TCL 10 Pro Full Review!!! (Most Underrated Smartphone Of 2020)

Published on February 13, 2021
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Hey everyone rj here welcome back to the channel and today i’m giving my full detailed review of the tcl 10 pro okay so on december 31st of 2020 i actually made a video naming this as the most underrated phone of 2020 that was just basically based on my opinion however due to technical difficulties with audio i had to scrap that video and i was not able to release it before the new year so i’m giving my review of this phone right now and i still claim that this phone was the most underrated phone of 2020 there’s a lot of reasons for that this is a fantastic phone and if you’ve never used this phone never held it never mess with it never done anything you really don’t have any say about this phone because you got to use a phone to know how it actually is before you can actually judge anything um so yeah but the tcl 10 pro now this phone came out back in 2020 and so today i’m going to just give you my thoughts on it okay it may be a little bit lengthy for a video but i want to give you my thoughts on it my honest opinions on this phone and why i think it was really underrated and just some of the pros a few cons some things it needs work on all that kind of stuff here in this video now this phone was sent to me by tcl but everything that i see in this video is strictly my own opinion okay so let’s go and get that straight now i will be listing things individually but of course not in order you know it’s just whatever i decide to hit on first but let’s go ahead turn the phone around got your industry fingerprint scanner and it works great just press it and boom it’s on and of course the first thing i want to hit on here is the display this has a beautiful 6.47 inch amoled hdr 10 display coming in at 1080 by 2340 with a 19 by 5 by 9 ratio with 398 pixels per inch and this has tcl’s next vision technology and this display well you might not be able to tell it on camera you might see a flicker in there a little bit but that’s just because maybe the wallpaper i really don’t know but this screen is beautiful and this display gets really bright as you can see right now it is pretty low let’s crank it all the way up there and wow you can’t see it on camera but to my eyes this is a very bright display and a very beautiful display however i will kind of tone this back down here just a little bit um so yeah there you go now one thing about the display that i’m not the craziest about is the fact that it is a waterfall display or has like an edge to it here as you can tell and some don’t mind that but i personally like flat displays but that really you know honestly you know it comes with a case in the box but the thing about it is is that you’re going to have a lot of mistaps a lot of false taps here with this phone i’ve hit so many different apps by um and yeah that can get very annoying at times and to be honest the case that came with it really did not you know help with that however i did find a case by tudia so this is not sponsored by the way i bought this on amazon uh on my own but this case here kind of remedied that whole mistap and i want to just kind of throw it in this case here for a moment here now it does cover up how nice the phone does look here but when it comes to the display you can see that it does kind of even out there so you will have a lot less issues by the you know by way of mistaps when you’re trying to push apps and stuff like that also giving you really good edge protection there as you can see so we’ll go ahead and just take this case back off for the time being as we really don’t need it right now for this video um but yeah no doubt the display is beautiful here on the tcl10 pro now next i want to hit on the performance of the tc-010 pro and this phone runs very well this phone runs the qualcomm snapdragon 675 octa-core processor with an adreno 612 gpu so you’re getting good mid-range specs here um you get 6 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of onboard storage with expendable storage and if some may say well 675 processor you know yeah but i won’t be real with you the 675 processor is strong okay i have had no issues no slowdowns this thing has just been quick lightning fast i have no issues whatsoever when it comes to social media i mean i can get on twitter right now and i mean you might see a little chop here and there but i just now loaded the thing up but overall this thing is smooth it does have a 60 hertz display which honestly i could care less if it’s got 60 90 120 240 i don’t give a rip um but 60 hertz to me is just fine you know i don’t use 90 hertz on the one on the phones i have i stick with 60hz because to me i just don’t need the extra battery drain and i don’t need the phone to be just a little bit smoother when i’m scrolling so yeah anyway performance is great on this device you do have an optimize button up here you can press that and it will just optimize your device and yeah no no other options no no other things needed that’s just that clears out everything it makes the phone just run that much better but you can see here i mean it’s smooth it’s fast and honestly you’re not going to have any issues with performance now i have played some games on the tc l10 pro and i br and let’s go you know what let’s bring up asphalt 9 and just see how well this thing does work under an intense game now that we’re loading the game up uh it loads up very quick there’s no stutters there’s no issues and looking here you will see that there’s lines going across it but that’s just the mled you know and all that and so anyway as you’re seeing so far no issues so we’re going to just play this here a little bit and