Published on November 15, 2019
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This right here is my iPhone 10 I’ve had it since 2017 when it first came out and I’ve been a long time iOS user but this is no longer the phone I use as a daily driver instead I’ve been rocking this guy right here this is the ROG phone two aces follow-up to last year’s ROG phone a gaming phone yes there is such a thing this is a phone that does a lot really well a few things I wish it actually did better but overall it offers a solid value for gamers and non-gamers alike is it worth it I think it is but let’s have a closer look [Music] this video is sponsored by raid Shadow legends ever since migrating to a gaming phone I’ve been sinking a lot of my free time into mobile gaming and let me tell you it doesn’t get much better than this raid Shadow Legends is a full-fledged console quality turn-based RPG with a surprisingly deep story stunning 3d graphics top-notch voice acting tons of characters in a massive amount of content to keep you coming back for more there’s just so much to sink your teeth into right here there’s a reason raid is one of the top three ranked rpgs on the Google Play Store they’re also adding new champions every month which constantly changes the way you play the game keeping things fresh also there are progression rewards give you extra stuff to play around with just for completing missions check this out if you complete all of them you get the arbiter a super powerful legendary champion – kick-ass with just look at the detail on these character models if ten years ago you told me a game like this would run on a phone I would think you’re crazy there’s PvP which I absolutely love because I’m all about that social gameplay with my buddies and the mobile nature means rate shadow legends is always within my reach to play for five minutes and beat a quick mission or to sink hours and hours into while I unlock all the goodies so don’t wait stop everything in go grab great shadow legends oh yeah it’s free and it’s great why do you think it’s gotten almost 15 million downloads in the last six months go to the video description click on the special links and you’ll get 50,000 silver in a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey you can find me there under the screen name is Eno Bri good luck and I’ll see you on the battlefield now that my bills have been paid let’s go back to the video all right as I was saying the ROG phone – now right out of the gate I have to say though I was given this phone free of charge by asus during their launch event in taiwan this summer thank you so much asus love you guys they didn’t ask me to make this video I’m not being paid by them I’m not a brand ambassador or anything like that these are my actual thoughts after using this phone for a while I actually did migrate from my iPhone 10 to this phone and I’ve been using it exclusively for the last few weeks so all my thoughts here good and bad are my actual thoughts on this thing they’re going to see this video at the same time you guys see if they don’t have to pre-approve this video or anything just I wanted to throw that out there anyway now that that’s all out of the way let’s actually talk about the ROG phone too and I guess I should start with specs the ROG phone two rocks a six point 59 inch display with a resolution of 1080 by twenty three forty it has a ridiculous twelve gigs of ram when it comes to storage the ROG phone too has recovered as well you can fit half a terabyte worthless stuff in this bad boy and it’s sporting the Snapdragon 855 plus processor which is pretty much brand-new you also get a ridiculous six thousand milliamp hour battery that is pretty much unheard of in a phone like this the screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hertz which is amazing though not a lot of applications are using that just yet but I suspect that might become the standard in the future so it’s nice that it’s future proof that way rounding things off we have that Adreno 640 GPU running at 700 megahertz it’s a hefty boy coming in at 240 grams or 8.47 ounces as for the actual dimensions of the body this is a pretty big phone coming in at 171 millimeters by seventy seven point six here at the top with a thickness of nine point five millimeters as I mentioned it is a pretty hefty phone but that makes sense when you take into account that 6000 million power battery I am happy with that trade-off it’s thick it’s heavy every time I hand this phone to somebody they notice it right away but we’ve been saying for a very long time there’s no point in making these phones thinner and thinner every year most people I feel would sacrifice that slim profile for extra battery life and I gotta tell you I am perfectly happy with that huge battery the ROG phone 2 has Android 9 and it has that ROG Asus flavor on top which I’m not a huge fan of so I turn it off I like the pure Android experience far better oh yeah this is a dual SIM phone which is not super common in North America but in Latin America Brazil like Asia this is all the rage one interesting feature is that in the back here you have that RGB light perhaps a little extravagant and I gotta be completely honest with you at first I wasn’t really a fan of how bold this phone is it’s like it has that gamer aesthetic that we’re used to seeing gaming computers gaming laptops and to be completely honest I didn’t care for it at first but now I actually embrace it phones have been boring black rectangles for so long that I actually really appreciate how much this stands out so much so that even though I use a case on my date let’s get that out of the frame