The Return of the Legend! Nokia 7.2

Published on November 7, 2019
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Guys it was another bump up Bob bulik new Nokia sir market mallamma not indeed osa Nokia 7.2 actually talked about scanner no any commitment Ilana three years now software updates of meaning anytime soon macaron Android 10 ditto so now that I call a black version net off the unboxing attention right now so the long polar Melanie my blog at Comic green so at all per-view display six point three inch f HT + HD arm Virginia not bad these optics 48 MP plus 8 plus 5 and of course study MP Avenue front camera Google assistant button very very useful toe and of course qualcomm snapdragon 616 imagine even a longish as a yeoman processor no guys didn’t attend Hana Nokia six seven point two now actually magatama form-factor no consider Mahnomen knock-knock here Madame de la casa very durable very very solid and canyonfield so unlike Anya whom these leaders of polycarbonate him Garrincha metal back nearly shot glass but no so anton scalia is polymer composite no so understand yeah is must must beti bachao faces a polycarbonate pero hindi Kazim bigger than aluminum so separate illuminati mnemonic dawnie no piano don’t at a no 3110 6150 and of course and 3120 7210 a masticating unit in oceania Latium a TT by cat butter bottom oh okay learn solely on check latinum on our accessories inside the box Taman eternity singh ejector pin and ito of course kin-yuen charger na hindi nirupa Roy children know from before know early early days civil sea and young head said na hindi didn’t borrow a Torah very very nostalgic until know especially when you’re coming from Nokia before Kodava gamma cannon Nokia Dottie no han-pan hon I don’t an USB type-c cable M alumna and Lomond box so eternal unlucky a 7.2 fingerprint scanner typical camera silly code for the mdina these optics and these optics that it’s just a phenomenal camera Marisa smartphone after the Allah Karim Allah God that they would inoculum be believe more success IMO rocky island Elega smartphone before so champagne and nothing Hanuman plan Samsung Apple and ki major novel I said no fear Cassie mention even a chef a seat Palestinian Allen didn’t develop Nia so everybody is moving to Android the even policy Nokia so yeah so the Hindi Scylla some other dimension even Scylla so note I do cylinder Windows Mobile me on Android one the Shah so you so much about nourish a my own dual LED flash though another Nokia logos very nostalgic sale on a Makita not in its the microphone in just be type C loudspeaker scope alongside our button and volume rocker say Bobbo audio jack and noise cancellation mic and Ito is sim tray and a Google assistant both on so hard up 20 MP front camera and red one bounnam Sakai site on a boo boo top national popping and not in you know nah boot up sounding nokia so anathema booty no so finally she no kianak step in yon so yeah no favorites are not in that a step in their inches I enjoyed one so guys very very clean and Canyon boot up screen now so get a nothing very very Android one the another output socket a lot in antutu benchmark score Nia out of the Boston till Manhattan 169,000 points roughly 170 so expected a Monica seeing under me that if snapdragon 616 Alan dementia so major luminescent process or so get a dotted no qualcomm snapdragon 616 a 5-1 to 1080p tapas table that’ll camera 40 plus 8 plus 5 then of course Cannella Mystics gig of ram 120 gig of storage emmc uncommon yeah so check that in know so 60 Hertz on refresh rate 110 PPI pixel density front camera 20 Tamela Mann battery capacity damage of ababa g5 Nala so then of course Android nyesha anytime soon put in a salmon run under it the NFC support ed so you know mana along some aspects of lucidity mahamasina PC mark the market at i/o the neurotic of gana sakala endurance now finito so no test time and young work all time ya know so kind of began 8 hours and 22 minutes the screen on time at all Nokia 7.2 which is major ababa for me know they play snapdragon 616 lambda goes to 3,500 ampere arsenal in battery better overall performance she made Joe Manganiello Mancha ballistamon check not enum Jacob compatibility Nia’s Allahabad a so predicament insulin G company to Cifaretto the Mahayana erode the slip in an artistic venture solely about check tonight on bench corny Geekbench and a be negated to say Nokia 7.2 pretty decent them enough 118 score no solely on since the opposite eyes are my benchmarks boat elemental and someone gave me so much that guys are mobile