Umidigi A3X Unboxing & Review! Watch before buying!

Published on January 30, 2020
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Nigel sir as-salam-o-alaikum welcome back peace be upon you it’s your technician Mohammed Neha double-crossed NASA here we have boxing and review of the Yuma DG a3x yes 70 bucks ninja 72 $80 $80 regular price $70 it is the flash sale promotion so you can have the binding links in description you can buy them back with Alex’s and gearbest I’m gonna leave all the buying links set for you and support my channel by shopping online with my links what is interesting I prayed so much the you Medici a 5 promo chip was selling for $100 this one is 20 30 $20 more cheaper so let’s see here what do you get for the price there girl let’s go down do the first unboxing then we gonna do many many different things for you you join this video and share it hit that like it that’s Mike let’s go ninjas here we go unboxing what do you receive a standard charger 5 volts equal one Emperor yes super slow charging speeds because this is super cheap cheap phone micro USB cable again still in red color you Medici style you get some greeting card and also you have a pin inside of this small leaflet if I can color like that and also we get the case and indeed case really really hard to find a brand that offers the case for this price tag and also the best case that you can get for such a cheap price for free in the box new just very very unique case and I love what you Medici done with the content here I mean it just so let’s move now to the smartphone which you can see already there in the on the middle it has a notch and it’s very similar to the pock phone f1 I can have to admit just check it out here is the POC phone check it out you would eat a 3 xbox 1 f1 very similar to the POC phone f1 check it out me just the results are the same almost just that this mod this smartphone has a smaller screen POC phone f1 has a bigger screen but very very similar interesting then this is very interesting check the bottom others are also almost similar but just slightly bigger whether you EDG a 3x I mean stay tuned so Ninja is humid eg a 3x what are the main selling points before we go to more tests and more samples Android 10 stock experience again they’re probably the cheapest smartphone in the world with all these suspects it has 2.5 D curved glass on the front and on the back like I mentioned 30 megapixel front selfie camera 16 megapixel back camera and both of these cameras and just offer full HD video recording both of them front end and back offer Full HD resolution three gigs of ram 1200 meter chip technology yes really great sufficient sufficient SOC for the power for the battery consumption more than goodness and else what else we have 4G LTE supported the vaulty 4G LTE in both SIM cards in the same time so it’s a dual 4G LTE enabled of course we have a huge list of LTE bands for the 4G usable completely usable in USA and again neeta’s this is really crazy deal honestly this is really crazy deal get three slots you can use two SIM cards and SD card isn’t in the same ton what else you want for 70 $80 check this beautiful beautiful panel let’s go and move with this beauty water interesting device ninjas here we go finally and oh my god again you Medici kills all the brands in the world regarding the display quality the build quality all together 10 pure ten giving it ninja 72 $80 this is the best-looking and the best display that you can buy for the money it seemed that this is chrome aluminum alloy frame on the style all plaited on all four sides which is crazy good ninjas volume rocker and power button on the right side also the buttons are made from metal and they are not plastic which is again gives you a really high premium quality feeling get 3.5 minute at phone jack main microphone microUSB port and one speaker grill crazy and also we have here a dual SIM acceptable slot remember that this one has it has three slots ninjas so they’re going to can see by soft three slots you can put two SIM cards and one SD card in the same ton how good is that how good is that for 70 $80 ninjas anyway what do we have on the back we have two cameras which we can mention in of course in the later on in the camera section of my review and we have here the dual flash light and we have a fingerprint sensor which we can also test we have also the you Medici logo on the on the front what do we have we have the sensors proximity light sensor phone selfie camera LED notification bar we also have a notification bar with the human DG a 3 X 70 $80 hey-hey-hey side bezels are super thin top bezel like I mentioned here someone like the popcorn F on the bottom bezel for 70 $80 this is more than enough more than enough and more than you need in my opinion this is the best looking device again for the price tag remember this is a glass on the back and it just frames on the side I don’t know how they do it but I honestly don’t know how they can do something like this and also this kind of a display for this price tag this is insane let’s move to the display