Vivo V17 Pro Unboxing and Review

Published on October 19, 2019
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Remember the time when pop-up selfie cameras first became a thing yep that was VEVO all the way back in 2000 and wait that was last year and over the last year we’ve seen a whole bunch of pop ups from different brands Opel shall me oneplus and it doesn’t quite seem like that trend is going away in fact vivos latest mid-range smartphone has a pop-up module with two selfie cameras but is that enough for you to want to upgrade hi I’m Michael Josh you’re watching gadget match this is our vivo v17 pro unboxing and review let’s get on with the unboxing depending on where you are in the world it will either come in a white box or a black box today we’re unboxing the 8 + 1 to 8 gigabyte models possibly the phone’s only variant from these outlines alone you can already see that dual selfie pop-up we described and four more cameras on the back for a total of six exciting right lifts on this cover more v17 Pro branding wow there’s a lot in here USBC cable manuals and warranty a sim ejector tool and a plastic case if you get the black phone you get a black case and if you get a white phone you get a white case now I’m not really a fan of these cases they’re really tough to snap on and even harder to remove next it’s the v17 pro all wrapped up but we’ll set it aside for now but there’s still more inside wired your phones and a charging rig okay that’s about it let’s get back to the V 17 pro slide it out of its wrapper this color is called Knight black but I also got crystal sky which is more of a pearl finish with a blue trim around it unlike previous years the back of the V 17 pro is made of real glass now instead of that glass like polycarbonate we saw a few months back the phone feels more manageable in the hands and more balanced because the camera elements are now Center aligned button and port layout is pretty much the same except for the fact that the SIM card slot has no provisions for an extra micro SD card if you’ve seen my B 15 video you’ll understand why this next bit is not an exaggeration the V 17 pro has a USB C port Thank You Bebo my introduction to VEVO began in 2016 when I first reviewed the v3 max in India I’ve been a fan of the V Series ever since because they represented indeed of the developing market the need for a solid mid-range smartphone I wouldn’t call them a flagship killer per se then at around $300 they were exactly the phone that was easy to recommend to the price sensitive consumer three years later and the V series has been through many iterations last February we reviewed the V 15 Pro you can click over here to watch that but I can also give you an executive summary that phone brought many of the high-end features that VEVO had introduced into an affordable mid-range ur things like an under display fingerprint scanner and a borderless display but all that is pretty commonplace now so what does the new V 17 pro have to offer mostly an iterative update for the latter half of 2019 the V 17 pro offers the same all screen experience as its predecessor it’s got a notch list 6.4 inch full HD plus AMOLED display just a tiny bit larger compared to the b15 pro but vivo claims it’s now tougher with a strengthened glass that’s supposed to withstand drops but I’m not going to be the one to test that claim out for you the under display fingerprint scanner is still there and is as fast as I remember the V 15 Pro to be it’s battery is slightly larger too but doesn’t come with vivos super flash charge technology just the same one as last year looks like vivo is saving that tech for its higher end phones like the next three which we actually reviewed you can click over here to watch that video in our test the phone lasted a full day of Youth charging speeds were average a 40% charge from zero in 30 minutes internally it’s pretty much the same phone it still runs the same snapdragon 675 SOC with the same amount of RAM and storage that’s not necessarily a bad thing the phone renders graphics smoothly and handles gaming with no hiccups titles like asphalt 9 and mobile legends ran smoothly if we were to nitpick studio speakers would have been nice use earphones for a more immersive experience of course the biggest change to the phone are its 6 cameras 4 on the back and 2 up front over here we have a 48 megapixel main sensor telephoto lens ultra wide-angle camera and depth sensor let’s take a look at some sample photos colors are rich and vibrant while HDR processing doesn’t go overboard our favorite lens would probably be the ultra wide-angle lens as it brings a fresh and more professional look when shooting landscapes or structures the dedicated depth sensor produces decent bokeh but still fails to give that perfect cutout when it comes to people’s hair so I asked myself do we really need that fourth camera that dedicated depth sensor does it have a practical use or is it there just as a marketing tool to be able to say this phone has 6 cameras at night photos look decent with minimal artifacts which is always a good thing in our book but don’t expect it to perform as good as any of the low-light champs out there of course the more exciting bit is probably the dual pop-up selfie camera which we haven’t seen on any other phone in the market today the module is about an inch thick with the two cameras spaced about a centimeter apart you have both a 32 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel wide-angle lens when you launch the selfie camera the app defaults to the standard lens and to get to the ultra wide-angle camera press the bokeh icon and then ultra wide-angle I have no idea why they make such a big deal out of those 2 selfie cameras and then keep that feature tucked away but they’re very wide wider even than on the pixel three as can be expected from vivo phones there are a host of beautification options in portrait mode if that’s your cup of tea they’ve also added a feature called super night selfie which does a long exposure on portrait selfies here are a few photos we took is the V 17 pro from vivo your gadget match and around $400 converted it’s hard to recommend this phone especially if you take into consideration the markets where it is meant to be most irrelevant markets like the Philippines India and Indonesia because in these markets there are more competitive phones that offer more for less the redmi k20 pro also known as a xiaomi me 90 pro come with the top-of-the-line processor fast charging and better camera performance across the board the new camera is on the v 17 pro are a cool feature to talk about but honestly the depth camera on its rear offers no real benefit and its second ultra wide-angle selfie camera is unnecessary that could just put a wide camera up front and it would have been just as nice so for the first time ever on the V Series the V 17 Pro does not get the gadget match seal of approval I say skip this iterative update vivo needs to either lower its prices or offer more value and less gimmicks if you’re on a budget consider the Xiaomi me 90 pro still my favorite budget phone and I know I have yet to do a video on that phone maybe it’ll come soon so to make sure you don’t miss any of that subscribe to our YouTube channel that bell icon so that you get notified every time we post a new video follow us on social media for all them behind the scenes fun stuff and as always make gadget mash calm your daily habit until the next video.

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