even though day to day I use a case I like to actually take this out without the case especially in a social situation where you’re gonna be taking pictures and stuff this catches people’s eyes they’re always asking what case is that and I say no this is part of the phone and I explained about the phone for somebody who loves talking about tech that’s a nice little conversation starter and of course if I don’t feel like drawing the extra attention I can always turn that right off of course we have to talk about cameras because cameras are a really important feature for a lot of people so we got two cameras here in the back which is pretty much the new standard you got a 48 megapixel shooter with an aperture of 1.8 and then you have the 13 megapixel camera right next to it with an aperture of 2.4 which is ultra wide I believe it’s this one is the ultra wide I can’t tell oh by the way I should mention I actually cracked the glass right here and I’ve been really heartbroken ever since that’s why I’ve been using a case now it’s a glass here in the back as you can imagine I gotta see the camera is probably the least impressive aspect of the ROG phone to it it’s basically the same cameras that Asus put in their zenfone 6 model but it’s not that great under decent light conditions you’re gonna take fine pictures but under low light and I know that that’s not saying much because most cameras don’t perform really well under low light but I feel like the photos I got out of my iPhone 10 actually look a little bit better better color saturation alit they’re not as grainy under low-light so overall I feel like the iPhone 10 still has better cameras this is something I would love to see improved in a future model the RG phone 2 has very interesting design features like for instance it has a secondary USB see charging port here on the side and as you can tell it’s double now the reason is this one is an actual regular USB C port that you can use to charge the device or to plug to your computer to transfer your videos or whatever this one you can’t use for that and you actually put a USB cable in here the reason for this dual arrangement here is because you can actually use accessories with the ROG phone – in Asus offers the big line of accessories for this one more than any other phone I’ve ever seen I’ve actually been given the full line to which I intend to show in a future video out of the box you’re going to be using that with the arrow active cooler – a little bit dirty because I’ve been using it a lot which is this fan that snaps to the back of the phone like so and connects to the bottom right there and then it cools both the phone and your fingers because it’s gonna be blowing air out of the side here oh yeah and this light here that actually works – let’s do that and there you go not sure if it’s picking up really well by the camera there but see perhaps a little too showy for most people but like I said I personally have come to appreciate that in social situations I find myself turning that on right let’s take this thing out oh yeah I almost forgot when you snap this thing here you get an extra charging port right here and a headphone jack which the phone has remember those remember headphone jacks that’s one of the things about this one being unapologetically thick it can afford to put an actual headphone jack there and though I don’t really use wired headphones anymore I like seeing that I like the option to have that so if I’m watching a movie on a plane at somebody I can use one of those little splitters and we can both listen to the audio speaking of which I guess I didn’t touch on that the ROG phone – has two front-facing speakers here that aren’t really loud and make for a great movie watching experience oh one more thing I didn’t mention it has a fingerprint scanner right underneath the glass there which is nice and elegant and the refresh rate you can change here it can go up to 126 Hertz which is crazy fast now you’re not going to let me see if you can spot that I’m gonna use my iPhone as as contrast here let me turn down the brightness a tad and as you can see no sim because I actually did migrate from this phone to the ROG phone now this is pretty impressive to people who have been following me for a long time because I have a lot and I mean a lot of phones like because of my work on YouTube companies send me all kinds of fun like just to give an example these are some of the ones that I have here I haven’t even I haven’t even opened some of these there’s like a 1 + 5 here there’s a with six somewhere there’s like oh my god him Wow I almost dropped it okay like these are just the ones that I care to like sugar like I have a lot of phones and people who follow me usually they will see me posting pictures and like and I’ll cover the phones and I’ll do unboxing videos and all these things and people have always asked me why you’re still using boring iPhones when you have access to so many different phones and that’s why because no phone has gotten my attention quite like the ROG phone too so as I was saying this is at 120 Hertz and this is I believe the iPhone 10 is 60 Hertz now I’m not sure I shoot these videos in 29.97 frames per second so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to spot this but in real life this is jarring the difference is night and day this is buttery smooth like you see every frame of animation as the icons scroll and this thing is like it feels like it’s you know like it’s quite hard to put it into words but it feels slow and staggered and like like it’s not actually you know like it’s it’s a massive difference now of course if you have the display