The fake iPhone 11 Pro unboxing and review (Goophone 11 pro max) best iPhone 11 Pro clone perfect

Published on January 1, 2020
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Guys and welcome back to find a review which they will be unboxing the latest and greatest from China to GU phone 11 for a max okay we have the screen protector just doesn’t look very Apple certified but that’s not my hair for say so you were here for the iPhone 11 3 max so if you look on the back of the phone box it says includes – 11 Pro it was in lightning connector I need to USB cable and USB power adapter supports it does say 512 gigabytes I believe this video I have no idea how many ways it has but I’m three short 16 so let’s just start opening out they have actually got the labels right finally it’s not all blank if you see a box of blank on your iPhone 11 Pro you know from Kuwait Craigslist apparently I used one and the back of the blocks is blank could just make a run for it this is one of my better clones so today I’ll be showing you how to support this one out so it was sealed and here we have iPhone the Box did can’t come in a little bastard it is engraved you can actually feel the start of the bumps as well they have actually that’s a really nice touch okay not very well presented this is not how you’d get a phone from the Apple store in bubble ramp so this is the phone right here and Wow okay oh okay it doesn’t look too bad it’s leaving a lot of fingerprints so that’s the phone there we’ll leave that there it does and we’ll check out what else is in the pod designed by Apple in California you get your hello-o you get to use learn how to use you know you also get use out you just fake no that’s no Apple stickers okay well you get to know how to use modes yes OS and charging genius house it comes with sim tool something Apple doesn’t include you in about a year actually probably longer than that I can’t remember a very long time and then and you get pretty damn good clones of the airports but that’s that’s the easy part that’s not even and then you get a lightning to USB a cable and that’s all that’s really in the Box now it’s time to check out the actual phone let’s hope this is charged so I’m holding down and it is powering on I can immediately see it does have a notch and it has a very very small bezel at the bottom the power button did come a little bit sticky but I think that was because there was some glue holding down oh actually look at this send it to these two cameras here are duds this is the real camera as it ease camera just don’t work whatsoever to over to free Oh so this is it it’s like to set up hello the font is a little bit off and it did come with you assists already so let’s just start up okay let slide to sell English United Kingdom didn’t I just do that already yes I just I have no idea will keyboards just an axe activation of network let’s just connected to Wi-Fi and let’s see what happens so right no no no this is my yeah okay so first thing doesn’t have a proper Apple keyboard but this feels like a really premium phone I just say that right now it feels really premium this is a real blast back nice screen protector already installed they would take that off but you know your discriminates exactly the same so I’ll just sign into my Wi-Fi network but you guys won’t be able to see okay guys I’ve just connected to my Wi-Fi network we can hit next now we can I’ve just done now okay you can move this around you can skip this step and even location services welcome to iPhone yeah that’s not hard to use to be honest actually do nice cool people okay so let’s just say one thing the phone itself feels really solid it’s got no like maybe I was wrong okay yeah he’s control sensor you do have fake force touch yeah there you go and how bright can the phone actually go it can go pretty bright you can turn off the night shift it does have night shift that’s something yeah in that one out so it does have a fake fourth touch whatever let’s see the camera the free cameras these are gonna be amazing oh look at that oh that was a really good photo you know it really wasn’t but to be honest that doesn’t look cast that bad but with the real life in 11 which riot II seen this video and that’s clearly a bit different okay so if you want to figure out that if your iPhone 1011 Pro max max is real or not heads up over to the App Store it takes a while to boot up it’s okay if it comes with a checking info android screen it’s probably a fake just just keep it in mind but the home bar and apps which it does work yeah switch is bad animations it uses everything away right now that actually gives away the whole point whole point the whole point of okay well it does use the Google Play Store if you have a little bit to the videos app I mean nothing wait wait you just whoa whoops no way no why they’ve actually okay let’s see the Apple watch out because okay this is basically the Google web app so if you go into I’m really confused now let’s check out our message okay Dave had she cloned this as well that’s not too bad but that’s this is where every finger is home settings well I’m actually kind of surprised let’s set up face ID mate he’s actually a free sweetie when I tap that you can hear it like stuff moving around inside it it just froze on me oh okay it’s working you just Christ this is a slow phone um is quite slow very slow actually but if I’m if I’m saying this is a serious perspective and you want to actually get one of these link down in the description it won’t be like good for heavy every single day usage but for like for your child just Christmas that would be like as a Christmas or birthday present that would