immediately here we gonna just check this beauty I’m always blown away by the humidity displace and and the build quality all together it’s insane how they can do something like this ninjas again maybe you don’t get basically super software super company super reliable optimization except excetera but you will see that it’s also read optimized for this kind of chipset eight point seven millimeter technicians and it weights a 186 grams so again this is the perfect smartphone for one hand users so this is a 5.7 inch screen yes 5.7 inches again if you cut the notch it’s probably around 5.5 inches if I’m if I’m correct anyway LCD IPS panel 720 resolution 294 ppi so we mentioned this is a 2.5 D curved glass screen on the back this is flat it’s a little bit curved but we can say that it’s flat again a lot of people will prefer this look and this design they call it a medium sized notch but again it is big images it is big it’s not like a small tiny not but again for the price tag this is really stunning and stunning device stunning device ninjas can you just here we go testing split screen option with the immediatey X it’s works and working it works maybe fine if you’re having a YouTube video at 30fps but if you have a youtube video at 30 at 60fps if you are having a like a really heavy task that are doing on the bottom part of the screen the split screen option is gonna a little bit lag until you finish with the hard task and when you go to the normal usage like I’m doing right now here opening Play Store and browsing so the place and everything will be fun like you see myself the video up there it’s just working fine there’s no lag whatsoever beautiful anyway now we’re going to test also this the typing in the keyboard then just I’m absolutely blown away again then why I’m mentioning that I can’t believe how they can do something like this the touch sensitivity of this display is it’s pure 10 it’s pure 10 I can’t believe it the hectic vibration also the vibration is strong enough but just responsivity and the touch sensitivity of this display for this price tag this is really rare this is really where only xiaomi is doing something like this only sean is doing something like that then it is really reliable and limited right now it’s kicking the asses of the image of the show me right now because for 70 $80 this is really rare to find on the market that you can date you can get also this high premium quality design and this kind of display beautiful this is a 480p probably let’s move to 720 720p 60 and we can do the 60fps test for you now for the end I can adjust so this is right now 60fps you can see by self how smooth this is for 70 $80 check it out how fluid it is this 60fps in multitasking you’re gonna feel some lags that’s completely acceptable for a cheap smartphone with the low and the processor in just so again you shouldn’t ask for you shouldn’t ask for magic or something like that this is more than good that it can handle 60 FS 720p of course this is the 720p screen with a smartphone and of course maximum you can go with the YouTube and it’s a 720p like I mentioned then we’re gonna show you right now for now for the display from 1 to 10 I’m giving it 9 scrolling just absolutely insane what kind of quality do you get for this price tag if not this may be the same screen as the yume DGA 5 Pro a new media 5 Pro is basically remember I met how do i exit right now because of this touch and there you go human TJ 5 pro it was selling for 100 and 110 dollars what a beautiful panel what a beautiful panel again when I’m going I have to exit using the touch that they have to admit that they are not that kind of polished maybe it’s better if you use the virtual screen for now I can say again it’s not a big issue maybe they can update this and new optimization and new a feature with immunity smartphone this off screen gestures and navigation gestures without the bar we can just go to the smart assistance navigation bar system navigation and just use yourself the three button navigation just if you want to go with this one go back home and switch apps with the buttons at the bottom of your screen and there you go you just need to wait a little bit now we can use them you see now you can use them or you can go to the gastrin navigation you just need to wait two three seconds and now it just go to home if you want to go back wait a minute if you need to go back I’m gonna just open something there go google it just swipe from the right or from the left in just and it’s gonna go back immediately well I mean how many actions I’m opening right now at the same time let’s go to the Play Store internet explorer open some in turn exponent and show you right now sorry for that one and there you go it goes back like that just swiping from the left or from the right side it goes back if you want to open what is in the background there you go just hold it and swipe it up and it’s gonna be in of course in the multitasking window where you can enable or close all the apps and just that’s it regarding the display panel from 1 to 10 I’m giving it easy 