check for any kind of drop frames or any issues and i already tell you the answer there is none now this is set at default setting because i set all my stuff at default you know i don’t see the point of high performance nothing like that but you’re seeing that i’m not seeing any dropped frames i’m not seeing any freezing i’m not seeing anything here okay everything is running smoothly and like a lot of others have said and like i am saying as well if you can run asphalt 9 on your phone and it runs this smoothly you’re going to be able to run any game or any app probably without any hesitation without any issues you’re going to have no problem whatsoever so it’s just a little clip here of asphalt 9 here on the tc-010 pro so yeah performance very good very reliable no problems there now next up is the cameras it’s got a quad camera setup with a led flash on each side and some kind of hybrid autofocus which you can see right there and so i’m gonna give you a rundown of just what these cameras are and what they can do okay it’s got a 64 megapixel wide angle lens with aperture f 1.8 a 16 megapixel ultra wide lens with aperture of f 2.4 a 5 megapixel macro lens with aperture of f 2.2 and a 2 megapixel depth sensor at an aperture of f 2.4 and it can record in various resolutions which i’ll get into here when i open the camera app now the front camera is a 24 megapixel lens with aperture of f 2.0 and can record 1080p at 30 frames per second so let’s go ahead here and jump right into the camera let’s go ahead and bring up the cameras right now now here’s the interface all right that’s your 1x two times up to 10x here is your ultra wide button there this button down here of course shows original ultra wide and low light video never really tried that out but it’s there now up top here got your aspect ratios for 4×3 16×9 one by one all that good stuff there let’s go back into the camera and get your hdr mode self timer flash and of course all your filters here that you can choose from now go into the settings here now at photo size it does show 64 megapixels but it defaults to 16 megapixel 4×3 yeah there’s all your megapixels down here at video you can record at 4k 30 1080 720 and 480 all at 30 frames per second you got electronic image stabilization you have your ai camera calorie detection ai composition there dark shot now down here you will see storage okay this does have an sd card slot so so right now there’s an sd card in the phone so if you want to have all of your pictures and videos saved automatically to your sd card press that press sd card and there you go so if you’re recording 4k video in your internal storage and you’re noticing your storage is being used up a lot and start a sd card make sure it’s powerful enough you’re gonna need a very powerful sd card you know they’re pretty cheap now they don’t cost the armament like they used to um but yeah set it to sd card and you can leave everything else you know to internal storage um so yeah what watermark stuff like that now over here at moore you see got your portrait mode super night mode slow motion stop motion light trace panorama super macro and high pixel but now we are in video mode so you can also do 2x up to 10x or you can do your ultra wide here in your video as well and so you got your microphone on or off this button up here like a little running man you know that’s all for on for your stability back into the settings here i think it’s the same settings and all that kind of stuff now there’s a lot that you can do here let’s go into more and into slow motion and you can record at 8x 240 and that kind of okay 8x at 240 frames per second 32x at 960 frames per second now you don’t get very much um video at 960 frames per second but you do have it and it is very slow motion just be sure you have plenty of light whenever you decide to use that but uh you know here are a few picture and video samples that i took so let’s go ahead and start that up right now so here’s the front camera of the tcl 10 pro recorded full 1080 at 30 frames per second audio was coming from the device now i’m in a pretty uh dark room right now i got a ring light in behind the phone so pretty good lighting going on here of course your lighting is going to be much better if you’re outside in natural lighting but indoors it’s all going to depend on how much light you have um of the video quality of course that you’re going to receive from the tc-010 pro audio quality got to see how that sounds here as well uh but yeah this is a little video simple here of what you can expect from the front camera of the tcl10 pro so there you have it there are just some simple photos in the video there now i will say this while the tco 10 pro can take some good pictures there is room for improvement in the camera department on the tcl devices uh the video i’ve noticed sometimes it has a hard time focusing sometimes it just ain’t clear or something it’s just yeah i believe that the dco cameras are good in general but there is room for improvement for video and stuff like that now i want to hit briefly here on the battery this has a 4500 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt fast charging which means 50 and 35 minutes with quick charge 3.0 i did do a continuous battery test with youtube just play a video and max resolution at like 50 brightness and just let it play that’s what i’m doing now from now on is as when i get a phone i can kind of tell you that the battery life is good for me no youtuber no no anybody can tell you how good your battery is going to be because everybody uses their phones differently however you know watching straight youtube from a hundred percent to around five percent i want to show those screenshots right now but before i do that here is an