Sony Xperia 1 vs Huawei P30 Pro vs LG G8s ThinQ Camera Comparison Review

Published on July 11, 2019
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What’s up guys – even here in greetings here from the world festival 2019 and today I’m here with another camera comparison between the latest flagships so we have here the Sony Xperia one the Huawei Peabody Pro and the brand new LG g 8s thank you so today in this camera review we’ll check out which camera smartphone here [Music] I classic cliché on the run this is my be waited for [Music] [Music] so guys greetings from the amazing world festival 2019 and today it’s time for another camera comparison between the king of photography the p30 pro the new camera the Xperia one and the underrated LGG 8’s Finn Q the P Filippo is the oldest device rocking a like a quad camera system with an 40 megapixel quad sensor that produces 10 megapixel image output a 20 megapixel super wide angle 60 millimeter equivalent a stabilized telephoto camera that uses folded optics to achieve a 5 times optical zoom factor hundred twenty five millimeter equivalent and a time-of-flight tof sensor the exterior one features a triple camera here you have a wide-angle standard 26 millimeter F 4.6 lens a 2 x telephoto lens at 52 millimetres F 2.4 and a super wide angle lens which gives you 60 millimetres F 2.4 the LG g 8 s comes also with a triple camera you’ve got a 12 megapixel standard shooter a 13 megapixel all provide 137 degrees field of view and a 12 megapixel two x telephoto snapper so let’s check out some images and let’s compare the quality but before I give you my opinion check out the quality for yourself and let me know down below in the comments what you think so all the smart phones produce some nice-looking pics on the day light conditions but still there are plenty of differences the Sony’s quite new and the software needs some polishing as always with Sony smartphones I also noticed a few bugs were pigs just show up as black in the gallery and some issues in the app when it comes to quality the Xperia one is a marked improvement over its predecessor the exit free photos from all three cameras grab punchy shots and good light with healthy amounts of saturation and detail the UI also gives you options to fine-tune white balance after focusing even in automatic mode and this is a joy in challenging lighting conditions however sometimes there are blown out highlights in Auto metering where you need to manually adjust the exposure there’s also no option to dial black granular elements like contrast and saturation in the settings and there’s no raw shooting either even in manual mode however pigs have really good natural colors that’s where Sony really excels the competition we all know about the p30 Pro there are tons of reviews out there my summaries that dynamic range is not quite as wide as it was in the may 20 but still pretty good some clipping can occur in the highlights but the images are a little bit more controversial than with previous Huawei models however I prefer to shoot a manual mode of raw rather than auto also master AI tends to over saturate and over sharpen your images so if you prefer a natural look keep this off and do your editing and Snapseed or other editors overall the p30 pro is really good in the daylight conditions and even better if you should raw and do the Edit on your own the LG g 8s features a 12 megapixel f1 point 827 millimeter a 12 megapixel f 2.6 49 millimeter telephoto and a 13 megapixel f 2.4 40 millimeter ultra wide camera so a little bit different than the g8 but generally the lenses are a bit wider and have a slightly lower maximum aperture I actually expected better results both in daylight and in the dark snapshots show visible image noise and colors were not really accurate in terms of dynamic range the g8 as Finke you doesn’t really roll but in comparison of the best smartphone cameras available at the moment it’s dynamic range is a touch more limited were slightly more highlight clipping in the brightest parts and shadow clipping in the darkest parts of the image when it comes to low-light the LG g 8s does not have the p very pros extraordinary night vision capabilities and you can take a closer look to DS in my p Verde pro low-light test but it does quite well when your eyes can see the g8 s captures slightly fuzzier focused and the Galaxy S 10 on the p30 Pro because it often relies on a slower aperture speed to gather more light during the photo capture which also results in more motion blur by dropping the pixel count and opening up the primary camera lens to F 1.6 the Xperia 1 is also the first Sony phone that’s truly competitive and low light unlike flagship from Samsung with Huawei it doesn’t artificially brighten up dark scenes it keeps them really dark and moody low-light shots in turn look good with respectable amounts of noise in detail and the white balance tends to be accurate most of all the time though if you’re after maximum exposure minimum light looks somewhere else the P for the pro in low-light is one of the champions low-light imaging is where the Huawei P very pro really shines I’ve personally never seen a phone camera that can capture as much light in dark scenes as the Huawei P very Pro it seems to find light even in completely dark areas the auto mode on this device does really a better job than the pixel free using its Nightside mode and if given just a tiny bit of light images show only minimal noise moving into video capabilities the experiment builds on the successes that sony has had in the past such as 4k HDR video introduced on the exit 2 and not to mention 960 FPS slow-motion bursts willory differentiates it from all the other phones is the cinema pro app HDR video is available too and you can capture 4k HDR clips with the mane and Telus tempest only there is no HDR on the ultra wide-angle cam so here’s some quick videos compared to the LG g 8s and the p3 pro and let me know in the comments what do you like more a full review on the Xperia 1 video quality is in the making and comes soon [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] alright guys here’s a front facing camera test [Music] so everything is fine sky there was nothing [Music] switching to the front-facing camera optics pro-1 winters plenty of light you can count on very detailed selfies with really true colors in less than a delight the images quickly turn out softer but they still look plenty nice in fit to screen magnifications for the front the wall will be for the pro gets a 32 megapixel selfie camera settled within the tiny u-shaped notch this camera hasn’t fixed focus as well and an average of F to point out pictures can look a bit artificial compared to the experiment but still it looks pretty good and very sharp and detailed then LG has definitely stepped up its game when it comes to selfies surely the eight megapixel sensor which is comparable II a bit small on the front isn’t anything groundbreaking but the wider aperture helps to capture more light and the autofocus make sure your mug is always in a focus dynamic range is once again good while detail is nice given the low eight megapixel resolution so that’s basically it with this quick camera comparison and I really hope that you liked it anyway we had a lot of fun on the vault festival and we’ll bring you also some videos from the Burton sound festival and the most amazing festival in Europe the sigit festival so if you’re there let me know and we can meet up also check out the link to grab your ticket down below in the description so when it comes to videos the experiment is a true cinematic beast and the pee fairy pro is still one of the best roar picture shooting camera smartphones out there the LG G 8 is an OK all-rounder but to be honest expected a bit more but still all good phones and we checked pictures there’s a lot of personal preference of what kind of you like so let me know down below in the comments what you guys prefer and what you’re buying so big thanks for watching as always guys i am steven from tech magnet with my buddy bala from tech video so check out his channel also down below and i’ll catch you in the next one have a nice day and bye

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