VIZIO P-Series Quantum X with AirPlay 2: Unboxing & Review

Published on January 8, 2020
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What’s up guys this is Mike the Detroit Board with a look at vizio slag ship P series quantum X TV this is one of the first TVs with AirPlay 2 and homekit integration so Vizio was kind enough to sponsor this video and hook me up with one of these TVs so I could check out videos best TV and how it works with the latest Apple integration in terms of said that the first thing I have to do here is install the stands now the stands in this case are solid metal and they’re polish so they have a really nice look to it they’re really simple to install all I had to do was lay the TV down on its box while still protected by its packaging so I don’t damage the screen so the stands just slot easily into place and all you have to do is screw them down so this is one of the videos 4k TVs with a full array of LEDs backlighting the entire panel so this active matrix of LEDs can more precisely control the highlights on the screen while preserving contrast for the parts of the screen that are supposed to be black and with 384 zones for the 65 inch TV this has a pretty dense array of LEDs for much more precise control and with the ultra bright technology this gets up to about 3000 nits of peak brightness personally I really like some of the design touches of this TV which give it a more high-end look so we have those knurled finishes along the edges of the TV we also have some discreet badging at the corners and overall the TV has this nice sleek look the back of the TV isn’t quite as stylish but we have some buttons on one side sort of IMAX tile with power volume and input but we also get a generous set of i/o including 5 HDMI ports we also get a full set of composite and component inputs along with the ethernet a USB port a TV tuner with analog or digital audio outputs the included remote controller also feels relatively high end it’s all aluminum with this really solid feel to it so it definitely feels quite a bit nicer than any plastic remote you might get with most TVs the remote control has some hot keys at the top to take you directly to CERN amps and otherwise the overall functionality is pretty familiar personally what I prefer to use is the smart cast mobile app so this means I can bypass the on-screen menus and directly control the TV right from my phone so for example I use this a lot to adjust the display settings in terms of the interface this is videos latest version of smart cast which is their Smart TV platform so that gives us a very simple and intuitive face to use we have a very large amp selection for media streaming sir likely to find what you need on this platform one of my favorite features of this software is the information ribbon that appears at the top of the screen this tells me the videos format the resolution whether it’s playing back in Dolby vision with Dolby Atmos audio and more there’s also an easy to navigate and feature-packed settings section to really customize your experience which includes the settings for the active full array so I’ve been using this TV for three months now with the mode set to high and I’ve been extremely pressed by its performance now the biggest concern with local dimming is haloing or the effect of the LEDs bleeding outside the boundary that it wants to light and for the most part this is only evident in certain scenarios such as text on the black background but overall I find the intensity of the highlights usually overpowers any evidence of haloing now it’s really quite stunning to get such intense brightness on the black background without grain out the black level that tends to be a problem with LCD because it just ramps up the backlight and washes everything out to get to those bright levels so that makes this TV especially vibrant for HDR content which really needs brightness and contrast to perform at its best now with up to 3,000 nits of peak brightness this is definitely the brightest TV I’ve ever seen certainly much brighter than an OLED panel which really can’t achieve this sort of brightness across the entire panel so the great thing with all of these LEDs is that you can get that explosive brightness anywhere on the screen across the entire screen which is something that can only really be achieved with this type of display technology this is also one of the videos quantum color TVs which uses quantum dots screen technology which is a premium display technology that is designed to enhance color separation to improve the brightness and color gamut of the TV so on top of the brightness the colors on this TV look extremely vibrant the big news with Vizio Smart cast TV platform is airplay – and homekit integration before I get to home kit let’s talk about the airplay tube which finally let sample devices such as iPads iPhones and Macs to stream video and audio directly to a TV and once you’ve connected and set up your TV on your home Wi-Fi network the TV will automatically appear as an airplay ready device just like an Apple TV or home pod airplay – is supported in a growing list of apps but of course is supported in the Apple TV app so you can stream your Apple TV content or your Apple TV Plus shows while you’re using airplay you can use your device normally and quickly jump back to the remote control anytime you want so while airplay is running on your iOS device you’ll see a blue indicator in the status bar which you can tap on to jump back to the controller the control center in iOS also has a media widget to control playback to the TV it’s also from here where you can select a different device or disconnect from the TV airplay to has several other uses including playback of photos or video stored directly on your device you’ll see airplay available as a shearing action for either a single photograph or a slideshow alternatively we also have screen mirroring from iOS or a Mac this might be useful if you want to show content on the big screen that doesn’t have an airplay option available such as a website a video game or a video editor homekit is separate from airplay – and as Apple’s smart home platform it does require additional setup which you can initiate from the home app in iOS or Mac OS now once you’ve paired the TV to home kit this will open up other useful features including Siri integration so this means you can use Siri on your iOS or Mac OS device to initiate playback on the TV home key the integration also means the TV will appear in the Apple home app like all of your other smart home devices such as your smart lights thermostats cameras door locks and more so this is a pretty slick way of quickly turning the TV on and off just by tapping the icon long pressing the icon will get you to a few other controls such as switching inputs this also lets you add your TV to your home kit scenes in my case I’ve set up a scene called movie time that will automatically turn the TV on and turn off all the overhead lights and dim down a few of the accent lights just like in the movie theater I’ve also added the TV to my good night scene so when I say good night to Siri this will turn off the TV and all of the lights in the home airplay – also supports music playback so if you want to stream music to your TV you can do that as well you can even use your home pod or your Apple watch to request and initiate the music you want to play back on your vizio tv now you don’t have to buy the best TV to get this tech this is part of the smart cast platform which means there’s a wide array of TVs that support these features and the price and size that should fit your needs so besides the onboard interface there are plenty of ways of getting streaming content to this TV without attaching another streaming box so essentially all the major streaming platforms are now supported on this TV even apples so after spending three months with this TV I’ve come away extremely impressed by the picture quality and surprised by the ways I’ve been able to integrate this TV into my smart home and the Apple ecosystem and as always vizio is able to deliver all of these features and performance at a very competitive price which makes us a hard value to beat now if you want to know more about pricing on this TV or other Vizio TVs I’ll leave a link in the description below hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you didn’t please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I’ll see you again in my next video.
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