9 win water water display and water quality for this price tag great job you did a great job here we go here we go on in Genesis so we have Haley or a 22-minute X 67 61 this is done to to score I mean I mean it just it’s decent it’s decent performance is decent and to to score we’re gonna show you later on and just in a minute opening it reopening the apps and multitasking this is the Geekbench 5 so asanchez we have IMG power VR GPU 3 gigs of ram ddr3 and we have of course 16 gigs of storage e mm c 5.1 and also this p is the Wi-Fi speeds with the media 3x I’m more than satisfied adjust I’m more than satisfied it downloads and opens and basically streams everything really fast I didn’t Hattie and as didn’t had any problems whatsoever and you know that I would mention all these stuff you just anyway let’s go now quickly opening the apps and see how it works Facebook chrome Play Store YouTube check it out in jazz for 70 80 dollars this is really decent this is honestly really decent again like I said here it’s time taken to 450 and stuff four-thirty are a better chipsets but again it’s it’s right now it’s hard to find in 2020 the worst chipsets with all these aspects maybe you’re gonna find it but they’re not gonna have a better display and they’re not gonna have a better quality regarding the design and material used to build it up you can see myself it works it works okay it works okay neat just a bit like a share with the animation it can maybe in disable them but again I am more than satisfied for the price tag that I paid for for the money that I spent on the humidity a3x cannon just here we have more information about the chipset itself you can see myself don’t well maybe another meter chip technology like I said power v RG e 8300 and so refresh rate is 58 so it should handle the 60fps over the YouTube like I already even showed you again we can also go to basically to the sensors I have to show you the sensors let’s see here regarding the thermals how it is it ah yeah no problems no problems regarding the heating we’re gonna go with the device information and we’re gonna check here the sensors and also very important for the people what kind of sensor it has and it has a gyroscope it has a gyroscope a all my god crazy 70 to 80 dollars it has also gyroscopes and you just this is really good this is a really one of the best reasons to buy this device that it has light proximity magnet and gyroscope accelerometer bands LTE passengers we get B 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 12 13 17 19 20 38 40 and 41 remember 4G LTE dual volte in the same time in the same time with the both SIM cards we can use that that that humidity is only brand in the world from China that offers all that and wait let’s go now to settings just to show you that the security patch and Android version and we’re gonna show you a little bit here the settings network connect and connectivity devices Bluetooth smart navigation assistance which I already showed you you can basically go with the three fingers like that and it’s gonna take a screenshot game mode again there’s not a game mode like with the more expensive smartphones is not gonna make your per for your smartphone running better it just disables the notifications and everything and battery is life you can go with the battery percentage but you need to pull the net occasion down and then you can see the the battery percentage in you just anyway what else we can show you here the display oh yes it does have an adaptive brightness so a screen adjustment the brightness it will go nightlight you can also turn this on and it’s good this is good to you please make sure to use it at the night what else we have it has also dark theme can you believe it I honestly don’t know support the absol also switch to dark theme honestly I don’t know which device for this price tag has also a dark theme finally fine meaning just finally anyway let’s turn this turn it back beautiful but it doesn’t have adjustment regarding the white balance you can’t adjust that and that’s completely fine that’s fun for me sound storage privacy you can go into the privacy and put the lock screen I don’t know maybe you can use the net option or maybe then of course the pin with the numbers we have also a fingerprint sensor we have also face ID which I’m going to show you in a minute Digital Bell well being Google services door speed system and languages all the languages in the world we have with this device so you don’t have to worry check it out and learn Android languages so let’s go here it has Bosnian it has let’s see here oh my god danish deutsch italian french filipino for most of this world if not maybe this it has more than the muon itself this device anyway let’s go for the end regarding new medici a 3×3 gigs of ram 16 gigs of storage android version security and real security patch is from the December so ninjas it’s a bit old I have to admit that this is a bit old so it’s gonna be soon no wait a mintue in January we have 5g January and today yep ok so almost two months old not bad that’s not bad man I mean