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Published on July 11, 2019
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Hello you’re watching v-tex david here and welcome to my full photography review and guide for the sony xperia one surely this is the handset where Sony show their true colors when it comes to their photography expertise this is the first Sony handset that’s been produced with the help of their alpha division the people who make the incredible range of full-frame mirrorless cameras and I really mean it when I say that they’re incredible if you’ve ever had the chance to look through the viewfinder of an 89 with some serious glass attached to it then you’ll know I mean with these guys involved I’m expecting this very one to be among the very best for the first time it’s not down on the number of lenses when compared to the competition all sony flagship spotted this one but the sony xperia x sets of premium have had single lenses this time we have three 12 megapixel sensors one ultra wide one wide and one telephoto the wide lens has an extremely fast at 1.6 aperture and uses Sony’s Exmor RS for mobile imaging sensor the mobile version of the Tek using the big boy alpha cameras the other two are regular CMOS sensors the ultra wide-angle lens has an F 2.4 aperture and a 16 millimeter focal length while the telephoto has an F 2.2 and a 56 millimeter focal length the Exmor sensor does have exceptionally good low-light abilities and thanks to the combination of its OAS an EIS it is quite easy to grab that sharp shot handheld in very low light conditions it’s almost like a knight mode although it doesn’t take multiple exposures just one exposure long enough to get the shot [Music] there is something about these multi lens smartphones that I find a little bit annoying it’s nothing serious but it is a similar situation to the p30 pro when you have multiple sensors it would be nice if they will perform the same the peetha a pro has its super spectrum sensor which has phenomenal low light but if you switch between the normal lens and say the ultra wide-angle lens in dark conditions you really can see difference in performance the ultra wide lens won’t be able to see anything while the super spectrum sensor has no trouble at all the same thing is true here but to a lesser degree but I didn’t find it a little bit annoying why not just put three of your best sensors in your smartphone before we go on let me say a big thank you to direct mobiles they have over 24 years of award-winning customer service and their comparison tools allow you to compare all of the available deals with all of the UK networks all in one place it definitely is a great place to start your search for your new phone check down in the video description below for a link or you can search direct mail scholar at UK so let’s take a look through the camera app and you’ll notice that it’s a very busy main screen lots of buttons everywhere so let’s start at the top answer the file if you have the flash toggle switch choose between auto fill flash redeye reduction and torch and they said that is the portrait mode switch tap this and it will switch to its telephoto lens and apply its background blur effects I suppose on the face we’re having the portrait mode switch so easily accessible kind of makes sense but it’s really not the best executed portrait mode that I’ve come across by any means you can only use the telephoto lens for your portraits and it won’t apply the effect unless you stand quite far away from your subject moving on and the next switch allows you to choose between the various aspect ratios you can switch between four by three sixteen by nine or one by one this so that is the brightness and color temperature switch and then the buttons are switched between the front and rear cameras which can also be done by swiping down on the middle of the screen and then finally at the top there is the CETIS clock again plenty of Cestius feature mess around with here most being self-explanatory such as the self timer which will give you a delay of ten or three seconds and still image size for which there is a button on the main screen anyway predictive caps are cleverly works by detecting smiles or movement in the frame and then takes multiple shots before you actually hit the shutter for which you can save them all or select the best one the object tracking works very well tap on to your objects to track and lock focus other options worth mentioning here are the lens correction without this option switched on your shots with the ultra wide-angle lens will have a fisheye effect which is normal for such also wide-angle lenses that don’t have corrective optics as I found that the hard way I have to admit in my unboxing but was quickly corrected by you guys further down and the common settings are more general giving you things like the save location touch the capture allows you to tap the screen to take a photo and the gridlines will help you compose your shot the most interesting setting down here I think is the smart launch which I think is a very cool feature while the screen is locked if you pick up the device and hold it up in landscape mode it will know that you want to take a picture and automatically activate the camera the settings here allow you to either confirm that you want to use the camera by touching