Visible Wireless Review 2019 | Visible Phone Service Overview & Setup

Published on July 4, 2019
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Hey everyone Digital David here today we’re gonna be talking about visible the phone service provider they did work with me on this video but any opinion Express this video is strictly my own if you’re interested in finding out more about visible watch this video but also check the video description below for more info thank you guys so much for being here we’re going to talk really quick about visible their plans we’re gonna also set up one of these SIM cards and activate this Google pixel 3ei for you guys then we’re gonna test some speeds I also have an iPhone as well an iPhone se that we’re gonna test speeds on as well to see how it works with popular apps like Netflix YouTube and some social media apps so first thing up we have to understand what is visible who is visible why is visible around well to answer all those questions they’re round to make phone service companies fun again they’re around to make things easy to understand and they offer an incredible value to you so they’re owned by Verizon but they are run independently from Verizon so you get oliver aizen’s great network coverage and therefore g LTE but you don’t have to worry about any of the contracts any of the hidden fees anything like that their phone plans are super simple and structured there’s actually only one phone plan and we can look online right now to see from their website it’s $40 a month for unlimited everything you heard me correctly forty bucks a month that includes taxes and fees doesn’t matter what state you’re in for unlimited everything and there are no data caps and it works on Verizon’s network did i mention no hidden fees and no contracts yeah you heard me right and everything can be done through a mobile app on your phone so no long customer service lines no bad in-store experiences no customer phone calls or anything else you have to worry about you can do it all through a mobile app so if you’ve heard a visible before you might be like oh yeah they have a five Meg limit they do not have that cap anymore it’s truly unlimited everything and no throttling whatsoever at that sweet price of 40 bucks a month everything you need nothing you don’t know annual contracts no hidden fees no nonsense oh yeah we also ditch the stores lines and annoying salespeople can I get a hallelujah or an Amen for that that is spectacular now let’s go ahead on their website we can check out their coverage map again we already talked about the phone plan it’s so easy 40 bucks a month unlimited everything BAM that’s it done so here’s the map again it’s using Verizon’s 4G LTE network so look at how dense the coverage is in just about every area we’ll scroll through the US in case you want to find your town and maybe you can see your part on this map if you see some white areas obviously that’s gonna be probably a really high elevation Hills mountains that sort of thing so it looks great it’s basically got the whole US in blue now we’ll go up to the Wisconsin area and around so you can see we’re kind of getting into some of the mountain ranges but look at all that awesome coverage again unlimited data talk text 40 bucks a month no hidden fees no contracts and that does include your taxes and fees so got coverage everywhere in the US it’s a phone service that’s built for you you can bring your own device and you can check apat ability online or you can buy a device and activate service through their website so now let’s go ahead let’s get that app downloaded you can download it an iOS or Android devices and then we can go ahead and sign up and create a profile so now that you have the app downloaded you’ll be on this screen you can sign in in the top left hand corner and at the bottom you can either choose to buy a device and activate service so a service plus device or you can just choose the service in the bottom right hand corner for this video that’s what we’re going to select just the service now we have to create account enter our name I have my name enter we’re gonna hit the next arrow we now have to enter an email address I have an email address entered we can hit the next arrow now we need to set a password I have a password entered now we need to review our information if you have a referral or promo code you can enter that below I just created account it was that simple now we can hit next so let’s make sure your phone is compatible for this video we’ll just go ahead we’ll say Android but it works with Apple and Android devices you need to enter your IMEI number here once you have the IMEI number entered or if you’re selecting an iPhone and you go through the process you’ll be at this screen where it says it’s compatible select next now we need to enter our payment options right here so you can see the service is 40 bucks a month unlimited everything have I said that before that is just such a screaming deal on an absurd value right there so now we need to set up payment hit the big blue button you can either pay with PayPal or a credit or debit card so once you enter that payment option you’ll be able to complete your order and then you’ll receive one of these in the mail and wallah it’s an awesome sim kit with the sim card for you and a SIM card eject tool as well so that’s what we’re gonna do now in this part of the video so from the SIM card Ken I went ahead and removed a nice ejecting tool and the actual visible SIM card then on the Google pixel 3 a specifically you can see where the SIM card tray is and it’s as simple as pushing it to eject it and then we can take my current SIM card out set that aside and then put the new SIM card on the tray like so and then we’re gonna slide it right back in and now we’re ready to go to the visible app to continue setup so once the sim cards installed go ahead open up the visible app on your smartphone you’ll be directed to sign in to your account if you haven’t already signed up then we can look through the steps right here and as soon as I started scrolling it says are you ready to activate your service it has your payment method right there that you could change if you want and you can turn on auto pay and then you just go ahead and select that big blue activate button now it’s activating the service for us there we go we did it