Vivo V17 Pro REVIEW – Six Cameras & World’s First Phone with Pop-up Dual Selfie Cameras

Published on October 19, 2019
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Hey guys this is Clinton Jeff and this is my review of the vivo re 17 Pro think your new phone with four cameras is a leaders in tech or think that phone with five cameras is the best well I have news for you this is the vivo V 17 pro and it has six cameras if he’s like just yesterday when HTC pushed out a phone with two cameras on the back and people were freaking out about it and here’s vivo just casually putting out a phone with six cameras like no big deal just another day in the Chinese tech industry and as if a quad camera at the back wasn’t good enough this is the world’s first phone with a pop-up dual front-facing camera mechanism which makes sense because vivo has always pushed themselves as a company that focuses on selfie cameras alright so all of these cameras actually adding up to anything good or is it just total overkill let’s kick off the vov 17 pro review with design Bebo’s v series of smartphones have always managed to look good with a premium design and it’s the same case here in addition to that sweet display with no notches to spoil it there’s also a gorgeous textured glass back you can see that I got the white version which looks pretty darn fantastic it looks so pretty that I couldn’t help take a couple pictures that I posted on my Instagram account but the most unique thing about this phone is the pop-up dual camera mechanism I just love that we live in a time where you will pop up front facing cameras that I think the entire pop up mechanism seems reliable enough in the week that I used the vivo v17 pro along with the two front facing cameras it also contains the yo piece lit and the front-facing selfie light that vivo calls their moonlight selfie light it’s worth mentioning that the vivo v17 pro also has an in display fingerprint reader there’s also support for face unlock but that will try to top of the camera every time you try to unlock your phone so I wouldn’t really recommend using face unlock unless you really want to show off that pop up camera as you’d expect the mechanism has support for fall detection so it will detract if it senses a drop it can also be pushed in manually with your fingers if you’re strange and you want to do that I wouldn’t really recommend doing that though moving on the rest of the front of the v70 pro is pretty much your usual notch list vivo phone with slim bezels all around the sides there’s a tiny bit of a chin at the bottom but it’s not too bad but while I’m here let me talk about that display the vivo v70 Prabhu is a huge six point four four inch ultra full view display with no notches and fhd resolution but if that lack of a notch and slim bezels weren’t enough bo is also using a Super AMOLED screen here for super deep blacks and gorgeously nicely saturated colors all around with good outdoor visibility as well thanks to the solid amount of brightness ii deliver getting a Super AMOLED screen at this price range is a totally awesome move by a VEVO cuz you really expect premium specs that are something that cost as much and vivo has certainly delivered it makes watching videos and playing games on the display a really great experience of course there’s also a few software features along with that screen there’s the usual eye protection mode a dark mode and is also anti flicker which prevents any screen flickering at low brightness but with a large display you also get a large for the v17 pro measures 159 by 74 by 9.8 millimeters and weighs in at about 201 grams still it’s not as large as most phones today and turns out is actually very comfortable to use one-handed this is also because the back of the phone is slightly curved which makes it more ergonomic to fit the curve of your palm coming to the back obviously the first thing that grabs your attention is the quad camera setup that’s placed horizontally in the center towards the top along with an LED flash as well the module for the four cameras has a silver edge which goes along pretty well with the overall design for the back panel meanwhile towards the bottom there’s just the vivo logo printed underneath the glass panel you’ll notice that the back panel has a really interesting finish that’s glossy but also has nice reflections against a light and this actually looks really gorgeous in person which is a pity because you’re probably gonna put this in a case speaking of which the case that comes along with the vivo v17 pro in the box is by far the most intense case I’ve ever used on a phone I mean this case will protect your phone for sure but it is really hard to get off once you put it on the phone you can get a better look at it in my unboxing video if you want moving on on the right side you’ll find a usual power button and volume button combo but on the left side you’ll find a button to trigger Google assistant which kind of seems to be a thing nowadays you can customize the button between Google assistant or vivos own jovi voice assistant but that’s kind of about it just like on the Nokia 7.2 I