refreshing 120 times a second that’s going to drain that battery faster so I I find myself just leaving it at 99 is good enough and then if I’m playing a game that supports that I’ll turn that on another feature there was really what made me decide to use this phone on a day-to-day basis are these things right here perhaps you can see because the contrast is not great right there these right here it’s I’m having a hard time getting the camera to focus but these are what Asus calls air triggers there’s one on the left hand side and one on the right hand side right here these two are capacitive areas on the side of the phone that detect your touch now obviously nothing’s happening here because I’m not in a game but once you’re in a game those kick in and you can map those functions to any area of the game so I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty mobile in fact that’s the reason why the channel wasn’t updated for like three weeks and what I have is I have this to aim like right here on the left hand side and this shoot which is a closer experience to what you’d find on a console so you’re not having to move your fingers around to aim and shoot which makes the game like I mentioned a lot closer to an actual gaming experience on a console with an actual controller playing call of duty was what made me decide to migrate to this phone as my daily driver be able to pull this thing out of my pocket hit up my friends on telegram and with minutes were shooting each other in the face in crash as silly as that may sound this was a massive improvement to my quality of life I love being able to pull this thing out and play an online first-person shooter with nine of my buddies wherever I am you guys know how much I appreciate portability so this is huge for me basically this is a kick-ass phone that delivers an unparalleled performance with an outrageous battery life to boot I honestly love this phone there are only three things I don’t really appreciate it and I hope Asus addresses this in a future model first this one is not waterproof and I understand that there are engineering challenges to making a phone that performs like this and is obviously going to expel as much heat as this does during heated pun intended gaming sessions it has Vince on the side here to help dissipate that heat so obviously that’s going to conflict with sealing the whole thing up to make it waterproof I understand that but I would have liked if they were able to figure out a way to make this waterproof I feel just much more at ease when I have a phone that I know I don’t have to worry about splashes or dropping it in water or what-have-you the other thing is no induction charging there’s a lot going on in the back of the phone so obviously they couldn’t put that in here it’s one of those things that I just like waterproofing I thought was useless but once you get used to a phone that has that going to one that doesn’t is a little upsetting like with my iPhone I bought all these G induction charging platforms and I can just have him all over the place a used to be I’d come home just drop my phone on one of those and then not worry about you know looking for a cable and doing all this is just put it down on my desk put it down on my nightstand and it’s charging so that was very convenient I missed that very much I would love if the future model would have that and finally like I mentioned the cameras for a phone that performs at this level like this is an outrageous phone those specs if the battery life everything about this one is crazy it’s super state-of-the-art but the cameras are not that great they’re not horrible but they I would like to see performance on par with what I was used to with my iPhone they’re not terrible cameras but there is room for improvement there and this is the ROG phone – this is a solid device little hefty a little big like I mentioned but that extra battery life that performance the air triggers all the accessories were trying to end to show in a future video this is a killer phone I am very impressed with what Asus was able to bring to the table with this and like I said in the very beginning though it is ostensibly visibly a gaming phone this offers an amazing value for non gamers alike because like I said that performance is crazy this is a future-proof as it gets though it’s a niche product I really hope this one is very successful because I want to see an ROG phone 3 I want them to to make this even better but I should tell you a lot that this phone pulled me away from Apple for good and that’s the ROG phone – I understand that – most people gaming phones seem like kind of a gimmick but the value that this thing brings to the table it makes it a very interesting proposition even for people who aren’t really looking to play games on their phones that much and I like to see products that push the industry forward in a very bold way I’m just so bored of the same old monotonous black rectangles we get year in year out I am happy that there’s somebody out there making something that stands out and that’s it I hope you guys like this video if you did please consider dropping me a like that helps the channel out like you wouldn’t believe subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell because YouTube sucks at letting you know I put out new content follow me on social media please I’m very active on both Twitter and Instagram and people follow me know this I’m always so thrilled to talk to you guys about tech or whatever the hell you want to talk about and that’s all the time I have for today I’m Izzy and I’m done.


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