that’s not bad Android version is Android Q you just I think this is it regarding the performance as I told you and shows you a lot of stuff regarding this smartphone ok so shall we test the speaker’s we have to test also the speaker’s and 3.5 mm headphone jack plus the FM radio and my quality in this full in-depth review let’s go that’s the news [Applause] [Music] okay in just 4 1 2 10 giving it 6 score average sticker an average quality average loudness again completely acceptable acceptable for this price tag you meet each a 5 Pro which is 20 $30 more it does have way way better speaker than just indeed it does anyway let’s go with the 3.5 mm headphone jack checking the headphones using here cheap headphones ninjas not bad from 1 to 10 for the price tag I’m giving it 7 score ninjas it has really nice sound chip regarding the 3.5 millimeter volume output from 1 to 10 7 Easley 7 here a bit of the best and it is loud enough you can see here by itself of course you can’t judge it as I can but trust me the three primary a mini-me telephone jack will be more than decent for you here we go Radio FM works easily simply works you just need to input insert your three point your headphones inside of this smartphone adjust you can also adjust the speakers you just enter here and enter of course swipe between earphone and speaker option let’s go with the mic quality ok I just recorded something with the X with a different third-party app microphone let’s check it out what is this man 1 from 1 to 10 I’m giving it it somehow the speaker is loud and my quality is also really loud it catches my sound really good bro wow that is amazing from 1 to 10 are giving it 8 for this price tag great job you mean DG the my quality is really on paraben on pair with the Xiaomi right now for this price tag okay so it’s time to do the fingerprint scanner test and face ID are we ready are you ready ninja whoever is watching me from whether from wherever you are let’s go one two three miss unlocking unlocking unlocking unlocking okay just not bad not bad for one of out of ten I do have one for so basically unsuccessful attempt but it is fast for the price tag I can’t ask for more morning Justin yes there is a space place for improvements there but again seventy eighty dollars come on just I can’t be selling right now I need picking let’s go with the face ID now one two three you can see that icon that is catching my face so it’s around maybe second and a half ninjas to unlock it second and a half sometimes it’s even faster than a second and a half but again for the price tag Thank You Medici for including fingerprint sensor and face ID seventy to eighty dollars boy ok let’s go on let’s move on okay it’s time for the camera department just just have that in mind you can have a full camera view on my youtube channel in this review you’re gonna have just a few samples so video ninjas 16 megapixel back camera it has five megapixel back camera for podcast it’s fake it’s completely faking it just and we’ll show you that that in my in-depth review maybe even in this video it dick I mean you can already see that it’s just fake circle blurry can even do this with external third-party app this is not a boo can adjust this not a book at this just a gimmicky blur circle and that’s it photo photo ninja photos are really sharp oh my god 16 megapixel back camera check it out this resolution I honestly I can’t believe that also they done something like this that they also put it for us and gave us 16 megapixel resolution and it just gonna say the numbers numbers are nothing what is the optimization you will see that it hasn’t really great I can’t even believe it even the Yuma DG which I’ll review did you meet GF to has this device has it can perform better in the camera department in the pictures can you believe it even in the video samples it’s crazy it’s crazy front of the camera also offers 1080p with a front selfie camera yes video recording which I’m gonna mention and I think I told you at the beginning that they can save yourself maximum Full HD is the enable it doesn’t work just disable it and the video stability will be better so and it just lets go now 13 megapixel front selfie camera AI 16 megapixel back camera the second one is completely so useful use of useless let’s go let’s go to the camera samples enjoy then just just my mistake not to tell you that this front selfie camera as I say I it has also faced the cognition which it will follow you and the focus will be better and faster so you’re not gonna have those videos with this front selfie camera that somehow suddenly the camera is focused on something else except your face so yes this is really amazing and first I’m saying it for this price tag great job you Medici money cool welcome back and just peace be upon you so this is the full camera view of the humidity a3x super cheap China phone which is under 80 bucks you’re using a gimbal that’s fine super steady right now and you’re wondering how how in the heck it so steady steady for super cheap handheld footage somehow alum video recording with the stock camera