Umidigi Bison Smartphone, Built Like A Tank! – Review

Published on December 13, 2020
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What’s up everybody tony here with high tech check and today we’re going to be taking a look at the umidigi bison this is umidigi’s most rugged smartphone yet and from what i’ve seen online this thing looks like a beast so we’re going to go ahead and do the unboxing we’re going to go ahead and take a look at the smartphone then i’m going to give you my review of the smartphone itself so let’s go ahead and go over some of the specs before we get into the unboxing this has a mediatek helio p60 cpu it’s a quad core cortex a73 2 gigahertz cpu it’s got six gigs of lpddr4 x dual channel ram it’s got 128 gigabytes of onboard ufs 2.1 storage it’s got a 5000 mah battery it also supports a fast charging with an 18 watt fast charger the sim tray supports dual sims with expandable storage up to 256 gigabytes it’s got a quad camera set up on the back the main sensor is a 48 megapixel sony a half inch image sensor the ultra wide is a 16 megapixel sensor the depth camera is 5 megapixels and there’s also a 5 megapixel uh macro camera the front camera is a 24 megapixel sony ultra clear it’s got a 2.0 aperture face recognition and a selfie countdown the screen is 6.3 inches with a display resolution of 2340 by 1080 and it is covered by corning gorilla glass it also has an ip68 and ip69k rating which certifies it to be water dust and shock resistant it has a side mounted fingerprint sensor it supports lte and it’s running android 10. i will also be putting a link in the description in case you guys want to pick this up yourself too so there it is the umidigi bison looks pretty cool so here’s the phone put that off to the side for just a second here we get our little manual here’s our 18 watt fast charger regular usb a and here we have our cable which is usb a to usb type c nice red and that’s pretty much it for the box here okay so let’s go ahead and take a look at the phone here it’s got a good weight to it it’s not super heavy but man it feels solid alright so let’s go and take a look at this phone man it is beefy you don’t have to worry about getting a case for this phone because it’s already in its own case feels really solid it’s got a nice weight to it it’s not super heavy but it’s definitely substantial it looks like it’s surrounded by a rubber and some metal on the sides here here we have our sim card tray our fingerprint sensor and then we also have a customizable button on the side here and then on the other side here’s another customizable button here’s our power button and our volume rockers here we have a headphone jack and the bottom usb type c in our microphone man this thing is seems so rugged it’s so awesome looking there’s that quad camera setup on the back got a couple leds and that is nice that is a nice looking screen we’ll see what it looks like when we power it up we got your camera there and then as you can see our our speaker on the top it’s got some raised edges just as a case would there’s our sim tray as you can see it’s got a spot for two sims and a micro sd card so it looks like it’s going to be either two sim cards or just one sim and an sd card slot that is really nice i’m guessing that’s a speaker right here so for this test i’m going to be using mint mobile which uses t-mobile’s network there’s the slot you just kind of put it in upside down here okay so that’s in let’s go ahead and power it up okay so the setup is all complete we have the screen here definitely a nice looking screen let’s go into our settings here the brightness is up all the way right now so you can see you can see it from pretty much any angle it doesn’t really dim the screen which is nice it does have nfc so if you want to use this for mobile payments you can and then if i turn off wi-fi here you can see that we are on a 4g we don’t really have a lot of bars here because i’m in my basement that’s just not a very good place but as you can see it is working fine with the forge we are on mobile network mint 4g calling smart key so here we go we can change this button down at the bottom here we can do a single click and it will do one of these things or it can open an application so we can record we can do a flashlight screenshot open underwater camera because this is ip68 rated open sos or open zello so i’m probably going to say let’s go ahead and open the flashlight so we’ll do that you can also double click to take a screenshot which is fine i’ll take that and then a long press smart assistant three button navigation so what i like to usually do is turn on gesture navigations because then you don’t have to push any buttons and you can just swipe uh where you need to go it’s very easy so we’ll just swipe off to the the right here and it takes us back three fingers emergency screen recorder glove mode go to our display as you can see that again the brightness levels at 100 percent adaptive brightness on wallpaper dark mode advanced screen timeout i like 15 seconds auto rotation font lift to wake so that’s cool so let’s go and try that pretty cool and like i said it it does have facial recognition so if it did recognize your your face you can just automatically swipe up and have it unlock which is nice sound again like i said it’s got that speaker on the very back of the phone and when you put it down it kind of bounces the sound off the back of whatever you have i laid on it makes it even louder when it’s laying down and it seems pretty loud just by itself anyway yeah definitely loud enough for you to hear whatever you need to so that’s that storage like i said it’s got 128 gigs of internal storage and it comes with eight gigabytes used and that’s before i’ve actually put anything on the phone so security here we have our lock screen type i’ve just put swipe but we can also do fingerprints show notifications and then we’ll go ahead and do the fingerprint sensor which is located right on the side here okay that’s done so let’s go ahead and try out that fingerprint sensor so you don’t have to turn the phone on you can just kind of put your finger on it and it unlocks the phone let’s see what happens when i don’t put it on there all the way it’s not unlocking it’s pretty