within the circle or you can set it to automatically take the picture once you confirm and tap that circle back on the main screen and switching between the lenses is a little bit cumbersome I think you can’t switch to the ultra wide-angle lens without activating the telephoto lens first tap once for the two time zoom and then tap again for the ultra wide-angle but or if you tap and slide that ultra wide-angle button appears to the left so it’s the video by tapping on this icon here you then get slightly different options at the top of the screen with the switch to activate the HDR HDR gives the camera the ability to see a greater range of brightness if you like so you can resolve more of what’s in the shadows as well as capturing more detail in the clouds so it does give a closer representation of what we would see with our eyes the sentence call at the top where you’ll be presented with the video sins object tracking is a great feature to have with video although it is not available at 4k only at 1080p I think the HDR videos look great but if you want to get the very best out of this fine when it comes to video you need to open the cinema Pro app where you get the full manual video controls and lots to give your videos a cinematic feel and it does kind of encourage you to use this app Sony have made it so you can only shoot with the 21 by 9 screen aspect ratio in this mode it can’t be done in the standard camera well I usually don’t like it when manufacturers restrict stuff from us I think that this is a good move because it encourages people to learn how to use manual controls finally within the camera app there is the mode button under here you’ll find the specialist camera modes portrait selfie is one for the selfie lovers giving you bokeh and individual beautifying effect controls and the next setup we’ve got the google lens which basically lets you Google stuff by just pointing the camera at it next to that is probably my favorite mode in any Sony smartphone and that’s the super slow motion function this phone is capable of shooting at 960 frames per second in both 720p and in 1080p but for a shorter duration and I do like the implementation of it allowing you to record continuously and then grab a super slow-motion shot anytime you like next is the AR effect app if you’re familiar with any Sony phone then you’re probably familiar with this happens as well and nothing really much has changed here although the amount of downloadable content is always improving and this app is actually a lot of fun to use next to that we have the manual controls for photos giving us a shutter speed from 30 seconds down to one for thousandth of a second and an ISO ranging from 64 up to 3200 this phone performs very well in manual mode and having a physical shutter button in my opinion just makes it more fun to use it’s definitely worth sticking at the manual mode as it will get better shots from it danuel in auto you can also select HDR in this mode which isn’t something that you can do with all manual modes on all phones next to that is creative effect which is a good selection of quite interesting filters for both photo and video and then finally at the bottom there is ramaa allowing you to shoot a 360 degree image of your surroundings I think overall I have mixed feelings about the camera and the experior one in ideal conditions it performs brilliantly but then so the most cameras and compared to previous Sony flagships they definitely close the gap to their competition when it comes to the quality of their photos but I filled in one area that is let down it’s in the processing now some people may appreciate that it doesn’t process as much as other smartphones – there’s definitely less sharpening and less color manipulation going on this is definitely a foe for serious photographers who like to shoot in manual mode and if you don’t mind touching up their images after if you think that’s you and you don’t like the way that some smartphones oversaturate and possibly over sharpen their shots and this is the phone for you but let’s face it most of us aren’t like that and we just want the phone to deliver us the best shot possible video I feel it performs a lot better in fact I think is one of the best out there ok it doesn’t shoot at 60 frames per second but that’s not the end of the world HDR videos are great and the stabilization is very good even at 4k and then of course there is the cinema Pro app which literally turns this thing into a cinema camera for more details on that check out my cinema pro video which is in the tab above or you’ll find it in the description below so there you have it Sony Xperia one it’s a great handset all round and I think I like the form factor more than anything it’s probably one of my favorite phones at the moment but it also might be one of the most short-lived the Xperia 2 is just around the corner in fact it’s dutifully released that Aoife in September I will be at fo reporting on this phone and all the other releases there so make sure that you hit the subscribe button double tap notifications and smash the like button so you don’t miss out you can also follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter this app details or you can add me on snapchat David bTW thanks for watching my name is David this is Pete

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