Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Explored: it’s so much Better Than Mi Band 3!

Published on July 20, 2019
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Hey how are you doing the me band for is it the best fitness tracker in the world right now is it the best me bounce yet join me and we’ll find the answers in the next few minutes [Music] welcome everyone tech row channel my name is Michael and this this is this watch face is hilarious this is the me band for it’s the product I’m going to talk about in this review and I will put it side-by-side with the me bounce three now sim words about the meet band for it’s actually part of the who ami ecosystem someone is typing me let me check sorry spam so let me mute the sounds it’s muted now so it’s not going to disturb me any longer this is part of who I am is ecosystem and who I’m is one of those Shiomi subsidiaries which are popular about the brand called amaze fits that certainly you have heard especially if you four-star reviews about the amazement virtue makes me Stratus and so on well it’s branded as me bands a parity part of show me manufacturer who I am yes I already mentioned that back in April there was the announcement that the previous generation the mid band 3 was sold in more than 1 million units worldwide which makes it one of the most popular ever fitness trackers and question is can show me respectively who ami replicate the same kind of success with the me band for it’s very likely that now the new generation considering the loyalty of many show me users since more importantly the attractive price is going to surpass these numbers and become the most popular fitness tracker ever but only time can show us whether this is going to happen or not in these episodes I’m going to talk about the hardware to talk about the software and the feature since of course my feedback based on two weeks of 24/7 usage and of course we’ll talk about how to compares to the meat band 3 I usually show you the process of unboxing as it demonstrates a company’s attitudes towards presenting a product what if in a world ruled by marketing and we’ve often seen how shiny packages can sell poorly performing devices a few it is quite the opposite with this one we actually have a downgrade from last year’s boxes and this one is cheaply designed I have a feeling that I’m unboxing one of the many Chinese lower grade devices but let’s say we can live with that inside there’s the band some papers and a charging dock I can see many people unhappy with the fact that you need to physically remove the strap from the unit but in my opinion show me are approaching this the right way or one side there is no way to misplace the connectors or loose contact during charging and on the other side this is the easiest way to educate the customers about the possibility for using different straps my wife had the me band too then the me band three and I can promise you that during this time she has definitely given more money about straps than she ever paid for both of these fitness trackers not sure how much exactly Ohama are making out of these additional accessories but I’m pretty sure that make a very good amount of money out of these aftermarket Lucan answers now we’re going further with the most obvious and I would say major difference between the two generations you can see the mid band three with this monochromic AMOLED display and this already is the colorful screen of the mid band for yes now the band is equipped with colorful AMOLED screen with the size of point 95 inches we have considerably larger screen surface if we compare to older generation but the band keeps its discrete shape and still looks gentle and nice to the wrist they say it is supposed to be much brighter now and it’s better visible in any conditions while using the standard swatch faces you don’t really get this feeling but there are similar faces that are very well visible even outdoors even on a bright day other than that it’s lightly powered by any generation of dialogue semiconductor manufactured system-on-a-chip which is based on the arm technology and very power efficient comes with bluetooth 535 million power battery PPG heart rate sensor and waterproofness up to 50 meters on paper all these specs are remarkable the displays also fantastic promising 24-bit color depth as well as brightness up to 400 nits which can compare with the brightness of flagship smartphone displays from a few years ago there are a few sensors as well which are tracking your physical activity like the precise measurement of your steps considering the hardware there might be two things that the most passionate tech fans might miss first thing it doesn’t have GPS embedded which in my opinion sorta deal-breaker because the band can still count on the GPS from your smartphone mmm and certainly show me have taken this decision in favor of better battery life and the second thing it doesn’t have it’s having no NFC chip inside actually there is an NFC variation of this band which is primarily going to be sold in China and so would likely support payments only for the Chinese region I’ve heard some rumors that it would support also a Chinese a I functionality know something like the Chinese version of Google now but I’m not really sure if that’s plans to become a feature for the worldwide users now going further to the software features and actually this is the other segment where this band has had a number of brilliant enhancements first of all will talk about the navigation which maybe we could start with exploring of