Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra UNBOXING and DETAILED REVIEW – The Most EXTREME Smartphone EVER.

Published on April 4, 2021
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Video Transcript:

This is not only the fastest wireless charging smartphone on the planets but the world’s brightest smartphone display and xiaomi’s first device to obtain an ip68 water resistant certification and secondary display on its back plates it’s also worth mentioning that this device packs the largest camera sensor ever seen on a smartphone all that said i think it’s safe to say that this latest addition to the xiaomi mi 11 family is worthy of its name ultra prices are at the top right hand corner this is indeed the chinese version of the phone the global release is hopefully just around the corner we get a silicon case in the box and that’s pretty much it of course we get the phone as well and a tiny little box to kick away and forget forever the phone looks absolutely fantastic the biggest thing you notice straight out the box is of course the camera bump but before we get into that you do get a free 67 watt wired charger when you do decide to pick one up here in china but this will probably change and be included in the box of the global variant it is 21 if you do decide to purchase it separately and it is quite a bit larger than the gan charger that we saw with the vanilla me 11 sold separately you can purchase the 120 watt block 80 watt wireless charging pad and it is massive it looks absolutely fantastic i just had to get one 120 watt block like i said 80 watt charger but the phone is capped at 67 watt wireless charging which is still very impressive and yes i’ll be doing a full zero to 100 wireless charging test in this video so stick around here with me i really like this little glass finish at the bottom of the kick over there that massive fan at the back and the phone sits perfectly well even though it has such a ginormous camera bump at the back you can pick the phone up in ceramic white or ceramic black there is also a marble special edition though it’s only available for the 12 gig of ram 512 gig rom version it looks fantastic in white i had to get it in white i would have preferred it to be matte matte black that is or even matte white like the vanilla mi 11 we have a five thousand milliamp hour battery 67 watt wide and wireless charging a 10 watt reverse wireless charging and an ip68 water and dust certification we have gorilla glass invictus on the front of course the ceramic back aluminum frame and that ceramic back pretty much picks up absolutely no fingerprint smudges even though it is a tad glossy you do get that silicon case in the box it doesn’t look that impressive for such a premium device would it be nice to see a more premium case nevertheless it’s there for day one usage we have a power button on the right hand side as well as a non-split volume rocker exactly the same as the vanilla me11 we have no option for expandable storage we do have a dual sim tray though a usb type-c and we have hammer cotton tuned dual stereo speakers one at the top one at the bottom slightly larger than the vanilla me11 and we also have an ir blaster that camera bump is absolutely massive even bigger than the huge one from the s 21 lineup that being the s21 ultra but surprisingly it doesn’t give much of a wobble on a flat surface though it is seriously top heavy i’ve almost dropped this thing a couple of times in the last two days i’ve been testing it out design wise it looks right up there with the best phones from this euro it doesn’t look quite as sleek thanks to that chunky bump at the back there but when you turn on that rear display which we’ll get to in a minute it definitely flares the phone up a bit beside from that display the one in the front is the exact same one that we saw in the mi 11 no slightly brighter with a peak brightness of a thousand seven hundred nits of course it is wq hd plus with 120 hertz refresh rates 10 but color that being one billion colors full dc ip3 rating and it looks phenomenally bright and the color accuracy is on par of course with its little vanilla brother the me 11 and on par with the rest of the best of the best devices out there that being the oneplus 9 pro iphone 12 pro max and samsung galaxy s21 ultra which all cost quite a hefty penny the brightness is certainly the highest of all devices over here as you can see in this little preview and the chin and top are pretty symmetrical though we do have those little piggy like corners that we saw on the mi 11 which i’m not the biggest fan of i prefer them to be more rounded though that’s because we have curved glass at the top and bottom as well as the sides the sides are pretty subtle which is a nice touch not too deep when it comes to curves of course we have wqhd plus on here matching the m11 and we have 120 fps 120 hertz refresh rate which is lacking on the iphone 12 pro max which is stuck to 60. we have a 1.1 inch amoled rear display it is 291 pixels per inch max brightness of 450 nits you can put a wallpaper there and always on display clock as well as add some personalized text which looks pretty great but that’s pretty much all the options that you have and it’s not truly always on it goes off after 30 seconds max we have automatic brightness on the front panel of course and we have a couple other things we can tweak such as a pay-per-view here which makes it look like you’re reading a book as well as all the crazy color schemes that we’ve come to know and love from very recent xiaomi flagship devices and all the ai enhancing features that you can really beef up with that display of course we also have dark mode over here which hasn’t changed since the previous version the vanilla mi 11 since we’re running on the same software here miui 12 and not 12.5 the blacks in the dark mode are very nice and deep and it does pop up when you’re in your app tray over there as well also have an always on display very similar to previous xiaomi devices that i’ve shown with all the same animations that you have on your lock screen or you’re always on screen that is such as kaleidoscopes so on and so forth and the one that changes color over time which is still my favorite we do have good x’s ultra thin optical