The Sony Xperia 1 Deserves Your Attention

Published on July 3, 2019
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So here’s an exciting one for me I mean I haven’t looked at a smartphone from Sony in a very long time I couldn’t even remember when will asked me and it’s kind of unfortunate because they’ve been in a game for a long time not just a smartphone game but the technology game the gaming games PlayStation TV everybody wanted once upon a time was the Trinitron I had the mini disc player the Walkman changed the game for me and others it’s like I love to see Sony’s still doing it and especially when they’ve got a product like this one which has been requested a lot by you guys I’m excited for it because it’s a different take unlike the other manufacturers that are just going you know all-in on this idea of screen to body ratio they’re like let’s go with a different aspect ratio let’s try to put as many pixels as possible into a six and a half inch screen that anyone’s ever done before let’s just have a different approach so that’s why I’m excited for this and oh I’m also excited because they’re doing a promo these are my favorite headphones in the world right now the WH 1000 xm3 they’re doing a deal where you get these for free when you order this that’s an important thing to know about because this is not a cheap smartphone this is gonna retail for 950 USD so put it in that premium priced here but if you want to lower the sting of that MSRP those are three hundred and fifty dollar noise cancelling headphones and in my opinion they’re worth it I’ve used them for a while and I love them so if you were in the market for both of these things you could imagine your price point on the smartphone having a significant subtraction from a value perspective instead of having to spend 950 and another 350 you could look at the effective price at a phone going all the way down to 600 bucks I’ll link Amazon down in the description if you want to check it out but it should work at a number of different retailers on the pre-order currently okay some specs on the back 12 + 12 + 12 megapixel triple camera setup you gotta have it this day and age 2019 specialty 1 900 bucks for a smartphone 8 megapixel selfie camera 4k HDR OLED display 6.5 inches that’s got to be the highest pixel density I’ve ever looked at in a smart phone I would say 30 330 milliamp hours course we’ve seen devices 4,000 plus so I’m not too excited about that now after I get a 55 IP 65 / 68 okay this be the next smartphone and I switched to this could be my next experiment might very well which one did I get oh I got the purple one he said Toronto Raptors purple one you see I Jack flip it over to the front twenty one by nine cinema wide so this brings us to the next hot topic may be the hottest topic with this particular smartphone you do not see 21 by 9 smartphones that said if you look at a service like Netflix for example they claim a significant portion of their content is in that aspect ratio it for the time being it’s mostly cinema content in which you’ll be able to watch the way it was originally intended now why would you want to go with this aspect ratio well what allows you to do is have a 6.5 inch display but in a form factor that you can hold super-easy as you can see it’s not a reach for me it’s just a confident grip it’s a really interesting aspect ratio could it be the future quite possibly but for now it’s one of the rare devices available as far as a smartphone is concerned we’ve seen it in monitors and things like that in the past they also claim there’s some Dolby Atmos going on in here I’ll test the sound that’s what I do USB type-c connector on the bottom capable of fast charge that’s a must you have the speaker unit also in that location right there over on this side of the device gets a bit fancy actually there’s a few buttons here this is the interesting one it is a side mounted fingerprint scanner so nothing in display it’s gonna be your more typical touch based scanner you would be used to seeing this on the rear of the device on on other smartphones a few of them have tried it on the side Sony’s doing the same we’ll see how that operates see how that works in a moment volume rocker above that power switch below they’re kind of weird that they’re not both integrated into one but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it and then another switch down here on the bottom what is that is that a dedicated camera switch that would be a nice location for it I’m not sure we’re gonna have to wait a moment to find out on that one as well look at that you remove the SIM card / a microSD expansion tray without a tool what a bonus that is all right before I boot up the device let’s take a look at the rest of the contents of the package we have a little bit of paperwork a headset with interchangeable ear tips a microphone here is your power brick what is this baby capable of 18 watts of quick charge power that should be sufficient for mo individual okay little vibration it’s so slim it’s so comfy it’s the ergonomics of a small size fall with the screen of a big size phone this feels like a pixel three that just keeps going the screen looks incredible it’s way more pixels than my eyes could ever possibly discern well can we get the pixel density on this 643 PPI according to will do all right here we go we’re gonna test the fingerprint