really wish there was a way to customize this button and maybe remap it is something that could be potentially more useful but hey if you’re a big Google assistant fan here’s an easy way to trigger it at the top of the vivo b17 pro you’ll find the space where the dual front facing cameras pop up from along with a pinhole for the secondary noise cancelling microphone and you’ll also find a good old-fashioned headphone jack hooray while at the bottom you’ll see a USB type-c port along with a pinhole for the main microphone there’s also the single loudspeaker which is not too loud but good enough with clear audio even at high volumes you also find the SIM card tray here which has slots for dual nano SIM cards all in all the vivo v17 pro is a pretty gorgeous smartphone that’s comfortable to hold and use and has very solid build quality as well vivo has done a really good job here alright let’s move on to hardware the vivo v17 pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 v processor coupled with 8gb of RAM and 128 GB of on-board storage now this is the only thing that’s actually been criticized about the vivo V 17 pro because this is the same processor that was used on the V 15 pro which launched much earlier this year in terms of performance the Snapdragon 675 already has a reputation of being a really good reliable processor that can easily handle your everyday tasks without breaking a sweat from multitasking to general navigation everything was quick and snappy with no lag or weirdness but when you run those benchmarks you’ll see that the vivo V 17 pro gets pretty modest results just like every Snapdragon 675 4 one in terms of gaming performance of course you can play casual games like candy crush and subway so far without any issues at all when it comes to more processor intensive games like asphalt 9 or pop G they’re also pretty playable but you’ll want to stick to medium settings there’s also a game boost feature built in which tries to enhance gaming performance but from my experience it doesn’t really make that much of a dramatic improvement so yeah this is kind of awkward at this price point you’d expect a better processor like at least a snapdragon 712 instead but honestly I don’t think vivo really means for this to be a gaming phone as you’ll see in the camera section that I’ll talk about in a sec this is a camera first phone and performance is good enough to handle the cameras and can also handle most games just fine because you have to understand that vivos target audience is camera quality fats performance is more real me and oneplus but V was made a name for themselves with cameras and the V 17 Pro I had to make a compromise somewhere so yeah even though it’s not great when you consider everything else you’re getting with the V 17 Pro I don’t think that the snapdragon 675 is that big of an issue just hold on until I get to the camera section but before that let’s talk about software the vivo V 17 Pro runs fun touch OS 9 based on Android 9 pi alright you have to admit fun touch OS isn’t exactly known as the most user-friendly custom UI around but over the years vivo has actually been improving it ever so steadily and while there are still some quirks in my opinion the UI is actually pretty usable right now there’s a multitude of software features from the ultra power saving mode to the app encryption as a motorbike mode and pretty much whatever feature you’d expect out of a phone in this price range in fact the UI is pretty much exactly similar to the competition I was there except for one very unique vivo thing which is a swipe off or something that’s like the control center on iOS but we will cause it the shortcut center instead hot tip you can actually customize the UI so that the Shaka Center is a swipe down from the right side of the phone just like on the iPhone there’s also a vivosmart motion feature which is actually pretty convenient as double to have to lock the screen raise to wake is the ability to draw an alphabet shortcut to open up a certain app on the lockscreen itself and you can even answer a phone call by just placing the phone next to your you all in all fun touch OS does have its own quirks but at the end of the day you’ll either love it or hate it all right let’s move on to the most fun bit the camera vivos v series of phones have always been very focused on the cameras or rather the selfie cameras more recently so we’re gonna have to start with the most unique feature of the V 17 Pro which is the pop-up dual selfie cameras there’s a 32 megapixel primary front-facing camera with an F 2.0 aperture and there’s also an autofocus sensor that helps keep it fast at focusing on your face next to that there’s an 8 megapixel super wide angle lens sensor with a 105 degrees of field of view along with the moonlight flash in terms of image quality photos from the main 32 megapixel front camera are pretty good and quite sharp overall there’s a little bit of beautification features but that standard with most Chinese phones nowadays overall image quality is pretty good even in low-light thanks to the new ultra low light mode and the front-facing moonlight