The ASUS ROG Phone 5 Ultimate KILLER – Red Magic 6 Pro vs ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Speed Test

Published on March 28, 2021
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What’s going on guys i’m exotic gaming and this right here is the nubia red magic mars this is the nubia red magic 3 the red magic 3s my personal favorites the red magic 5g doesn’t this thing look awesome i love this color combination it looks so freaking cool and then finally the red magic 5s i love nubia phones they are my go-to gaming phone every video that you see on my channel that’s not recorded on my ipad is recorded with one of these nubia phones right i know a lot about these things the face cam that you are watching right now is actually recorded on another nubia phone all right so i mean these things are legit so you can imagine my excitement when they decide to release another one and this other one is the nuvia red magic 6. i mean take a look at this video this thing looks so freaking cool this is the smoothest gaming phone ever released thus far okay asus rog phone five get out of here alright i wanna put a very big warning if you’re considering getting that asus phone i’ve had multiple of them they randomly died i’ve never dropped them and never got any water damage but the display just died and the company is completely useless in trying to actually do anything to help you out with that i’ve never had that issue with a nubia phone so when they release this thing i’m expecting it to be really really good and when i get this thing i’m going to make an entire review on this newbie or red magic 6. i’m going to do game play where i actually test this thing out with pubg mobile call of duty mobile heck maybe even pixel gun 3d or anything else you guys want me to do alright let me know down below in the comments any games you would like me to make a video on where i either show you guys hand cam gameplay or i simply show you guys just how smooth the phone actually is i am including some videos of some of the past nubia phones because i do not have the red magic 6 as of yet but to give you guys some different stats some specs of this red magic 6 it has a 165 hertz display alright this thing the red magic 5g and this thing the red magic 5s they are incredibly smooth they have 144 hertz display and i thought that was like the top end thing you know you can’t really get smoother than that but they’ve proven that wrong and you can actually get an even smoother display than these things okay so 165 hertz is absolutely insane it’s a 6.8 inch full hd amoled display with up to a 500 hertz touch refresh rate i think that might actually be the fastest refresh rate on any phone alright you can correct me if i’m wrong but that’s insanely fast it of course has the qualcomm snapdragon 888 chipsets i only have one other phone with the 888 chipset and it’s this thing it’s the the iq7 bmw edition and uh this thing is insanely fast and this is like this is like not even a gaming phone in comparison to what this red magic 6 is the red magic six is gonna be so many leagues above this thing and uh this thing is already fast as it is it has a built-in fan and you know what listen the built-in fan is really the icing on the cake with these types of phones i cannot wait to test this out to see if it’s as good as these other phones if not maybe even better when you plug these things in you can hear the fans start to go right [Music] and it cools this thing down i mean it’s the coolest freaking thing you know you have an asus phone okay you put a fan on the outside of it cool that’s great but that’s something you can do with any phone no these things literally have built-in fans if that’s not the coolest thing ever i don’t know what is dude you’re never going to have to worry about your phone overheating when you have that fan on it has a 66 watt quick charger plus a 5 050 milliamp hour battery okay that is a fast charger anybody who’s an ios user all right any ios users in the chat this thing has a freaking pathetic charging speed okay the nuvia phones charge so fast i mean seriously you plug these things in the charger in like 30 minutes bam you’re done you’re at 100 probably even faster i mean like i haven’t tested these things out but like it takes like five times as long to charge this thing than this so i mean that’s that’s really saying a lot there and we can’t forget about the shoulder triggers right if you’re a little confused that’s basically these little buttons right here on the top right and left of your screen when you’re holding it like this and it essentially turns your phone into like a controller right so you can actually map certain buttons on your phone to different places on your screen so if you’re playing call of duty or pub g you can have the left button as aiming and then the right button as firing and it’s sort of like you’re holding an xbox controller but on your phone i mean that’s really freaking cool is it not this thing’s got the headphone jack this company knows what they’re talking about all right every single nubia phone has always had a headphone jack even the latest ones and this one will as well very few high-end phones still have headphone jacks and yet a lot of people don’t have bluetooth headphones or earphones so i mean you know i still don’t understand why they take headphone jacks out of phones but well nubia understands that if you would like to have bluetooth while you can use the built-in bluetooth and if you want to have an actual hardwired headset you can do that just plug it right into your phone i think that’s always a great way to go about it when you’re creating your phone and it has so many more things but honestly i don’t have the phone yet so i can’t really talk about it too much more in depth i’m just going based off of the information that we know right now online i am hoping that i can get this thing pretty soon and you can actually pre-order this thing starting april 9th okay april 9th mark it down on your calendar don’t get that asus rog phone 5 get this thing instead all right or at least wait until i make my review video you know because you know it’s entirely possible it might actually be a bit of a letdown but i’m assuming it’s probably not with the specs that we’re seeing this thing is going to be a really solid gaming phone but um what i would recommend everybody to do is to actually wait for me to make my entire review video you can actually wait until i show hand cam gameplay where i’m playing call of duty or pub g when i’m actually you know using the phone and you can see how it’s like you can see if it’s something that you would like yourself and then you can pre-order the phone i’m gonna put a bunch of links to this thing down below in the description okay so you can get every bit of information you need to know now before i actually review this thing but um i would hesitate on watching some other people’s videos because there are a lot of people online that try to lie right they’ll get a phone that has a very similar aspect ratio like the phone that’s right here is not the red magic 6 but in terms of size well it’s almost the exact same size so somebody’s going to take a phone like this and record gameplay and then upload it and then say oh yeah that’s the red magic 6 and if it’s not great gameplay or if it’s not good quality people are gonna think that it’s not that great of a phone when in reality it wasn’t even recorded on that phone so at least when i make my video you’ll know for a fact that it was recorded on the red magic six so i just wanted to make that very clear here and um i’m just really excited dude this is gonna be an awesome phone and i cannot wait to get this red magic six it is so far ahead of the red magic 5s that literally came out six months ago okay now when this phone came out the red magic 5g from the 3s this was miles ahead of the 3s okay this was like an entirely new type of phone altogether right now when the 5s came out ah it was a tiny bit better than the 5g but i didn’t really notice too many differences but now this red magic 6 is gearing up to be a massive change from even the red magic 5s okay so i’m really excited to test this thing out it looks awesome and i can’t wait to show you guys it’s in a proper video so yeah guys as i said everything that you need to know is down below in the description pre-order it starting april 9th okay remember that date and yeah i hope you all did enjoy this video if you wanted to see some of my other reviews on these past nubia phones if you’ve never really seen a nubia phone before i can link some of them down below in the description you might want to go check them out and yeah that’s it thank you so much for watching guys and i will see you all later.
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