in-display fingerprint sensor that we saw on the me 11 it’s just as snappy as that though not quite as quick as the competitors around such as the ultrasonic sensor generation 2 underneath the display of the s21 ultra and the facial recognition is not secure like you see in apples or some devices from huawei though it is quite snappy once again not the fastest that i have tested but of course that selfie cam can be used for other things too and that is taking snaps we get a 20 megapixel aperture of f 2.2 over here selfie snapper the exact same one we saw in the mi 11 there’s pretty much no edge detection when it comes to taking a portrait shot and at night things don’t look the best i can’t say it’s the best i’ve seen around what’s up guys this is technic recording a 1080p 60fps selfie video on the brand new probably the most over-hyped phone of the year and it has every right to be me 11 ultra now there’s also an option when recording with the selfie cam to use frontal sound only so all sound behind the phone when in landscape mode will be filtered out i’m currently recording using 8k 24 frames per second using the backhands of the me 11 ultra this must look absolutely breathtaking right now this should be made possible due to that rear screen but unfortunately there is no update to show the screen when recording video which really bums me out i really hope they fix this soon what about 8k ultrawide this is pretty sick like that guy just said there is no option to view the rear screen when you’re recording video using the back cam so you can’t actually vlog using the back cams just yet i’m sure this will get fixed you can’t do it with night mode you can’t do it with portrait mode and you can’t do it with native 50 megapixel mode either you can only do it with the standard photo mode for now though when i first got this phone you couldn’t use that back screen for anything other than an always on display though you can use it for selfies it takes a great shot during the day not as impressive at night though though you can use a flash which truly shows you how these cameras can shine and the most impressive thing about this phone is it’s back camera setup we have a 50 megapixel samsung gn2 sensor first ever on a smartphone and the largest sensor ever with a one by point 12 inch sensor size the ultra wide and periscopes are no slouch either both being 48 megapixel sony imx 586 sensors the ultra wide snap here unbind looks pretty fantastic burn down looks even better thanks to ai 50 megapixel main looks pretty good the colors are missing a little bit thanks to ai when it’s been done looks even better five times zoom using optical that periscope lens over there looks fantastic even better once again once been done with the color accuracy when it comes through artificial intelligence then 10 times zoom looks okay 30 times zoom looks pretty decent and wait for it 120 x zoom looks like that five times optical i think is the sweet spot over here it looks absolutely phenomenal once again main shot over here portrait shot zooms in by two times looks pretty decent you can also use a full body effect if you don’t want it to zoom in though bear in mind you’re not getting the best quality you can when taking depth shots we also have an option of using a macro mode over here there’s no macro sensor but it utilizes the ultrawide sensor and comparing it to the s21 ultra on the right hand side it looks even better especially when cropped in taking regular photos i can say that the dynamic range is a lot deeper on the me 11 ultra as opposed to the s21 ultra though when you’re taking shots in a very cloudy day i do tend to favor the s21 ultra over here especially when zooming in where the s21 ultra has 10 times optical zoom when it comes to videography on both devices i think the stabilization is slightly better on the s21 ultra both rocking 4k 60fps over here so they both look pretty similar if you ask me of course we also have 8k at 24 frames per second on the xiaomi mi 11 ultra this is the max frame rate when it comes to 8k and we can also shoot 4k at 60 frames per second nice and stable over here all the colors are still popping this is a very bad day i tried to wait for a good day i waited two days and i just couldn’t get it right so had to go ahead and test it on a dark gloomy day but it’s still kept up quite well on its own we also have 1080p 30fps using ai to brighten up the colors a little bit we can also record ultra wide at 8k which is fantastic it looks great and it’s honestly so much smoother than previous generation devices 4k at 60fps ultrawide of course we also have that one as well as 1080p 60fps ultrawide and we also have the option of using ai at ultrawide but once again it’s kept at 1080p and 30fps once again it still makes the colors pop quite a bit we can again record 8k using the periscope lens five times optical zoom 4k 60 as well as 1080p 60fps it’s quite stable but it loses quite a bit of detail and i was walking pretty fast there i’m running here now testing out the stabilization turning steady video on it kind of zooms in the video and steady video pro zooms out a bit both of them losing a little bit of quality but definitely increasing the stability 4k 30fps at night i did record at 4k 60fps here but it automatically drops to 30fps to get a brighter video recording here and using it at 1080p 30fps looks pretty great we do have an option of using the night video mode which is using artificial intelligence of course it does brighten things up a lot but it does lack a lot of detail and don’t even think about using ultrawide at night it’s still a no-go for most smartphones these days ultra wire taking snaps however is a different story it takes an incredible snap even with night mode off on looks even better night mode off using the main camera and on once again even better brightening it up and keeping all the detail five times optical zoom over here using the periscope looks good it looks a little bit worse when the night mode is on and 10 times is the max that we have for night mode once again worse when night mode is enabled there is that little section over there 120x zoom no night mode option for this but you can still kind of make it out i guess and like i promised 67 watt wireless charging