this capacitive button which is positional right here the screen is touch capable just like me by three and it’s responding to vertical and horizontal swipes good thing is that it is covered by tempered glass which is not much far away from Gorilla Glass in terms of scratch resistant it’s no longer plastic and has oleophobic coverage which reduces signal frequently the amount of fingerprints to activate the display you need to leave the wrist up or just stop and then you can scroll up or down in order to access the most common features quick access to the menu called more options the notifications the weather forecasts and workouts and swiping left or right by default is going to get you to the music player surprisingly there even is possibility to turn up and down the volume and people with smaller fingers will have better success but it is remarkable how sensitive this touchscreen can be here are some of the sports modes you can easily activate them from the band itself and for some of the activities it’s going to connect to your phone and spur oh the GPS signal heartrate information is also exceptional there’s PPG sensor and you can have continuous heart rate measured 24/7 while I’m guiding you through the rest of the menus I’d only say that the me band four looks to me like the most complete fitness tracker ever and in terms of user experience I can say that after wearing for a couple of weeks I can hardly point to any weakness not at this price point I know that a lot of people are using the me band 3 and they’re currently watching this video and while often we have the suppressed help that the next generation of something is not the meaningful update this here is not revolutionary but it has been updated so well in both hardware and software compartments that I guess that’s going to be the toughest to be device in the $30 price range few words about the smartphone application which is again me Fitz and is still designed and maintained by hue ami few years later it’s not too colorful as it used to be in the past and why we are now taking the cleaner smoother user experience something that is in line with 2019 Slater’s trends and the application is now also close to perfection in fact it resembles a lot the interface of the amaze feed app and I won’t be surprised to see both apps getting merged at some point but I can say for a fact that if you’re using their main suite app and switch to me fit you won’t feel much of a difference except a major one Miffy does not have direct integration of Strava but there’s a third-party app called notifying fitness for me band which takes care of most of the missing features in the original me feat app concerning battery life and I know a lot of you would be asking why do you talk about battery life just now well I wanted to share many other things but now I’m on my twelfth day of this first cycle with 25% left at the moment so if this band can easily last for two weeks with heavy usage and I’ll explain during these 12 days it was one firmware update I’ve made numerous synchronizations heart rates 24/7 sleep tracking the screen brightness is set to a maximum and I’m using notifications screen unlock feature you know it is s heavy usage as it could be with a few sports activities during that time which we’re including this band to be connected to the phone’s GPS yeah and it still has 25% of juice which means that with a little bit more conservative kind of usage you’re easily reach up to three weeks maybe more notifications are very well visible and vibration is very strong it’s one of the few bands where you won’t miss any alarm because of the good vibration this was almost everything important that you had to know about the mid band for and to the questions from the beginning is it the best me band yet well I can simply show you how the displace look like the meat band 3 side by side with the meat bound for from a distance and you can clearly see how much brighter what happens this one died no ok how much brighter the meat band 3 actually is the meat man 3 is at the maximum brightness mid band 4 is at 4 out of 5 bars and I guess that’s that’s an easy way to the other question is it the best fitness tracker in the world right now I guess so brilliant hardware which includes larger battery finally a colorful display with Folsom brightness even outdoors outstanding built quality a lot of improvements in the user interface departments better me feet up I guess that makes it the most complete fitness tracking solution that you can buy for around $30 and more importantly it combines most of the requests coming from the community members now to the minuses no embedded GPS which in my opinion is not a deal-breaker no NFC or let’s rephrase no useable NFC for the international version yet a no automatic detection of sports mode which some other fitness trackers are capable of doing although not that accurately so yeah in my opinion this is the best fitness tracker you can buy for 30 dollars and solution like Fitbit inspire HR the new Samsung fitness tracker so and they are in a serious trouble because in my opinion that’s gonna be the hardest to bid device from the fitness trackers in 2019 so how do you like it let me know in the comment section below and one question to all of you that are me BAM three users are you going to upgrade to this body does we know about this episodes my name is michael has been a great pleasure to have you in the last few minutes presenting you the me band four and I’ll see you in the next episodes

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