Vivo Z1 Pro Review after 2 Weeks of Usage

Published on July 16, 2019
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Hi there this is Ranjith an in this video we’ll be doing the full review for this V was even pro and I’ve now used this for almost two weeks and in fat guys I was not going to review this device because when I got the review on I’d ask the vivo team what would be surprising and they told me below 20 so I thought it to be priced at about 18,000 or close to about 19,000 but when I came to know that the pricing is about 15,000 I was impressed with this device because in certain aspects for example in terms of battery life and the camera this is actually really really good so let’s divide this review between pros and cons what do I like about this one and what are the things that I do not like but here are the quick specs for the revos even pro as you can see the V was even pro comes with the 6.5 3 inch full HD + display and it comes with this new stamp rockin 17 SOC and a massive 5 thousand milliamp hour battery and other specs are on your screen for your reference now let’s quickly break it down between the pros and the cons I have a huge list as you can see so we’ll go over that and the first thing I want to talk about as the what do you say screen yes it has a big screen 6 point 5 3 inch screen but again it’s almost a full view screen as you can see and the screen quality is good its IPS grade screen hence the viewing angles was good and also in outdoor lighting it was visible so they haven’t compromised a lot in terms of the screen quality which is actually a good thing yes it’s slightly on the bigger side but again it’s a six point five three inch air device also I like the fact that it does not have any what you st. notches or anything because they have this front facing camera over here and we would like to call this in display camera now I’m moving to another thing is that I mean it has all the senses that you would expect for a device and I like the fact that auto brightness calibration has been done very well on this and you might be also asking some of you have asked me about the glass protection on this when I asked the vivo team about it and I got an answer so I will talk about that also so stay tuned for that but now talking about the new associate used on this this is the snapdragon 712 SOC and this is the first device in india that is having that and i have to say it’s actually really good in terms of performance i did not have any issue with this device so very lowered and it’s also very power efficient I’ll also talk about the battery life I was getting in the later part of the video now another thing that I like about this device is again it’s a smart phone so you make cause I don’t know about you but I do make a lot of calls and here I would say the EUR piece that was used on this one is actually really really good it does like a very high-end smartphone the calls that I got very very clear so excellent job in terms of the earpiece that the vivo Haspel now coming to cellular network connectivity I just took this one in Hyderabad with a tile and geo and again I would say I did not have any issues and the signal strength was good again in my old studio if you guys do there the error signal is actually pretty low but this one yes I could take some calls so overall I would say the network reception was also good and again with G also I did not have any problem and it also supports that dual 4G volte if you want also moving to another thing is that though this one is just having a single speaker here at the bottom the speaker volume is adequately loud for example in most of the mid-range smartphones when I test I have to actually keep the volume level to max when I was watching the YouTube videos on this one even at 80 percent it was loud and clear and even for speaker phones it was loud so no issues regarding that and also ringtone volumes are pretty high so you won’t miss a call now moving to another thing is that it has this rail mounted fingerprint scanner and again as you can see it is a very fast and a very reliable fingerprint scanner it is works almost every time so you don’t have to worry and again you also have the face unlocking if you really want and that also works now another thing is that yeah I’ll talk about this fun touch OSU I that is the UI that vivo uses over Android but in terms of what he say fluidness I’d never had a problem with this one and that I was very surprised because I used this device for almost two weeks and no large or anything that I’ve noticed in my testing so in that way they have optimized it at the actually really event and also in terms of RAM management here I was surprised though I am testing the six gigabyte RAM variant ROM management has been done very well on this one for example AB student get booted down and also memory resident apps that need to be memory like true color and stuff did not have an issue also that whatsapp and stuff I never had an issue yeah so in terms of ROM management also VEVO has done a good job now I’m moving to another thing is it has this headphone jack and I did test it with heavy headphones and even this audio technica m50x and I have to say the output via the headphone jack is good it could easily drive this m50x without any issue so for music lovers also its include optional and now moving to the battery life on this one here I’m really impressed and guys if you have been following me you know that I’ve tested a ton of devices that come with a five thousand milliamp hour battery and generally I when I test them I get a battery life of about one and a half to about two days but on this one consistently I was getting battery life of about two and a half days with dual SIM and even in some days as you can see from the charts it exceeded about three days so in terms of battery life the optimizations that they have done is insane it feels like it has a six thousand milliamp hour battery not a five thousand milliamp hour battery so in that area I’m really impressed but again as this is fun touch OS UI it doesn’t give you real sot1 values but the battery life is excellent on this one even if you’re sort of a heavy user with two or what are you sense it should last you for about two days easily now moving to another thing is regarding gaming as it’s having the snapdragon 17 SOC gaming performance is also very good in fact I had already posted dedicated the video regarding the gaming performance of this one I played as fact and even in a pub G at the highest graphics settings and we did not have any issues also the good thing is that even with the extended gaming this handset does not get very hard so it’s actually good for gaming now let’s talk about the camera this again one more area where the smartphone actually surprised me with the camera performance on paper if you look at it yes it has the triple camera setup it’s not very fancy like a 48 megapixel or anything but the camera performance was very good in fact the camera setup is actually 16 megapixel is the main camera then we have 8 megapixel which is the wide-angle lens and then we have 2 megapixels that is used for depth but if you look at the sample shots as you can see the performance of the camera is actually really good and also for human subjects the skin tones that we get are really good it also has the lighting effects which really makes a difference so in terms of camera performance as you can see from the sample shots I was actually thoroughly impressed now if we talk about that front-facing camera it’s actually a 32 megapixel front-facing camera and here also the camera performance was very very good it again has the normal modes like portrait and stuff but it also has those lighting effects which make a huge difference so in fact I would say the front-facing camera performance is also among the best that I’ve seen in this price range so these were the good things that I liked about this device now let’s talk about some of the cons every phone has a con so let’s talk about it and the first thing that I noticed is that this one simply does not have any physical LED notification light so that is missing on this one also some of you have asked me this phone does not have Gorilla Glass so I actually asked vivo team what is the type of protection that they have and they eventually came out to me and I’ll just read it they say that yes it does not have Gorilla Glass but it has the shot Z not 3d glass this is what they said and in terms of Victor hardness this is 690 that is almost actually close to Gorilla Glass 5 so yes it’s not Gorilla Glass but this new kind of strengthened glass now moving to another thing is that as I’ve told you in terms of functionality I did not have a problem with fine touch UI but he this UI tries too much to be like iOS I’m not a big fan of it but in terms of functionality I would say I didn’t have a problem after getting used to it after what five six days but again the UI is a little bit you have to get used to the same and this is another peculiar thing that I noticed with this device instead of having a what do you say a type C port they are still going with the microUSB port so that is also another thing to note but again the good thing is that it does support fast charging and they do bundle that 18 watt fachada but it’s my USB pack so these were the cons about this device and this device starts at about 15,000 and it’s sold by Flipkart I’ll leave the link in the description area so overall I would say what I really liked about this device is excellent excellent camera port the rail facing and the front-facing camera are fabulous on this one also the battery life which actually really surprised me because I have to assert a lot of smartphones having a five thousand milliamp hour battery but this one goes really ahead and also I like the fact that even with gaming because of the Snapdragon 712 SOC it performs very well and lastly this is a small thing but it’s important for me this your piece called quality that I was getting with this one was actually really good so overall I would say at 15,000 rupees this is a very good handset barring some of the cons that I have four mentioned anyways guys that was my review of this we were z1 pro thanks for watching if you guys still have any other questions do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button anyways guys thanks for watching this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next video

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