app it seems a it’s a laggy but I don’t know what its gonna be the final result so far inches this is very impressive for such a cheap price I have to say that this is not average it’s really for hard to find like better camera than this love the color is very natural and it’s sharp its sharp bro honestly is really really sharp for such a cheap price okay let’s do here the autofocus test without the e is enabled okay not bad thing just not bad okay this is surprise this is a really honestly surprised when I think about then when you Medici produces sometimes phones a bit more expensive and they don’t have this kind of quality I don’t get it this is good this is really good for this price tag around 70 bucks to $80 this is really impressive how can you just welcome back so this is it then ATP video test with the gimbal yummy DG a 3 X I’d love to do this one maybe some of you will say well how how are you doing this I mean why not me just honestly why not let’s see here what what can you do what can you do Oh a sorry [Music] [Music] what [Music] they can I can adjust for battery life with this Yuma DG a 3x of course with the halo a 22 which is built on 12 millimeter chip technology 3300 mAh battery yes it’s it’s a small battling just it’s not 4000 it’s a small battery it is a small screen low resolution but again for the price tag it’s really more hard to find something really impressive in the battery world you can you can get one day but more than one day I don’t know how is that gonna be possible for you just honestly I don’t think you’re gonna get more than one day screen our usage depends on the time but around 5 hours screen on time for regular use if you gotta play games obviously you can’t get 5 hours no chance no chance for that one but again for the price tag account as for money just honestly I can’t ask for more like I said here the battery life in my opinion doesn’t belong in top 5 best things about this device in top 10 it can’t come somehow can I squeeze I can squeeze it but reasons to buy it for the battery no it’s not gonna be reason for you 3300 for 2020 since the apps these apps are constantly year by year they probably drain more battery more battery and more and more and more again just I’m more than satisfied again decent battery nothing really impressive I can say that’s a reason to buy this device because of the battery capacity is not it’s only 3300 for 5.7 inch this thing but again it’s ok you can survive full day for a regular use I mean let’s go next for kills hey he got me I mean you just look at the point here you can play call of duty over the immediately exit that percent $80 this is not bad at over so ninjas humidity a 3x my impressions my of course my final conclusion here is it worth buying this humidity a 3x obviously I already showed you what I can tell you about the pros and the cons something just yes yes honestly I don’t know but I already said that Tim EDG it’s the best in producing smart phones around or under $100 and we know the Fiasco with the humidity roma whatever you mean you don’t know how it was cold three years ago four years ago I think something like that but again it just said this is probably the most interesting smartphone right now on the market what a great great display great quality great design aluminium alloy and glass on the front and on the back knee just beautiful panel display probably the best for this price tag 5.7 inches what do we have three gigs of ram we have Android stock experience and we have 4G LTE voltage do awesome acceptable and SD card expansion plus 3.5 mini headphone jack you just thrown selfie camera it has also very sharp selfies and the back camera is also super super sharp 16 megapixel for the pic taking pictures I don’t think you can find anything better cause like I mention here why I can say the cons small slightly cons that three times the thing I am age battery for 2020 with 5.7 inches maybe I accept like it’s it’s average panel and that’s an average battery I’m not I can’t say that it’s a really like a really really a con but I can say is that the speaker somehow in the YouTube is not that impressive but I can imagine as a pro that the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack completely shocked me there and basically I have a positive impressions of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack this idea works good but a bit slow there’s improvements for that one so I hope they gonna optimize that with the future update fingerprint sensor also works really fast and in reason reliable ten attempts I had only one force unsuccessful attempt so again that’s more than good and just okay this is it I hope you enjoyed in this flow in the purview of the MDG a3x share it everywhere neat just share it everywhere I try to do my best of course if you already have this device please make sure to share with you your own list of pros and the cons in the comment section I will really appreciate that if you do anyway I sell em and see you till next time I’m starting out peace.
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