The BLU G9 Review: A $155 Smartphone That Packs A Punch!

Published on January 4, 2020
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Not only is this phone cheap but it’s an excellent value for your dog here’s why what’s up guys I’m Jo the tech venture and I’m actually really pumped to show you guys a phone that I discovered out of the blue only pun you’ll hear from me in this video I promised a friend of mine wanted an Android phone not an expensive flagship just an Android something that is reliable and can use a lot of today’s common apps such as whatsapp snapchat etc I initially tested the Hulme digi a5 Pro a low budget Android on Amazon and I was frankly disgusted I didn’t expect the world from it but it couldn’t even deliver on basic phone functions it was slow laggy and an overall horrible experience cute the blue g9 a phone I found for 240 Canadian that’s 182 us and before I go any further I’m in no way sponsored or have any affiliation with blue I bought this phone with my own money with my friends own money so I can give him and hopefully all of you some insight into the phone I hate talking about the specs of a phone because that definitely isn’t a true tell about its everyday performance hell I’ve seen some flagships that tell specs all day but when it comes to when it actually matters it doesn’t translate so let’s gloss over this real quick we got an octa-core processor that’s eight cores sounds intense hey trust me it’s not the device does have its hiccups at times but by no means is it actually horrible it does have four gigs of RAM but one thing that stood out was the four thousand milliamp battery that is better than a lot of flagships that I’ve seen this year and for the price of the blue g9 I was impressed but again how does that translate to real-world usage we’ll get into that soon the phone comes with a USB C charging cable and a charging brick but rather than jumping on the courage bandwagon blue is living up to its name we also have an included screen protector and transparent TPU case which feels surprisingly around the device we have the standard power volume rocker keys a dual SIM card slot which is awesome for those who love to travel or just want their work and personal phone together it also doubles as a microSD slot if you wanted to forego the extra sim and the bottom has a headphone jack USB C port and a loudspeaker we can unlock the phone with a standard fingerprint reader behind the device which sits under the dual camera system it claims to have a 52 megapixel superzoom but I wouldn’t hold my breath there the camera is pretty subpar and it can do decently well in daylight conditions but beyond that is kind of iffy booting up the camera can be done with a double press on the power button it has a ton of features in the camera app such as night mode 52 megapixel mode HDR and pro mode but none of these modes actually gave me any sort of shots that blew me away the 52 megapixel super zoom is highly touted on blues’ webpage as using state-of-the-art AI to capture incredible sharpness when looking at the nitty-gritty details I wouldn’t bank on this feature at all capturing is pretty slow and the image looks horrible when zoomed in portrait mode isn’t nearly as good as those on higher-end devices that use software to compensate for any shortcomings but hey people spending this much money on iPhone aren’t looking to get a crazy camera it does the job for standard shots and everyday photos with a bit of pizzazz so what do I mean by that well it does have some cool features which I wish were present in a higher-end phone camera such as built-in chip functions and brand watermarking which stood out to me the most now the front-facing camera is pretty good if you have a decent amount of light when it comes to video don’t expect iPhone or pixel quality footage I’ll actually let you guys be the judge on the video and the audio from both cameras [Music] [Music] [Music] JTP video test with be blue g9 it looks pretty choppy in the viewfinder when I’m just moving around here I don’t know how that’ll look like in the final footage but I also noticed the autofocus is getting thrown off it’s all over the place here might want to put it in manual focus mode just because this thing is not great at focusing [Music] [Music] this is the front-facing camera of the blue g9 it looks a lot better than the rear camera the background is a bit washed out though which kind of sucks but it’s a lot smoother I don’t know how the mic will all do but hopefully they come out with a firm little bit for the rear camera because that’s kind of disappointing but what does this phone have that would justify it as a daily driver for most well for starters the design isn’t half bad and it’s plastic but it’s very easy to hold despite it coming with a case I would rock this without one and feel very confident that it would survive a couple drops throughout my daily usage I’ve had no issues with the phone choking up or any major lag maybe a couple frame drops here and there when using apps or swiping across home screens but that in itself is a very impressive considering the type of processor that it’s easy most times it even actually felt like I was using a pixel device I loaded some common games onto the device and played them without any issues graphically intensive games would stutter briefly but nothing major some of the games I tested included subway surfers modern warfare Mario Kart and Temple Run and every one of those titles performed admirably everyday tasks such as watching Netflix or plex for streaming snapchat Instagram Facebook all loaded pretty quick and remained in memory for quite some time without having to reload the multitasking button will show you what’s in memory and a nice added touch is showing how much of those four gigs you’re using in real time when you’re looking at some of the intangible value that this phone brings we have to delve a little deeper into the software the OS is Android 9.0 as of this writing and running on top is a minimal custom skin by blue the skin is not bloated whatsoever and the homescreen is almost similar to the Google pixel with the ability to access nelle by swiping to the far left there are some apps that are pre-installed but they’re very easy to uninstall or disable what I love are the little features sprinkled throughout the OS which gives you added functionality without the need of installing third-party apps for example I can screen record right from the drop down menu and the implementation gesture for screenshotting is probably my favorite when compared to other phones as it only requires a three finger swipe now it’s also worth mentioning that you have some options when it comes to customizing the navigation bar on the device and let’s not forget that ability to use dual sins I think this option is fantastic if you travel a lot you won’t have to use two different phones or compromise which number you want to use and if you don’t want to use an extra sim you can always utilize that space with a micro SD card that’s what I call economical I wanted to save the best for last the battery the battery on this thing is phenomenal phones these days even flagships barely lasts a day but with the built-in 4000 milliamp battery and some software optimization that blue implemented this thing lasted me a good two to three days depending on my usage even with my heavy usage of occasionally streaming videos on YouTube playing games making phone calls throughout the day listening to music on drives home and taking photos or using snapchat I’d still get at least thirty hours without having to plug it in that is a definite win in my box flagship or not and with quick charge and battery saver I doubt you’ll have to rely on a wall outlet often so what are my thoughts on this phone what would I tell my buddy if you wanted to buy this right now in a nutshell this is the most well rounded device with an incredibly low price tag if you’re looking for something that you can rely on day in and day out and if you aren’t bothered by the random frame drops or stutter this is something that you should consider even buying this as a gift for a loved one or a friend is an excellent idea if price was a major factor to me this would be a no-brainer and hey if you’re looking for this phone we made it easy by putting some affiliate links down below to Amazon using those links below will also enable you to support us financially and keep the channel going but even if you find this phone cheaper elsewhere you should jump on it I wouldn’t mind using this as my daily driver and the fact that I can simultaneously use it as my travel phone with the dual SIM capabilities just makes the blue g9 more appealing what do you guys think about the blue g9 is this something that you would get behind and if so would you use it as your primary daily driver we’d love to hear from you hope you enjoyed this review like always enjoy the tech manager don’t forget when it comes to tech the tech vendors are there we got your back.
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