example of what i got on a full charge okay last full charge lasted be two days and three hours and 29 minutes and with seven hours and ten minutes of screen on time at seven percent okay intelligent app detection was turned on and all that kind of stuff but the phone ran as usual so right there is just an example of what i got on one full charge here on the tc-010 pro and here was my battery drain test down to five percent last full charge 20 hours and five minutes and screen on time was 16 hours and 26 minutes scrolling over here you’ll see youtube was 45 of that at 16 hours and 15 minutes screen on time 16 hours and 26 minutes phone idle and all of that so you can pretty much see right there the continuous use 50 brightness i was on airplane mode because i had no sim card in the phone at the time but that’s not bad 16 hours of continuous youtube viewing was next vision turned on at full 1080 at 50 brightness that’s what i got that’s not bad finally before i finish the video out about forgot this until i just remembered it what would a review be without telling you about the call quality and the reception and all of that stuff i can go ahead and tell you right now that the tcl10 pros call quality is fantastic calls are clear they’re crisp speakerphone quality is okay it’s got a single bottom firing speaker which i’m going to hit on just a minute and reception is strong with this one okay this phone will pick up reception where a lot of other phones won’t especially on t-mobile and i got my sim card in here right now it’s ultra mobile but it says t-mobile wi-fi calling because i still don’t have the best reception here in my area on t-mobile and unfortunately this doesn’t work on verizon so tcl if you’re watching this video and you watch this long video it would be nice if verizon was added to these phones that would be super nice um so yeah all of that call quality reception speakerphone audio quality sounds good however i do got a bit of an issue okay you’re spending 450 for this device okay that’s retail price now you can buy for cheaper than that but i think it’s a shame when a manufacturer cannot put stereo speakers on a phone that costs four hundred and fifty dollars there’s phones have this price it’s got good stereo speakers and not just a single bottom fire speaker okay you know you got a very beautiful display this a pleasure to watch you know streaming services and all that kind of stuff but you give us a bottom firing speaker just a mono bottom firing speaker now the mono bottom fire speaker sounds good but it’s sound even better with dual speakers so you know it’s a shame that you’re seeing devices like this here with a monitor with a bottom firing mono speaker kind of like all of samsung’s a series but we won’t get into that but if you can get this phone for around 350 379 i think it’s a good pickup i think 450 is kind of pushing a little bit overall sound quality is good call quality is good reception is very strong on this phone and all that kind of good stuff there so wrapping this up finally just a couple of things i want to hit on before ending the video is that this is a really nice device it is made of like a frosty glass here so i don’t attract fingerprints hardly ever it has an aluminum frame and a waterfall display i would definitely recommend wearing the case that it came with or the 2d case that i showed earlier in the video to give it more grip because it’s staying here it’s very slippery it’ll fall right out of your hands i mean it just slides around everywhere so you’ll definitely need a case for this phone the under display fingerprint scanner when i first got this phone was not good it just would not register after a few updates this thing watch it just watch it okay boom i mean it opens up every single time i mean you barely even got to press it i mean it’s just like bam and you’re you’re in there i mean it is quick it is fast and very accurate so the updates that this phone got really improved the finger under the split fingerprint scanner here it’s got a r blaster i can’t believe about forgot the ir blaster got the headphone jack i mean now some of y’all may think the hour blaster and it’s not all that what is you know blah blah our blaster is really cool and i’ll take just just a moment i know i’m dragging this video out there’s some things that i’m just thinking of right now that’s kind of you know i’m thinking of here is the ir remote and you can go in here and it’s not just for your tv if it’s set up for it’s set up for tv setup box air conditioner net box projector dvd player air cleaner fan amplifier water heater all that stuff so our blaster let’s bring it back other manufacturers headphone jack let’s keep it manufacturers let’s quit taking things away but i gotta say this is in my opinion the most underrated phone of 2020 for a lot of those reasons it’s just a fantastic phone and i can really not think of anything other than maybe the cameras need to be improved a little bit stereo speakers would be nice for the price point but if you can find this phone for around 350 i would not hesitate one bit to buy this phone recommendation level for this phone is high okay i can highly recommend this phone please buy a case for it you’re gonna need it okay you drop it once it’s done for so that’s it i know it was long i know it was drawn out i do apologize thanks to everyone who watched it from beginning to end but if this was helpful and informative in any way hit that like button any questions that you may have be sure to leave it down in the comments if you’re new around here consider subscribing hit that bell notifications for further videos like this and more to come y’all have a good and thanks for watching.
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