probably just be bits the best to be honest it takes a couple of weeks to arrive so by the time I post this video and you’ve probably seen it we were really been past Christmas let’s check if the case fits nice I would like to say nice bit in case but yeah nice thing no not very not amazing thing but um yeah basically the case fits these GU phones and okay as well as that we also have a fake Siri in settings somehow okay so this actually exists now in the other clothes this wasn’t a thing no I don’t think I’ve actually posted he had a clone videos let’s check about the wolf okay okay that actually doesn’t look too bad you can see how the fonts off and how it just suddenly opened I didn’t set up face idea or anything okay let’s set up face ID turn passcode on one two three four five state no okay one two three four five six one two three four five six okay that’s now set up I had a face ID ID FA Sony okay did Archie pause and then it just says what recognition is successful clearly there’s a lot of downs and ups this phone it’s not recognizing my face okay it just recognized my face you can see how it’s you know the lots gone off and that doesn’t look too bad I should eat this phone it’s solid it’s got a real glass back it feels like a really premium phone I would love to show you guys what’s that the inside is already premium phone but I currently don’t have the tools to do that and I’m not gonna be bothered to get them out let’s see what I clouded okay there’s no Apple ID because it’s actually probably just a gmail account let’s see what’s in wallet that I’m pretty sure this would be Google pay Google Play yeah very nice a lot more sense that’s okay there we go see it just look just look at the spelling on Apple health healthy it’s called healthy see this is a complete giveaway so wherever you’re coming to go get yourself a new iPhone recommend just highly if you go to the App Store and it starts loading up Google Play or go to notes a friend don’t go some notes up and if you go to the healthy app and it starts asking you if you’re a male or female get out of there just get out of there it doesn’t look too bad let’s check the front-facing camera it doesn’t seem too bad I think the photos this is a photo with the front-facing camera that’s very good quality guys um no it’s actually terrible photo let’s try and get a different one if I just take a picture of it’s clearly got no image stabilization well this is the best picture it can take it’s fuzzy not the best camera I can tell you that right now um yeah so like it’s just not worth it to get into any of this so I don’t actually know if you can get rid of this because it’s starting to annoy me but it works I can tell you that face ID actually comes up okay and then it doesn’t work that’s genius amazing best best let’s actually check if base ID does work okay it’s not recognizing my face so you can see this is a slightly good thing this is not glass there’s a plastic right away the back is actually glass though it’s kind of worth buying but not worth buying let’s see if it has wireless charging I guess okay let me just take you guys over to my wireless charging station okay where are my wires charging station with Buford 11 phone and let’s see if it has a wireless charging cord now so wireless charging station is reading coil but the phone doesn’t seem to be getting any charge it’s not seeming to charge which is an amazing surprise because I don’t you seen someone open this phone up and it does have a wireless charging coil inside it seems like this is walking over wireless charger I could charge my apples with it and then you would walk but this just doesn’t fake while it’s charging fees only kind of works kind of flash it vibrates when you hit the flashes that’s you really like it probably doesn’t Android vibrating and then when you camera face IDs required that’s not something Apple has a camera it doesn’t have any optical zoom have any do whatsoever it doesn’t have any camera features because these are – Dodds thought it’s pretty damn good phone oh I’d write away the reason can’t do really horizontal disc because I’m filming this video or might you open 11pro it does have to have to wait okay now that G something very great you know it don’t actually have time to wait that is one of my favorite features probably but it’s very bezel us like it’s got it’s trying to be the most business they can and it’s no failing it’s okay it does actually it need to face ad to this 435 pounds is not a bad phone I’ll give you that those are like wallpapers work or anything but it still works with the phone it might be a little bit slow and the claims may not be real but this is an amazing Christmas present for a child or something that doesn’t have a phone yet and need one just to cool you when you’re like when he’s walking home this is not a bad phone and even if your child isn’t Zachary school or even you if you want to use it this is still an amazing phone and should be considered worth it goodbye oh no guys nope goodbye um remember to leave a like on this video if this helps you and do I will leave links in the description videos phone if you really guys want it I don’t personally recommend it but it’s not bad for like someone who needs a phone in doesn’t have one at the moment and please do subscribe to this video for more amazing subscribe to this channel for more amazing content like this because I have spent more than 300 pounds on this channel at the moment and I just don’t feel like how many having 20 subscribers and spending 400 pounds on the channel with literary no subscribers yeah remember P so and bye.
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