agents so Makita Latino neuron on high frame rate so some mobile agenda so Muhammad Ali problema dito MHS type design and game no theoretical Ginoza habilis and response Nessa mobile agent so he not Akhenaten no major a little bit edgy Shapiro Oh Kailyn dominoes oval our own cigar band silicone Yong Yong camera bomb dome Allah indeed Messersmith Ibiza on how a condom for gaming so overall naman smooches he might finish so what I wanna do problem are in dementia no so guys cattlemen a team they respond cinnamon and controls yeah no Nina mashup Eagle smooth magazines Crimea [Laughter] and don’t forget in this Linea 6.3 and of course Corning Gorilla Glass 3 I’m gonna protect Ursa Major even a like what they see see not here no so sanam on step papazilla yeah so keep element that they know now okay no one dungeon place over an amount of heat and large so you can happen on without any problem myself game plain ml so right now see the cinema not in our call up Judy so guys saying that that is a medium settings lahat though a super feeling up on high settings mojo bombers luck though Doka a nominee such a high gameplay high high display high frame rate when a problem a pairing a Lavinia Mohammed lagna logic on tape that has a hindi behind affair and in the Passover dough Pino Palladino processors a phenom limit at in an attic on Melinda hollandaise okay so right now anything then that you know will have on a little frame drops also service very very smooth dominant gameplay know I’m a tourniquet analog now yawn so let’s get a nothing and game clean and see all the smoocher karmapa high settings or medium settings while anima frame drops off okay now aphasia this is a Call of Duty so and often in attending games Montana maintenance wanting my selfie photos or photos 20 MP very very natural Manama shots gonna the onions and there’s a low light or hey dementia my Mulligan problema monologuing shots kavita’s selfie camera me Nokia 7.2 so under low light of in dementia so I’m angry stuff online features kind up when the Mona Lisa by issued on front and back time and I know you know Lanza low lights among food Mima hit or miss a telethon food net or set up you made your para visible set up better containing the monomers just a side view walk-in animal maganda market animal should ya know so yeah so front some outdoors very very very clear very very spot and output ya know then someone greens okay now Oh Keisha very very vibrant metal phantomon parenting saturations apparel get a Latin young color quality in a very pleased da da da moneh flowers and ahora naughty little smashes night Anna so under low light bokeh shots of animation monitor in low light shots alot none I know coffee shop panel on a man key and so kitten at him I’m booking shots okay then so pocket of a senior young manga video Nakano modern – are using your video the Nokia 7.2 no so long even at this table lemons of [Applause] like what I said so coxinha by my own front and rear cam major shaking Hashanah so you know it’s a major indicator goes to answer Papa Dexter by up front and rear cam so tonight nominating and rear come on its own Tara Franklin when its own organization also general a Pinto metallocene your panel Mullen video yeah and sake Tom o it on subject Latin and it ah ha de bah so put it in a teeny a just ba you say nothing pattern and alone and so pollen and I don’t know you know para network blog column so get a tire hi yeah stick it on featuring with some good stuff adidas awful night own son and implement among smartphone manufacturer no no yeah in the near future she gonna meet with the person about the row as of now seen occupy now I’m Erin NATO a you know so guys the poverty fully and Nokia 7.2 no so anything in your eternal by young publicly Nokia finally after metal cylinder vilasa industry no Figaro the Lagaan in over ticklin Delhi sedan and monocle a bandana Globus a much more than a smartphone cases camilla though master stuff we go see nokia number one delegation at a sauna AAHA Ballack dishes I shall live in a dotty and who knows mokuba’s casino he announced something much better than the Nokia 7.2 / moment and Nokia 7.2 Master sabi ko maganda Shah at impression I 5990 palaces succeed of RAM 120 gig of storage at yang knocking reviewing and Nokia 7.2 busan young video please like it and of course subscribe and hit the bell icon button ed-a-mommies’ an agreement video solution for each one and your favorite sidekick catechetical it is shocking to saladna video

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