speed test here we go i’m super excited the advertised time from zero to 100 percent of the me 11 ultra’s massive 5000 milliamp hour battery is 39 minutes let’s see if it can match that i did make sure that quick wireless charging is enabled you can disable it to get slower charging if you want to charge your phone overnight so it doesn’t overheat too much or burn battery over time 25 in nine minutes for wireless charging is incredible 50 in 18 minutes is unheard of the peak temperature at the moment is 40.5 degrees in celsius which was the last interval of 18 minutes we’re reaching almost 30 minutes now 75 or 76 percent that is in 29 minutes are we going to make that 39 minute interval now 36 minutes is the advertised time for wired charging and it made it at 92 wirelessly and 42 minutes is the time that we got to charge zero to a hundred percent which is honestly the best i have ever seen in terms of wireless charging speeds and it honestly didn’t get that hot most wired charging devices reach a peak of 50 degrees in celsius of course you also have 10 watt reverse wireless charging you also get a nice nifty little animation of your back screen over there when you do plug it in wide charging unfortunately we are still limited to miui 12 0.0.9 that is and i really hope that we do get miui 12.5 in the very near future i have done software reviews on xiaomi devices running miui 12 in the past so make sure to check out those reviews for a more detailed observation of it though the good news here is that we can still use google and the play store of course and yes this is a fully fledged flagship so haptics are perfect but what about the speakers compared to the mi 11 and s21 ultra yeah go go spirit blade i’ll take that the speakers sound phenomenal a tad louder than the vanilla xiaomi mi 11 of course we have game turbo via game space where you can do a couple things when you are playing games such as block everyone else or use some pop-up windows first game we’re testing here on the snapdragon 888 chipset run on five nanometer processor technology is ganshin impact at the highest possible graphics settings as well as max frames per second but the screen went dim halfway through actually not even halfway through after about two or three minutes it is so darn hot at over 50 degrees in celsius but we were still getting a rock-solid 60 fps so i can’t really complain pubg mobile is capped at 60 fps when using hdr graphics you can get 90 fps at the lowest graphics setting but that option is not available quite yet on the m11 ultra i’m sure it’ll get fixed in the near future bullet force is one of those games that can rock 120 fps and the mi 11 ultra doesn’t sweat when doing it dead trigger 2 usually hits 120 fps but for some reason the mi 11 ultra is capping it as well as with real racing 3 here only getting 60 fps but what about benchmarks well first and foremost we’re going to check out the battery percents at the start as well as the temp 44.6 degrees that is pretty warm for just regular usage rocking through antutu version 9 and then jumping through to geekbench version 5 and then ending off with 3d mark wildlife but for some strange reason geekbench 5 just got killed there not really that strange i’m not too surprised this happens pretty much with every single xiaomi device when i first get my hands on it it does get fixed in a future software update though so stay tuned for that one battery at the end here drained by 25 milliamp hours per minute and in terms of temperature only gained 11 degrees in celsius when it comes to antutu version 9 the oneplus 9 pro is right at the top then the mi 11 and then underneath that the mi 11 ultra with the s21 ultra right at the back end like i said earlier with geekbench 5 the mi 11 ultra did crash so i had managed to find a score online which once again puts it second from the bottom with its little brother right at the top when it comes to 3dmark wildlife things are looking slightly better for the me 11 ultra second place over here with a score of 5 5 6 1 and fps of 33.3 which is just one frames per second below the oneplus 9 pro and a tad better than the mi 11 and s21 ultra the xiaomi mi 11 ultra is certainly worthy of its name and definitely lives up to the hype with its gorgeous ceramic design and aaa camera setup that being said the camera bump is absolutely massive making it extremely top heavy and in all honesty isn’t that much better than its competition when disregarding its specs on paper of course but geez that camera bump is just so darn big it has an absolutely stunning display matching its little brother as well as adding some extra brightness but unfortunately we are still stuck to the unsymmetrical corners and let’s not forget about the lack of miui 12.5 which i really hope to see soon it is buttery smooth though with a 120 hertz refresh rate display and snapdragon 888 chipset which leads to incredible performance in some games but burns out in others of course there’s other options out there the vanilla me 11 has most of the ultra’s offerings at a cheaper price but drops the ball in camera capabilities an ip68 certification smaller battery and slightly slower charging the oneplus 9 pro is also a tad slower in charging and falls short of the hasselblad promise but matches the mi 11 ultra in almost all things however it is hard to recommend the oneplus device over xiaomi’s king due to its steep price then there’s the samsung galaxy s21 ultra which matches the name and probably the price of the me 11 ultra once it hits global shelves it might not have a rear display and serious optics on paper but the s21 ultra is tough to beat another phone tough to defeat is the iphone 12 pro max but of course if android is what you want then there’s no match between the iphone and xiaomi and the apple is still slugging behind with a 60hz refresh rate that being said the xiaomi mi 11 ultra is right up there with the best of the best i would be lying if i said it was the greatest smartphone on the planet but then again i’d be lying if i said it wasn’t what i can say is that it is one ambitious smartphone that i can definitely recommend to the tech enthusiasts of the world but it’s a bit too much phone for most you.
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