that as well and we’ve got also games applications also accessible from the file manager but also separately and if see back all the seems three grand worms okay let’s take a look at ones because this is going to be intriguing isn’t it is actually opening or I don’t know probably not okay here we go not the fastest one okay yeah so these are worms looks familiar I don’t think ever played this game before soon let’s play a quick game traditional sounds good Oh somebody played it before me maybe it was me and I just forgot okay play 1 press 5 when ready ok I will press 5 probably I don’t know what I’m doing no idea hope I can move I don’t know what it’s Cooper but I can move about zoo Canon here’s a problem with this game I have no idea what I’m supposed to do oh there we go a rocket has been launched miss me barely you know what this is a bit confusing just close it and then yeah there’s an ambulance outside and the phone needs some time to actually recover it was fun I guess if I knew how to play it maybe I should read a manual no not anymore some applications photo editor okay so by over Wiktionary an emergency phone book look a cocktail manager and download assistant quite interesting applications honestly I want to see what’s five addition areas I really have no idea right now come on open this video is going to be incredibly long again you know because of all of these discoveries and stuff survival dictionary often heard in introducing date and time oh oh it’s just okay so it’s it’s really a dictionary that’s that’s neat so do you have plans for tomorrow in English German hardy bargain at first for interesting I’m sorry but I need to go now I stood to me a light I wish mercy Itsuki and good that’s actually useful quit yes please yeah wait for it about three weeks there we go bookmarks Internet some of the features are duplicated I mean like Internet’s bookmarks you know that’s all part of the internet browser it’s all the way over here weird my stuff that’s actually the same thing as the file explorer again for some reason it has a memory card I didn’t speak yeah I forgot to mention this supports a reduced size MMC memory cards I don’t know if I can open it to something I think it’s hidden under underneath this door but I don’t know how to open it right now but yeah this one actually supports memory cards which I don’t know why because well the photos are not fantastic as you may have noticed there is no music player because this phone cannot really play any kind of music apart from wait table sounds so yeah what wave what do you want to call it you know the uncompressed kind of these could be used as music or music files but there’s no player anyway so you would only have to play it back in this in this file browser you know I’ll give you an example if we have something going on here though these are different formats for example this yeah this is MIDI and this is the only way you could play it back the quality is not very good you don’t have any headphones it’s just mono and hello why do we have a memory card here really you cannot even move any other data to the memory card it may be maybe some games and applications I guess well not really anything you’re good for but whatever hmm and settings yeah so it has some profiles yeah profiles yeah it can you can do something about it illumination okay it’s quite interesting you can actually copy a one profile from a different profile you know copy the settings from one to the other again you know very neat functionality which I don’t know what it’s actually good for oh okay here we can change the theme so I will change one theme for you so that you can see actually what it was all about slightly changing yeah has the progress bar showing steady steady Siemens as 65 as you could notice is not the fastest phone out there reasonably well some languages like English Deutsch like German French Italian Spanish Portuguese Catalan Brazilian Portuguese for some reason yeah that’s very useful in Europe Greek and Turkish good to change wallpaper logo color skin there’s color skinny change oh that’s yeah again it’s exactly the same thing as themes probably really show sometimes a bit confused you could change ringtones ring accenting on oven beep single beep yeah something that modern phones cannot do for whatever reason and yeah just ordinary stuff call set have found setup this is not very interesting I guess the ketones okay you go to the phone set up for ketones because that’s not in that’s not in the sound settings for whatever reason you know these things have always confused me about a Siemens phones they could do a lot but the way they did it was sometimes just well too confusing for me so yeah connectivity I skip that and that’s probably something you may be interested in connectivity we had GPRS infrared as I said just turn it on or off like this easy Bluetooth well and other stuff that no whatever they ever used okay so that’s the phone I will switch it off for now and nice okay and I can invite you to another video which is going to deal with ringtones we have all the original ringtones in this phone I’ll also go through some other sounds in a system and yeah then next time with another phone hopefully I hope you enjoyed this one see you.

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