UmiDigi F1 Play Unboxing + Hands-On: All Screen On A Budget

Published on July 7, 2019
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Everybody I have here me too ooh me dizzy f1 play so this film sells for 200 bucks and it has some impressive specs I mean other than the chipset so let’s look at the website really quick so with me the gf1 play so you see that its head has a dual camera system with a 48 megapixel main lens and an 8 megapixel secondary camera I don’t know what that is yet the secondary camera I’m gonna test it out runs on Helio P 60 and it has a 5150 million hour battery so that’s a big selling point 505 0 million our only digi phones they’ve been pretty good in the past about cramming a pretty large battery into a phone that’s not that thick so you have a six point three inch 1080p display everything else seems about pretty standard so I’m most interested in the camera setup and that large battery so your long run boxing so yeah my finger my god list really bad blister on there from drumming the other babies I played in a music festival in Hong Kong one of my first real performances but anyway so yeah pretty bad blister here this is the same paper that spin with altimeter zphones with a nice low personal touch say thank you and as usual you get a pretty nice like for a free case this is really nice it’s fake letter but it feels a lot more premium and has more character than those kind of clear TPU cases those those jelly teases suck this is a case I would actually use so let’s move it all away put the phone to the side link to the world order sim ejector tool and papers it’s a pretty bare-bones packaging you see right here it’s a charging brick I see its outputs are 5 volts seems to be a pretty standard charging brick and a USB cable as hope this is USB see yep this is USB see it’s now let’s peel this off so this is I like this matte black finish you see how how nice this looks it’s not a fingerprint magnet at all because this is a I’m trying to see if this is metal it feels like it might be composite but it’s not glass definitely it feels more like a metal aluminum than it is a typical composite but anyway I’m a big fan of matte black I’m tired of all the cash I nee gradient colors that every phone brand is doing it’s starting to get a little bit tiresome so this is annoying T when you peel off this point of the film a lot of times you will mess up the screen protector that’s already pre applied so luckily I think I’m able to fix this but there have been times when I’ve peeled this off of a meet the G phone just to mess up the entire screen protector anyway so you guys know the drill I’m gonna set up the phone and I’m a ticket out and about and play over it and then I’ll play with this phone this is the f1 play and hey I’ll be back alright guys I’m back with me the GF 1 play so I’ve been using this phone for the past two days and my impressions on it are pretty mixed let’s talk about the good first so it’s also about $200 and Futuna bucks you’re getting all screen design that was pretty nice in fact you put it side-by-side with I from tennis max this one costs $1000 this costs 200 bucks and they look very similar it’s not like the bezels on that phone player that much larger than the iPhone tennis max in fact it might be smaller other than the chin so the overall in hand feel of this phone it’s a above average I do think that there’s a little rough edge here that I don’t like Bob probably nitpicking at this price range I don’t think that it fits into the hand pretty nicely there’s a subtle curvature right here that rests in the palm pretty naturally now two cameras here I’m not gonna go over two megapixel counts for these cameras because I pretty sure the second camera it’s not a real camera again and the main camera I’ll show you pictures later it’s his car hit and miss now this display is a six point three inch IPS LCD piano at 1080p resolution viewing angles are pretty good although I do you think that the way the glass is named later it’s a little bit more reflective than usual this was particularly bad when I was outside today but outdoor visibility it’s it’s fine today was a very sunny date so I had a little bit of trouble seeing the screen and max brightness outdoors but for the most part it’s fine and I know then the glare which you won’t get if you’re watching this in a dark room this is a pretty nice screen I think the color accuracy is on point it seems to be a hundred percent RGB color gam sRGB color gamut anyway while we’re here we might as well check out the speakers so this is a single bottom vine speaker unfortunately so we’ll go up to 50% volume so yeah you can easily muff for one finger 20% yeah so speaker is pretty flat you can see there’s virtually no bass and vocals all over flat 2 so the screen is good but the speakers are not nice full runs on a Helio P 60 chipset it is powerful enough to handle most games in the Play Store when I play hero Hunter which is very graphically intensive it struggled a lot when I bumped it up to the highest graphic setting but on the middle setting it’s fine likewise for asphalt 9 I’m really impressed by performance for asphalt 9 you see here there’s not much framerate drops play for 20 minutes the phone did heat up a little bit but it mostly kept pace and it kept the framerate at north of 30 frames per second which is pretty good now in terms of processing power we’re going to keep bench really quick the scores aren’t that great 14:57 single core so single cores pretty weak but multi-core it’s above average of five six seven six so this is a decent chip set that you know if you just using day to day use to go on Instagram send emails all that you’re not gonna have any issues now in terms of software you have n joint nine here and it’s a very bare-bones version of Angel 9 so this is basically stock and joint now you jump in the menu there is a little bit of Chinglish that’s usually the case of Gumi digi phones and some other of these engine brands so for example if you go into smart assistance for example you go to buttons you see aunt I’m missing I don’t know what I’m missing Souls mean I think it just means if you turn it on then