it’s on the side it’s kind of a weird it’s a different location so how’s it gonna do how’s it gonna fare so fingerprint unlocked on the side is definitely not the fastest it feels a bit faster when you first press the power switch if you don’t press the power switch it takes a second I don’t mind having it on the side I just wish it was a bit snappier maybe I can turn off the animation go into the settings I mean it’s so it’s very stock ish they didn’t get out of hand they didn’t get wild they’re like all right Android it’s pretty good we don’t want to do too much so it’s it’s almost pixel esque they just didn’t they just didn’t mess with it that much I mean I see a couple things that seem extra cinema Pro Wow it is an advanced 21 by 9 video capture which is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen on a smartphone I mean it’s got a real pro vibe to it audio levels you have HDR options codec you’re shooting in h.265 battery level it’s a focal length ISO shutter speed white balance daylight selection manual focus I mean it’s not unwanted it’s cool it’s exclusive it’s in line with their DNA I can live with that you can launch the camera quickly swiftly lift your device in landscape mode aim the camera and it’ll be launched automatically okay that’s cool side sense you can take a photo or video by simply double tapping the sensor on the side of the screen I guess they mean the fingerprint sensor okay cool got it oh this is a shutter button that’s way cooler this holding it like this they thought about the ergonomics you hold it as a human would hold a camera and it has the half shutter press for focus half down get the green boom pop the shutter so simple it’s a bit ridiculous like you could just tap this green loop relax or you could use some other button a lot of a lot of phones use the volume down but I don’t want a double function button you know you see everybody ah like this the cause no no no humans boom so here we go wide zoom standard zoom wide it means pretty much what you want let’s watch a little video sixteen by nine content you’re gonna get black bars its YouTube so you can zoom in actually not so bad the crop works completely fine and let’s get a sense for the audio performance here real quick now there’s another weird icon over there dynamic vibration it’s like a boost of some kind but now if I click on the dolby atmos there’s a few modes in there by default dynamic attempts identify the type of content and then make the adjustment but you also have movie music custom I’ll leave it on dynamic I think that’s how most people will use it well that is so weird it was like a harmonies I think that might be better for music to be honest it’s a it’s an odd experience it’s harmonized so it’s like a slightly the enhancement is slightly off you can you can pick it up now as far as the speaker is concerned it’s your typical implementation most of the sound comes out of the bottom unit the main speaker growing a little bit of high end out of the earpiece generation flexible all that which requires a very specific Samsung goes and creates other brands smartphones probably none more so than Apple’s smartphones Apple using a hundred million old iPhone screens I would say volume is kind of comparable between to you this is the oneplus 7 pro by the way but I feel like there’s a little bit more low-end presence on the oneplus when it comes to dialog let’s do a quick music test do you want to see that compares real quick look at this so that’s the oneplus and look at how much skinnier I mean maybe it doesn’t seem substantial to you looking at that but this like this is the extra this is the tough part to reach with your hand when you’re trying to reach the far into the screen [Music] [Music] I’d say the oneplus has the most bass the iPhone is the most clarity this one is the most high I will put these two closer together this one is a little bit this ones below that I don’t find it to be particularly if offensive the thing is it does change quite a bit when you go in there and tweak the Dolby settings I mean this is what Dolby off now but out of the box I’d say it’s not quite as pleasing as these two other models let’s see if we can find a Forte 21 by nine video whoa I don’t know if it’s gonna come through on camera I feel like I have to bring it closer to you jack for you to really get the right amount of detail this is gonna be one of the best video watching experiences on a phone for a lot of people that are on the go you end up consuming a lot of content on your smart phone natively it’s just hard to imagine a better experience than this so there it is Xperia one from Sony finally a Sony device in the studio and let alone like the most requested good on Sony for creating the device that’s captured the attention of you guys there’s some things that for me are promising right out of the box I mean the display is obviously beautiful OLED all those pixels unusual aspect ratio I like the dedicated switch for the cameras which I’m gonna try out more I’m a little skeptical at a battery life though I will look into that also I like the purple color somehow I didn’t expect that I’m gonna pop my sim card in here very shortly get to the bottom of it but good on Sony for sticking around and at least capturing your guys attention up until now we’ll see how it pans out

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