flash photos from the 8 megapixel super wide-angle selfie camera also come out pretty nice and sharp with plenty of details but since this is a wide-angle camera there’s obviously a bit of fisheye effect to deal with and there’s more distortion towards the edges of the photos this camera is really meant for you to take pictures of you and your gang of friends so I guess it works well enough the moonlight flash is a soft diffused light that’s similar to the soft lighting used by most professional photographers to take portrait photos and it does a pretty good job the front-facing cameras can also record video up to 1080p resolution as well which is nice if you’re a youtuber I guess of course I should also mention that there are quite a few shooting modes for the front-facing cameras like a bouquet mode which allows you to manually adjust the amount of blur and even change the focus point after taking a photo all right so that’s about it for different pacing cameras now let’s talk about the rear cameras there’s a 48 megapixel Sony IMX 582 primary sensor at the back which used to be a big deal earlier this year but it’s pretty much on every phone nowadays and just like those phones the images here are short at 48 megapixel and then pixel bidding is used to bring it down to a lower resolution but with more detail obviously you can also choose to shoot at the full 40 mega pixels as well but then your file sizes will be pretty huge in terms of image quality photos from the main sensor actually look pretty great there’s a good amount of sharp details which create dynamic range as well and nicely saturated colors photos have a slightly warmish reddish tone but overall I was actually really impressed photos actually look pretty great from the v 17 pro also at the back is an 8 megapixel super wide angle camera and a 13 megapixel telephoto lens with 2 X optical zoom and 10x digital zoom there’s also a fourth lens but that’s just a 2 megapixel depth sensor the super wide angle camera can shoot a 120 degree field of view photos which are pretty impressive quality with lesser levels of distortion then you’d see on most other wide-angle cameras even on the edges of the photo there’s also a super macro mode that allows you to take a photo or something as close as 2.5 centimeters away which is pretty darn close if you’re into capturing pictures of bugs leaves I guess this is useful to you but I personally don’t think Mac room wood is a big deal the cool thing here is that you can use macro mode in video as well lastly of course there’s also a night mode as well which does a pretty good job in low-light conditions it’s nothing amazing but it’s not too bad at all overall camera quality and the vivo v17 Pro is actually really good I gotta admit I’m actually quite impressed I’m really happy that all six of those cameras weren’t just for show this is definitely the key highlight of this phone all right let’s move on to battery life the vivo v17 pro is powered by a massive 4100 mAh battery and also supports 18 watt fast charging battery life is pretty good as you’d expect from that mah rating on a day of moderate usage with a couple photos and the usual bits of video streaming and gaming I was still able to get back home with some decent amount of battery life and charging the phone from zero to four just takes about an hour and a half which also isn’t too bad either so yeah overall battery life and the v17 Pro is pretty good you will definitely reach home at the end of the day with some battery percentage left so yeah no complaints there all right guys it’s time for the CJ were decked and here we go the vivo V 17 Pro has a lot going for it there’s the crazy six cameras all around which does a pretty good job there’s the grid display that’s all screen thanks to the pop-up cameras is reliable battery life and the design is pretty sweet as well so what’s not to like about this phone well there’s only really one thing the pricing this puts the vivo V 17 Pro Way too close to the 1 plus 7 and the 1 plus 70 which are fantastic phones with great performance and flagship specs but admittedly those cameras aren’t as great as what you find on the V 17 Pro there’s also the pixel 3a which has that one impressive camera but it loses out almost everywhere else to the V 17 pro honestly at the end of the day if you just want the best cameras in the price range for both selfies and real camera shots the vivo V 17 pro is it if you want better performance or a newer chipset obviously there are better choices out there but if your primary concern is camera the vivo V 17 Pro is gonna keep you pretty happy all right guys that’s what I think about the vivo V 17 Pro as always if you guys have any questions about this phone let me know write in the comment section below or you can reach out to me directly on Instagram or Twitter a Clinton Jeff and hey if this video has been useful to you and you liked it don’t forget to hit the button right below or maybe subscribe because I would be appreciated and yeah that’s about it thanks for watching guys and I’ll catch you in the next one

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