Vivo Y11 Unboxing and Review – Very Affordable Phone

Published on June 26, 2020
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Okay welcome everyone today we will unbox the new model of people new model phone why I live in this spawn was Lance last October 2009 so 19 October hippie yeah me on box an attention young freebies known as a box to see it component on up it is very saleable at least I’m ramming or donate online a noble Marin postpone it Alec us Binda okay it’s illegal Agrippa boxer 18 days careful and I you guys Paris a warrant Enya okay people y11 body dimension is one 55.4 by 76 when it by eight point nine millimeter to help sell my minik bent a little guys online with Marilyn thrown in a chaos a Papa bug Billy the pub authentic original de laga okay Tommy bucks first Merlin’s young silicon cover free okay silicon cover young pain opener some warranty card okay information woman one Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide special instruction okay don’t know guys I know you need okay no neato written 18 on Colonia Sally could mineral blue available color it is Sun coral red Jade dream mineral blue so blue trucks are running in yoga studio Garrincha Android Polynesia is Android 9.0 or PI pi PI anisha hundred nine he punished and a screen protector she oniton of Mina the unit in Minami poppin accessories termination warranty I thought I might be high then mention charger called up the phone adapter okay by the canteen you know peanut endo mineral blue Tom Chimaera nipple guys is a main camera is 13 megapixel museum dope into aperture so front Newman is Marisa Tomei graphic two megapixel then Virginia is 1080 30 frames per second or fps okay on attention guys Brendan Chang fingerprint since source of the cold USB microUSB called when young robot speaker ahead bone Zhang Han poon then simp I that memory called ok then I guys up on your phone Philippines but another Philippines tire okay skip lung and services Google services hmm say time Mina say pop nothing Mamiya then skip a man attire they know nothing on camera pop kids ups I install and open open open the company case away by within you installing a highway we didn’t happen along later collisions your bones being syrup yes no okay so it all seven young me do cocaine emerges a premium [Music] man in polity mid-range talaga okay nothing on the mirror okay no no Melania video game Beauty songs LP panorama brawl so premiere my dear Emily Justin I saw shutters light timer engine manual so focus you know how to focus from the channel manual focus okay now Morgan Morgan – yamaganda then those oops sitting here super mega Denman and why I live in vivo Y 11 misspoke like some okay so overall quality naysha on gaming talaga – give me my liquor game mirror sham battery Nia is 5000 milli ampere okay I’m some loudspeaker tripping pipe mm jack for as a headphone plays parasite dunya memory card slot an internal Palani guys is 32 gig room romney is 3 gigabyte 3 gigabyte ram at 32 gigabyte room or internally at expandable shasta memory card slot is danza should show SIM card so with the shell again now memory card pillow come back again when a memory card in de Paula so mention at all memory card at the LA one seemed okay when – yeah the Chateau La Habana don’t Malaga and memory card sir shared sim I’m charging is then what okay then what’s so me Joe Bonamassa [Music] pours Canyon one hour and 30 minutes or 45 minutes this is um chipset name is Qualcomm Snapdragon 49 Snapdragon 439 see pinyin CP Union is optic or four times one point nine ninety five gigahertz cortex okay and GPU is and reno 505 American tips pretty mushy nimble but a possible solution a normal animal tips or paper yeah okay okay guys your lung I’m gonna unplug okay turn 18 humbug and bucks now unboxing them vivo Y a living thank you guys and please subscribe to my channel for future video more than box I enemy Pomona budget-friendly name upon come deserving Hashanah meeting say oh come here on my own column and my budget Madrid mid-range from la Mona autumn on tiresome high-end phone so I made rangeland Okinawa Japan gaming picture quality acacia okay thank you thank you guys god bless us all.
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