Unboxing The Pablo Escobar Fold 2

Published on February 21, 2020
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Normally what I would do is I would go glance the incoming glance through the incoming packages with a healthy dose of curiosity wondering but today I didn’t even have that opportunity because we’ll do decided to completely disrupt interrupt everything that entire procedure in order to place that in front of me right there I don’t know if I’m supposed to smack it or not he said you know what Lou today it’s all about this this is the thing you’ve been waiting for this is the greatest thing ever to be featured on unbox therapy that’s his words not mine yeah so I put everything to the side all the boxes because we have this DHL package now it’s not that heavy honestly I have no idea what it is it comes from the United Arab Emirates anyway anyhow let’s do it mmm-hmm this is the Escobar fold to the company is run by Pablo Escobar’s brother am I correct about this my goodness okay hold up fold – you have the PE on the front Pablo Escobar’s logo gold a gold plate on there 12 gigs of RAM 512 storage international carrier unlocked IMEI privacy only found inside not on the box and the MSRP $550 design in the USA some parts came from China assembled in Hong Kong licensed and manufactured company in the UK and it shipped to us from Dubai what a time now obviously I’ve looked at many folding phones none with the Escobar brand name on it and of course it’s got to be gold you got too big Escobar Inc 2020 on the bottom jack so you don’t forget very similar in appearance to the Galaxy fold it’s the same form factor triple camera layout obviously this is different this looks like a brushed metal type of surface in gold oh oh it’s ready to go Escobar Inc established 1984 so it is a fold it’s essentially a fold but Escobar customized wait a minute how dude obviously I’ve played with the galaxy fold extensively this is the same deal how can they do it how can they deliver I was concerned I thought it was gonna be some crazy skin on there but you check out the interface model number SSM – f 900 F like the Galaxy fold you have the front display and then you open it up to the bigger one also in the package USB type-c cable that’s it power bridge interesting I have no idea how this is possible I’m officially I’m officially out of my league here and I think it’s actually the newer version because I see the same contraption down on the bottom there to block debris from getting into the hinge customized galaxy fold and it’s got the affiliation with the escobar brand and then somehow the price is insane this one is listed at 549 and the version that’s outlined in these specs on wills computer starts at 399 supposedly that’s the 8 gig 128gb this is the 12 gig 512 GB alright well you tell me exactly what’s going on how is it possible almost $2000 549 the weight is the same surprisingly I almost feel like there’s other components in here but I don’t know why is this face thing because you’ve got to know it’s the real deal man yeah I hear ya I mean that thing is like a legend let’s be honest this is like a legend if you carry this around cuz everybody knows the meme everybody saw the articles and the website and the crazy videos with the models and everything so if you carry that around and you actually got the Escobar fold it’s a that’s a that’s what the youngsters call a flex well if somebody goes and buys this thing how can they deliver how can they deliver it at five fifty when we know that that status of that phone is like two grand let’s just snap a few photos maybe let’s try the camera out make sure that’s what we expect it to be so real quick we got jack first guy’s got a fancy shirt on today there we go and it’s got the three options this is the point five the wide and then we have the 2x zoom bang that feels very snappy very professional I mean check out the UI Pam Snapdragon speed video settings resolution up to UHD 60fps February 3rd 2020 Escobar Inc has launched another revolutionary new foldable smartphone the Escobar fold – available starting at 399 with free shipping worldwide I’m holding this I kind of missed the galaxy fold right now Escobar Inc the holding company for Pablo Escobar Escobar Inc is the official holding company for Pablo Escobar founded in 1984 by his brother okay here’s the details Roberto Escobar in Medellin Medellin meta-gene currently responsible for managing the assets of the Escobar family including but not limited to the intellectual property rights and licensing of same intellectual property asset management Roberto Escobar creating and sustaining projects related to the family of Pablo Escobar under the leadership of Roberto de hey-zeus Escobar gather Guevara brother of Pablo Escobar Wow check this out 100 plus billion USD earned since established here’s the founder the CEO and that’s all you need I have to be honest with you when I first saw this making a rounds in the tech news way I wondered if it was an actual physical thing how many of these do you think are in existence a thousand some kind of a marketing thing you get people talking because it worked right and then people start chatting because you have the Escobar name which is famous and people know the Netflix series all I have to say is in the tech realm here we are talking about the Escobar family Pablo Escobar in 2020 whatever they did here it is let’s be honest this could be like a supreme thing a supreme thing glad to say man if anybody is in into the tech space the tech scene they would have heard about this when the news first started making around so if you’re out in public living this life people can approach you there you say how did you get your hands on I gotta say well well done man it’s a piece of history right here for whatever it ends up being in the scope of the technology realm I feel like this is a moment in time it’s kind of like a museum item that time we had the Escobar brand on a fold weird world what a time to be alive.
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