it will require two swipes you get out of a full screen app so then you don’t actually swipe up slippery gesture I think they mean sliding navigation swiping navigation gesture and then right here do you know just little things like that looks weird is like it’s English but other than that this is a pretty clean software with not much bloke I do wish there were more features like such as you know jaws circle to launch a camera a double tap to turn on and off the screen there is none of that this is a vanilla skeleton version of android Wi-Fi connectivity is good I’m able to connect to my 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi connection and I’m in terms of Wi-Fi range is pretty good to my apartments not that big but I can go all the way to any corner of my apartment I can get full reception sim reception in Hong Kong it’s excellent – and I’m even able to get voiceover LTE which I cannot get on some other Chinese devices now I have not used this phone overseas in in Southeast Asia or in in the u.s. here I’m not sure if that all the bands were supported but you can check out with me digi calm to check to see if the band’s support now one of the major selling points of this phone it’s the relatively large five thousand 150 million hour battery and it’s pretty legit so yesterday I use the phone very heavily as my main phone and I believe I got like almost six and a half hours of screen on time let me find yeah so yesterday as you can see I grabbed the screen shot I say at 9:41 p.m. after all day out and about 18 percent battery life left and um I used to screen for 6 hours 38 minutes so that’s almost 7 hours of screen on time battery life if I were to dream this down to 0 in fact I ran a battery test on PC mark and the score was basically the same about 7 hours yeah so I ran the PC marks battery test which drains the phone from 80% to 20% while leaving the screen on speakers on and all the processing put to heavy use and they last the 7 hours that’s a pretty high number now you notice that I haven’t talked about the camera yeah that’s because there’s really not a lot to talk about there advertising a 48 megapixel main sensor here but I’ve seen really nothing that really suggests as a 48 megapixel lens the camera app it’s a little bit laggy it’s a swipe heavy menu but you see when I swipe between modes it’s really slow to cycle through at least the pro mode actually work you actually can adjust color balance color science and ISO exposure all that and I’m for the main photo even though I’m not sure at the forty am a pixel lens I do think you can get some pretty solid images if you have good lighting and you have a steady hand now if you are taking photos in low light situations then photos are gonna be really grainy and noisy and just not good now a year ago two years ago I can accept this for our phone under two new buses and not have a good camera at night but nowadays we have phones like the real me 3 or the redmi note 7 you know these are backed by major companies i xiaomi in opal so they have invested more in computational photography so they can give you a night mode that can make up for the fact that the budget cameras generally are not that good and bad lighting well if those phones you can still get a pretty good shot with night mode on ooh me dizzy devices there is no night mode so when you’re taking photos at night you’re just gonna get something that’s very grainy and really unusable let me show you some full of samples right here yeah I see so this is a night shot night Shawn all the lights in there completely blown out it’s respectable for $200 but definitely you can get better falls from the redmi note 7 or a real me 3 and both of those phones are also at the same price range so if you go by that then this is not a good photo likewise the dynamic range suffers a little bit too I’m gonna check out how poor that dynamic range is right here this area that’s constant shadow it’s just completely dark I mean I understand it’s an overcast day but it should not look this dark but again if you have good lighting you’ll get pretty decent photos although the color signs tend to be a little bit on the warm side now this is a selfie photo balance is pretty good considering this is a very challenging situation this is a you know backlight major backlight you can still see my face you can still see her laptop and face and overall it’s a little bit overexposed but this is a good selfie camera for a budget device now the bouquet mode there was a previous version of this film the f1 that tested that one the booking will didn’t work at all this phone the bouquet mo actually works you can see that you can actually adjust the depth of field as you’re taking the photo so that’s impressive and the results actually turn out pretty nice they see right here it’s a bulky image so you see that the edge detection around my girlfriend actually looks pretty good and I actually found its way around the laptop too and the depth of field during the background looks pretty natural this is a pretty respectable shot so now let’s look at videos there is no stabilization at all so it is quite jerky I mean this is 1080p resolution and there’s no stabilization whatsoever the mic is also a little with that I think we’ll check out one more video [Music] I mean this is not a terrible video but it’s it’s not good there are phones I can do better yes overall this is the Lummi digi f1 play at 200 bucks it’s tough because like I said two years ago I can recommend this I yield I can recommend it but now for 200 bucks you might as well get over you owe me three or get something like a redmi note 7 both those phones will give you a much better camera but if you’re a fan of Lumi digi for whatever reason maybe you want to support smaller sentient startups or maybe you like the packaging like the letter the fake letter case that comes as phones pretty nice then you know it’s worth a look if you can get on discount then you know it’s worth a look tubers of right now can’t really recommend this phone okay so that’s it for now I’ll have more videos coming next week thanks for watching

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