it was that simple everything is activated all set up and we’re good to start using the phone so we can go ahead now to the account and there we go we’re working on some things in the cloud you’ll be visible soon go ahead hit got it and now we can wait a couple minutes for everything to work out and set up the device on their end and then we’ll be good to test out the service now that the pixel three is connected to the visible network in this iPhone as is connected as well we’re gonna test them both out and see how their call quality is for you guys so I’m gonna play this conversation for you on speakerphone so we’re gonna call my lovely wife and see if she picks up and what she thinks hey honey can you hear me all right so my wife can hear me on the phone tell us how’s the call quality’s everything sound normal like just any other service and any other person calling you okay yeah you sound good to me especially on speakerphone down here in the studio so yeah just say something for a second so people can hear you talking on your end as well well that’s perfect so I’m gonna call you in another second off the iPhone just so we can gauge their service from a different device so we’re gonna do that right now so I’ll talk to you a minute so I’m calling my wife again on the iPhone we’ll see if she picks up and how everything sounds hey honey can you hear me now awesome yeah cuz it sounds good to me you’re on their iPhone now so I’m gonna put you up to the microphone maybe you can just say something again like you did for the previous call all right awesome hon yeah yeah no it sounds really good so I’m really impressed it seems just like any other phone service and that’s a compliment so just did another phone call with my wife using visible on the iPhone and I’m impressed it sounds just like any other phone in device that you would use so I’m really impressed with the service everything was top-notch now we’re go ahead and run a quick speed test on both just to show you the results that we get here first up we’re gonna take a look at the iPhone se and see how it performed on visibles Network this test was conducted right outside the front door of my house in a residential neighborhood here are the results we got almost 16 down and 4 up which is awesome just like the app says and you can see some of the most popular apps how they perform on this network YouTube Spotify Google Maps Instagram Netflix and twitch all got awesome ratings now just for fun we’re going to conduct it in my basement studio right here I’m surrounded by four concrete walls about seven feet underground so let’s go ahead and test it again alright so the results are in we roughly got one down in one up which I don’t thinks bad because again we’re in a basement surrounded by four walls of concrete so that’s really cool showing you how the apps would perform on the network honestly YouTube and any of these other apps would still play videos and be just fine so that’s a neat little test now let’s go look at the Android phone the Google pixel 3ei and see how that performed now here are the results of the Google pixel 3ei on visibles Network this first test was conducted right outside my front door in a residential neighborhood we got roughly 72 down in almost 5 up that is blazing fast right there so you can see YouTube work right –chrome spotify Netflix twitch Instagram just some of those popular apps and how they perform on the network and again just for fun we’re going to try the test down here in my studio space to see how it does surrounded by four concrete walls about seven feet underground so let’s conduct the test now so you can see after those results we almost got three down but the upload is not doing so hot right there but again all these apps work just fine I’ve used them on my phone so you can see YouTube Chrome Spotify Netflix twitch and Instagram so that’s interesting the results compared side-by-side of the Google pixel 3 a versus the iPhone se down here the Google pixel 3 a has way more down but the iPhone picked a little bit more from the upload so that’s really cool guys I’m really impressed with this service overall now let’s go ahead and take a look at text messaging alright guys now we’re going to be testing out the text messaging on the visible network I have a message I’m gonna send to myself so let’s hit Send the iPhone just received the message right here now to reply back I’m gonna go ahead and take a photo and send it on back you can see it processing it right there now it sent it on out to my phone and we’re going to be able to open it in just a second there we go just got the photo right there quality looks great now we’re gonna send one back as well good enough we’re gonna set it on its way we can see in the bottom right hand corner of the Android messaging app it’s still in the process of sending it’s probably going to take a minute to because the resolution on the selfie cam and the Google pixel 3ei is a lot higher than what is on that iPhone se so it’s a lot more data to send over to the other device there we go it literally took about 60 seconds for the photo to make its way back to the iPhone but there it is and everything looks great so I’m really impressed it’s a great phone plan you get unlimited calls texts and data at 40 bucks a month on the verizon network so you can’t go wrong with that don’t hesitate to reach out any questions comments or concerns and be sure to hit that like button for me and to subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna have more visible phone service videos coming out in the coming weeks and you don’t want to miss them as we test the mobile hotspot I’m gonna be traveling up north to northern Michigan for vacation so we’re gonna have a wide range of cell coverage area so we’re gonna test the service out there as well and I want you guys to be informed to make the best decision for yourself and your needs we’ll also be looking at more apps in detail like Netflix YouTube Google Maps and how the service holds up over time so thank you guys so much for watching again be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything follow me on social media Facebook Twitter Instagram you can message me on WeChat check out my website join my free newsletter guys and I cannot wait to see you in my next video thanks

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