Technext Phone Review: The Oppo A9 Unboxing and Feel

Published on November 15, 2019
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Hello everybody this is another tech nest with you thank you very much for likes and using the last piece of our reviews today we will be looking at both a 9 to many 20 [Music] one of the best features of this one is that it is a simple device packed with five cameras right four cameras of the main camera on one camera of the phone camera the battery is also amazing because it comes with a unique feature of reverse charging 5000 mAh and you can charge other of your devices with the battery of this one it has an internal rom 50 and iran of 20 DB gun which is adjustable to 256 gigabyte so let’s move straight to the device itself unless than what we have inside this box oh poor devices homes usually with a very simple design just passing these same key [Music] before will go to the main device let’s see what is here okay we have a silicon pouch which is transparent to reveal the unique beauty and design of the launch of the form and it has this for our ejecting out the sink tree as well as the the internal memory and then the user okay okay it has the 2.0 USB cable charger the USB adapter an ef-1 okay now let’s see how what we have in WoW all right it has a unique glass moisture at the back right at the back of this one you have four cameras the first camera is a forty-eight megapixel camera and then you have an 8 megapixel ultra-white camera a 2 mega pixel monochrome camera and a 2 megapixel for dead and it has a flashlight backside right here you have the fingerprint sensor and by the side you have the SIM slot as well as the memory card slot it houses about two things and one memory card that can allow up to 256 and gigabyte ok we have the volume up and volume down button you’ll have the earpiece Jack you have the microphone and you have the USB 2.0 as well as the the loudspeaker right by the side if you place the phone on a flat surface the music was to be booming from the side right at the display the display is six point five and it has water drop each day so the front camera is 16 megapixel this is the look and feel of the phone if you are very familiar with the Oppo device the display and the internal settings of the phone and how fast the the the navigation is very smooth and it’s a wonderful experience ok let’s try to sleep the audio effects of the spoon so I’ll play one of the videos from the previous but if you wanna have the best fill out of this phone I would advise you to use your ear please so like I said the device is open a nine and it comes with an android version of nine pi with hollow all pairs of 6.0.1 and the processor in this snapdragon 616 turn out a big ramp so the ram is HD and the device storage capacity is about 128 gigabyte and the release date is September 5 2019 ok another fantastic feature of the spoon it has a game booster of 2.0 for its security feature you can use either the fingerprint scanner the back or use official recognition but I would advise you to use the fingerprint scanner for a better and enhance security because you are standing close to a mirror and I point the phone directly at the mirror looking at your face it can unlock itself so I would suggest that you use the fingerprint scanner okay let’s go over to the camera [Music] all right if the background behind you is not too busy it can take really cool selfie shots okay I’m going to take a few shots and I will show you the pictures as we go on for the video quality is also very great all right this is how the selfie camera of the awkward inline video looks like I’m doing the video right from the selfie camera if I switch to the rear camera all right this is a video from the rear camera I would want you to judge the quality of the videos for yourself but I think for a phone that is not so expensive not up to a hundred fans on there this is d4 high quality video okay so for the Oppo 8/9 smartphone device like I said it comes with five cameras right on this one the rear camera is forty eight megapixel the front camera is 16 megapixel the battery is 5000 mAh and it can last up to about nineteen art on heavy usage and four lights is age up to to two days use aging in some cases it goes up to about between 17 and 19 asks for video streaming the speaker to say blah speaker when you are recording with the video when an even if your hand is shaking it still even if your hand is shaking at the end of the recording it gives video stability that allows a quality video production despite the shaking and during the video recording okay and is designed in such a way that unlike other phones that takes a week sleep this one is designed with such intelligence that it can even make you fall asleep okay those are some of the unique features of this phone and if you are interested in taking high-resolution videos you are interested in photography and you need a device that is very fast super fast with Instagram and the processor speed of 2.0 Giga head if you need a phone that gives you high quality in one pocket this is a phone that if you go for thank you.

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