quick i’m not gonna lie to you that works pretty well i like that and it’s right where your your thumb would be if you’re you know you have the phone in your left hand okay there’s the face unlock and roll all right so i’ve been rolled my face so i’m gonna go ahead and see how quick this works wow okay i was behind the camera let’s do this again that’s pretty quick yep that’s a facial recognition seems to work pretty good so you you can either use the fingerprint sensor or just hit the power button or just raise it look at it and it unlocks quick nice let’s check out the camera here so here we have that macro mode i was telling you about take a look at the sim that is pretty cool so you can clearly see the sim card here and that is clear too very cool so there’s the sim and this is what it looks like all blown up very nice that’s pretty cool so here we go with the video let’s go ahead and take a look at what we can do with it video quality for the rear it can do up to 1080p you can turn off the microphone if you want and we’ll go ahead and flip this around and we’ll look at those same settings video quality again we can do full high definition which is 1080p seems pretty snappy no lag that i can see very nice super quick it also has a built-in compass and barometer in case you guys are wondering about the barometric pressure and the compass you can always use to find your way so let’s go ahead and test out the sound again with the youtube video the picture the quality of the screen on this is really good so the screen on this looks really good i don’t believe it’s an oled it’s probably an ips but it definitely looks nice and crisp and clear what’s up everybody we’re going to take a look at the brand new iphone 12. i’m going to be doing the unboxing and we’re going to be taking a look at some of the brand new features of this phone and compare it to the iphone 10r so the speaker like i said is on the bottom here in the back and it is super loud x so as you can see here everything is fully loaded now so even though it’s on the back of the phone it’s still really loud and easy to hear and if you put it down on something it just amplifies the uh just sound fine now apple makes it very easy to move from phone to phone and now even though the whole phone so the speaker on this is super loud and even though it’s only one speaker it’s definitely loud enough and it’s pretty clear as well like i said there’s that 1080p screen and it is showing a 1080 video as well the one thing i will say about the vibration motor in this phone and it seems like some of the other phones that umidigi makes is how the vibration motor is weak and there’s no way to make it more prominent it is what it is it doesn’t really bother me so much but it made you so that’s just one thing i kind of wanted to bring up but other than that the phone really seems nice so far also another thing there is no tap to wake this phone it’s either you hit the power button you raise the phone or you touch the fingerprint sensor on the side here to unlock the phone and then here we have the use of this customizable button here if i double tap it will take a screenshot and then if i long press it it’ll turn on the flashlight and then this one over here is it opens up the push to talk so here i just kind of wanted to have a little fun and see what the camera saw under some water and actually see how it responded to full submersion i couldn’t do a full water test because it’s 28 degrees outside so i couldn’t go into a pool or anything but this will give you some idea of how well it works underwater so after i took it out of the water i dried it off really good blew out the speaker port and the charging port and everything is working just as it was before you also don’t want to start charging it until that charging port is totally dry so one thing i did notice after submerging the phone in water if you go back and try to play a sound uh the sound it sounds really weird and i let you listen to what the sound was like out of the box this is what it sounds like after the speaker gets wet i tried to blow some of the water out you might just have to let it get dry before it sounds normal again but that’s what the speaker sounds like after uh getting the phone wet so as i continued to play with the phone after i took it out of the water and i let some sound come through the speaker at full volume i’m assuming that it eventually dried out and the sound actually push pushed out the rest of the water and it’s back to its original sound quality you got your volume rockers separated your mute button you can easily accessible so all you need to do is just let it dry out for a while and your sound will be back to normal i also wanted to test out a real life scenario that could happen to pretty much anybody and that’s trying to put your phone in your pocket and missing and the phone falling directly on the concrete from about waist height now there were some scuffs on the edges but that’s what a case is meant to do it’s supposed to protect the phone and it did exactly that for this phone it protected the phone and its screen and there were absolutely no scratches or damage to the screen itself and the phone was in perfect working order so here’s another little test that i did with the macro camera just kind of zooming in on some of the rock on a little plant that i had sitting on my ledge and then here’s the same picture that i tried to recreate with the regular lens but as you can see it won’t focus in that close so you need the macro lens to do that and then here’s just a regular picture and here is the ultra wide lens color representation in the pictures are pretty good quality of the pictures seems to be pretty good as well and again this is from the back camera here’s a few shots i took with the selfie camera and then a shot zooming in with the selfie camera and here’s some night shots that i took with the cameras 48 megapixel rear camera i actually think they came out pretty good okay so here’s what 1080p video looks like on the camera and then you also get some audio quality as well and again this is straight from the camera itself it is quite windy out today and it is super bright i’m kind of standing in the shade to kind of get the best video