Vivo iQOO Z1 Gaming phone review: 144Hz display & MTK Dimensity 1000 Plus first debut

Published on June 17, 2020
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Hello everyone I’m Kiran from gizmo China today we’re going to give you a gaming review of the latest haiku gaming phone the iku z1 5g we chose the z1 because mediatek latest flagship chipset the Mt Kade immensity 1000 plus first debuted on this model we’ve seen a lot of gaming phones equipping snapdragon 865 chip this year which generally are relatively high price so we’re waiting for a more affordable one to come through which is also competitive on performance although Aiko has brought out iku three and another iku kneeled three since January it seems that the brand is not satisfied with that and is trying to cover a wider price of gaming market as a result the cheaper z1 model comes and the Mt Kade immensity 1000 plus comes as well it’s a bit boring that there only a few Snapdragon options for most smartphones to pursue superb gaming performance for recent years although we learned that Huawei Korean series is working so hard to catch up we’re only able to have cure and chipsets on the hallway devices however the mtk Diamond City series is more possible to stand up as the Challenger in Snapdragon for Android brands it would also be too early to say last year but in 2020 the Snapdragon Series probably need to make some aggressive progress as MDK really threatens their leading position but before talking about his performance let’s look at the 1080p 144 Hertz LCD display of the z1 it also features an HDR 10 colors to support HDR graphics in some games we did not expect too much over its colors but check it by eyes it’s probably one of the best 144 hertz LCD smartphone displays as it covers 96% of ntsc colors like previous models running the mtk chipsets the IQ z1 also has a pretty competitive price starting at around 2200 RMB equal to 310 US dollars most 5g models running the snapdragon 865 are priced relatively higher than the flagships released last year even compared to the cheapest snapdragon 865 model the Iconia 3 starts from 380 USD the z1 still has an advantage over the price but is the demesne ‘ti 1000 plus as powerful as a snapdragon 865 let’s see the results on some benchmark apps in antutu benchmark the z1 scored over five hundred twenty thousand points but there’s still a remarkable gap if compared to the 597 thousand points of the neo 3 running the snapdragon 865 but we can see that the GPU performance of the mtk chipset is much closer to the snapdragon than ever and we found that the snapdragon 865 speak cpu frequency is also a bit leading at 2841 megahertz well the demesne d 1000 plus could run up to two thousand five hundred forty nine megahertz and then we moved to the Geekbench five and three D marks the results showed the same facts the performance gap existed but not really a big one about actual gaming tests we have to say that the gaming experience is not really different from what we have on the snapdragon 865 platform since there are very few games requiring extremely high CPU or GPU performance of Android phones [Music] most games which only supports up to a 60 FPS frame rate the z1 was demesne t1000 plus could stabili complete gaming tesa 60fps averagely even under the highest graphics settings in these kinds of games for example an NBA 2k 20 which has a 60 FPS frame rate limit the IQ z1 stabili run at 59.9 fps under the highest graphics settings [Music] and in Call of Duty mobile also with 60fps frame rate limit when matches on the frame rate is also stable as it is in NBA 2k 20 which averagely remained at 59 point 8 fps but there are still some games even lock the frame rate under 30 FPS like ashphalt 9 in Ashville 9 although the z1 got studded sometimes it could also reach at 29 FPS averagely then we found some games which may not limit frame rates on Android platforms such as the game grim valor because our tested tool cannot record the framerate over 125 fps we can see actually the z1 could run this game at over 125 fps and achieved a super smooth gaming experience with its 144 Hertz display but we also found that it sometimes dropped to 90 FPS the possible reason here has been discussed in the last video of the iku neo 3 it could be an active strategy of IQ system to maintain a balance between temperature and gaming fluency the same result occured to the gameplay of shadow gun Legends at the beginning it touched the 90 FPS frame rate and then dropped down to stable at around 60 FPS frame rate the overall frame rate eventually remained at 65 point 3 FPS averagely but according to the results of the oneplus 8 pro on the same game which is not allowed to get over 60 FPS the z one’s results is already good enough and then we tried 120 FPS mode on PU BG mobile the active calm down situation also existed sometimes it reached up to 120 fps but generally stayed in the level of 90 FPS even so the average framerate still remained at ninety five point five fps at the last game we did a stress test as we did before 15-minute tests on Nemean legends well this time we eventually reached the limit of the demesne t1000 Plus compared to the IQ neo 3 the Z once performance in this round is much weaker the neo 3 could average Li run at 60 3.39 FPS while the figure of the z1 is only 41 point 5 and it also got the 90 FPS limit so accordingly we have to say there’s still a remarkable performance gap between the snapdragon 865 and the demesne t1000 plus how everyone playing most android games the gap is really hard to perceive due to these games frame rates limits and lower performance require and considering it’s an attractive price we still recommend it as an excellent 2020 gaming foam but compared to other professional gaming phones like red magic 5g in black shard 3 Pro there’s no shoulder buttons for better gaming operation which should be considered as a drawback on a gaming phone one more thing I have to praise is the cooling system as we mentioned the active strategy of framerate limit could provide an excellent cooling effect in actual gaming so during almost all the tests we did the device was not overheated at all and after one hour PU BG mobile gaming tests the temperature is only thirty nine point seven degrees Celsius which is pretty impressive in the aspect of charging the included 44 watt charger is so powerful that it only took us 23 minutes to charge back to 50% of power and 64 minutes for a full charge and the one hour PU VG mobile gameplay only consumed around 16% of power accordingly it could be expected to last for around 6 hours of gameplay so that’s it as we concluded there’s a remarkable performance gap between the snapdragon 865 in the demesne t1000 plus both as flagship chipsets however when playing most Android games the gap is really hard to perceive due to those games framerate limit and low performance required and considering its attractive price we still recommend it as an excellent 2020 gaming phone so if you got your views about gaming phone please leave your words below and if you like our videos please kindly hit the like and subscribe buttons thanks for watching this is Kiran from gizmo China we’ll see you soon.
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