but we’ll go ahead and step into the sunlight and kind of aim towards the sun just to kind of see what kind of quality we get there still seems to be pretty good and if we zoom in not bad at all that is at eight times zoom and then here’s some selfie video i am facing this on right now so the camera uh is not in the sunlight but my face is and it is super bright so i’ll go ahead and turn around and we’ll see what the quality is like now so the sun is towards my face and it adjusts a little bit to compensate for the brightness so you can see everything pretty good there’s a little bit of washed out but again the sun is super bright and it is right in the sun okay so we are outside right now we are in the shade and the sun is out and the screen brightness is all the way up as far as it’ll go and you can easily see the screen in the shade so now we’re going to go ahead and bring it into the sunlight and see what the viewing is like there okay so we’re facing the sun right now so it’s not directly on the screen and we can still pretty much see what’s being viewed but now if we turn around and have the sun on the screen so there is glare but you can still see what’s being viewed on the screen pretty easily and again that brightness is up as far as it’ll go so not bad so here we are testing out some gaming with a little pub g and the one thing i was really interested in was how high can we put the graphics settings so if we go into our so here as you can see we can set it to hd because this is a 1080p screen and we can set the frame rate all the way to high which is excellent so let’s go ahead and start a game and see how well it works see it seems to be running pretty smooth even at that high refresh rate and again we are on 1080p and the picture quality looks great the mark yep the plane looks fully rendered right away everything’s running really smooth i don’t see any lag whatsoever it’s absolutely smooth as you can see there is no lag at all very smooth so if you want a game on this phone just know that the gpu is capable of giving you the best experience with the graphics settings the highest that they’ll go and then i did a little test on my five gigahertz wi-fi got 210 down and 238 up so one little annoyance that i did find out about the phone is if you do put it down on a flat surface and you do want to text you will have the phone rock back and forth a little bit because of that little lanyard hole or whatever it is on the bottom here it kind of makes the phone rock so that’s just one thing i wanted to point out but it’s not a deal breaker now as far as the call quality the sound coming from the earpiece was really good it was nice and clear and then using the speakerphone was also loud enough and clear enough to allow you to easily use it thanks for calling it mobile hold on one second while we get started to check your balances or find information about your plan renewal press one another thing i wanted to test out was how well the ui responded once you loaded the phone up with a whole bunch of apps and i want to tell you that it is just as responsive and snappy as when i first took it out of the box there’s absolutely no lag whatsoever works really well and that’s that’s really great especially for a phone of this price battery life is also really good on this phone with that 5000 milliamp hour battery i was able to get about 10 hours of screen on time and that was using the phone uh kind of through the day with some camera usage and then for the rest of the time i just let the phone stream youtube videos and this was also on wi-fi with the brightness up all the way for about 50 of the day and then for the rest of the percent of the day the brightness was probably around fifty percent to maybe ten percent and that’s why the battery was able to get what it did when you’re watching videos uh with no lights on you don’t really need to have the brightness up at all and that will greatly extend the battery life of this phone so my experience with this phone is really quite positive there’s only really a couple things that i kind of would like to see changed a little bit one of them for instance was the weak vibration motor that is not really a deal breaker for me it might be for you but it seems to be the case in most of the umidigi phones um so there’s that the other thing was that the recording of the audio for the video on this phone was a little muted i actually had to enhance it a little bit so you can hear what i was saying a little better and then that rocking of the phone but that was just really a minor annoyance um that i could really you know get past other than that the phone is great itself the picture quality again is awesome the snappiness of the phone really it’s on par with some of the more expensive phones out there the picture quality of the camera is actually pretty good call and build quality are also excellent i mean this thing is built pretty much like a tank and i love the fact that they used metal on the sides here so you don’t have to worry about buying a case for this because the phone’s already pretty much in one and then the only other thing that you might want to consider is maybe a screen protector but like again like i said i dropped this phone on some concrete and it went face down a couple times and there weren’t absolutely no scratches or anything on the screen so the gorilla glass on here holds up pretty well sound quality was also pretty loud even though there’s that one speaker on the back it does handle itself pretty good even for being one speaker so that’s pretty much it for the phone let me know what you guys thought about the phone in the comments would you buy it do you like a phone that’s built like a tank or do you like the slimness and you want to buy a case yourself or not even use a case at all so if you guys are interested in picking this up yourself i will be putting a link in the description i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did give me a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and hit that little notification bell to let you guys know when i put out new videos thank you guys for watching i hope you have a great day and i’ll see in the next one later.
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