Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – First Impressions and Walk Through

Published on July 14, 2019
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Hey what’s going on everyone my name is Donovan and today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the me band 4 from Xiaomi this is a watch have been using for a couple days now so this isn’t by no means a full review but I just wanted to kind of go over some of the features of the watch and then also share with you just my thoughts so far on this fitness band from Xiaomi so this watch when it first released sold millions and the reason for that is the price point and all the functions you get for a relatively inexpensive price point so you can see here I actually have two different versions of it the first one I got from geek buying calm and you can see they have it for a bunch of different prices so if we come down here the version I have is actually the Chinese version so you can see that one’s available for just under $35 that’s a pretty typical price you can typically find the Chinese version for under $40 with no problem you can see they have a bunch of different versions of the watch here a bunch of different colors and that’s because this band is completely removable and basically the only thing that is not removable is that little pod there but then you come down here they have the Avengers version so that one’s going to be close to 80 bucks we come over here there is an NFC version as well that one’s going to be right around 60 bucks and then the other one that I have over here this one came to me from banggood.com so I’m gonna leave a bunch of links down in the description if you’re interested picking up various versions of the watch but from banggood.com you can see that we’ll go ahead and show you the difference between these two so this is the Chinese version so notice everything is pretty much in Chinese there over here this is the international version so of course all of the features are going to be written in English and then they do also have a number of other different languages as well so that’s the international version that one’s going to be slightly more expensive but you can see they have it for $43 so either way it’s going to be a great price well under $50 regardless of what you get unless you get one of those more fancy versions that have you know the Avengers or whatever then it’s going to be a little bit more expensive okay so let’s go ed and take a look at some of the features they mention here so color we of course we have a color touch screen it is only a point nine five inch touch screen we have a notifications display we have step and sleep monitoring over here it says five atmospheres resistance so I have wore this in the shower actually took it swimming as well so you don’t have to worry about that various exercise modes which we’ll take a look at and then also the heart rate monitor now as I mentioned this is completely removable and actually to charge it up you are going to have to remove this band so you can see this little silicone band here is removable those two little pins are going to connect up to the two pins here and on the other end of the USB charger that you get with it it’s just going to plug in two you can plug it in to your computer you can plug it into a regular wall adapter either way that’s how you’re going to be charging it up now notice down here there is a little circle that’s going to be your home button and really that’s the only button everything else is completely done on this 0.95 inch touch display and then we have our always monitoring heart rate monitor right down here and so far I’ve found it to be pretty accurate I haven’t really had any issues with the accuracy so far so this is just one of the very many there’s actually a ton of clock faces you can get on it so this one you can see shows steps and then heart rate also the date and time so that one is just one of them and then over here we can go into our status so right now I’m just sliding up and down so if I slide up and down its gonna take me into my various applications so status is just going to give me my fitness status for the day and if I scroll down one more we’re getting our heart rate so if I click on that it will it notices that I’m not actually wearing it so right now it’s obviously not going to work but if I go ahead and put that on and we’ll go ahead and hit check so it’ll go ahead and start now that’s not accurate but also I’m not really wearing it but that’s how it’s going to check the heart rate monitor alright so as you can notice that as soon as I took it off it stopped checking my heart rate and then here we have our workout mode so we come in here we have outdoor run treadmill cycling walking exercise that’s going to be what you’re going to do if you’re you know lifting weights or doing some kind of cardio you’ll want to use that one it whoops didn’t mean to do that and then we have pool swimming as well so that one’s going to track your laps now one of the things I will mention here is that with the workouts this does not have GPS built-in so if you want to use GPS if you want to get the most accurate workout information it will locate and notice that it says okay so it says is located GPS that’s because it’s connected up to my phone so it’s using my phone’s GPS in order to get that lock so just a heads up there this doesn’t have its own GPS if you want to use GPS you’re going to have to have your phone with you so that is maybe a little bit of a negative but obviously at this price point you shouldn’t expect to get GPS built into it and we have our weather of course that’s going to show us our weather and yes it really is only 57 degrees right now and you can see there so it gives you four days worth of weather and then we come down here we have our notifications and at the moment I don’t have any notifications but that’s where they would be and then we have more so here we can change do not disturb alarm music so that’s going to take us in our music I’m actually going to show you another shortcut for that one we have our stopwatch our timer find device that’s gonna help us find our phone and then we have a silent mode Ali pay that will really only work in China so unless you live in China that’s not going to be important we can adjust our band display here so this is where we can change our if we want to change our clock face there so that was one way you can do it you can also do it on your phone and I actually recommend doing it on the phone it’s a little bit easier there then we’ll go back to more and let’s see here what else do we have on here oh and then we have our general settings so we have brightness lock screen reboot factory reset and so on and so forth so that is pretty much everything on the watch that you need to know so I’m gonna go back to the main face because there is actually one more thing if I slide to the right it’s gonna take me into a lipe again that’s only available in China anyway so unless you live in China that’s not going to be very useful and then one more and then we have our music so I’m gonna go ahead and bring up a song on here on my phone if I can find my application here so I’m gonna go ahead and go to Spotify have no idea what I was playing last so now I’ve got some music playing and now you can see it actually will allow me to adjust my volume on my phone I can go to the next song just like that so that’s how we’re going to so it does have music controls so if you’re running and you have your phone with you you can control your music using the watch and then also of course you can track your workout using the watch as well but of course it’s going to be used the connected GPS on your phone alright so that being said let’s go ahead and take a look at the application for the phones or for the watch itself so it’s going to use an application called me fit as you can see right back there so I’ll actually go back and there’s a bunch of different watches that use this a lot of the watches from Xiaomi and amazed fit use this so if we come over here I have it under watch and then me fit is the applications it’s going to use so you can see I have the amazed as well which I haven’t had connected in a little while we can set our goals here so goals so step goals are pout or weight things like that we can connect up with some friends so if you have other friends that you show me products you can connect up with that and we have some behavior tagging as well let’s go ahead and go into the watch itself so here are the band display setting so this is where we’re going to actually get all the different bands so you can see that there are a ton of them now this will vary depending on which version of the watch you get so obviously if the Avengers version you’re going to have actually an Avengers watch face that’s available where you don’t see that on this one but there’s a ton of different ones available on just the native application here we can unlock the screen so this is going to be using the watch to unlock your phone screen we can set on incoming calls event reminders alarms app alerts this is where we’re going to get our notifications and here you can adjust which notifications will give you notifications or which applications will give you notifications so these are all of the ones I picked down here you can adjust it if you want more so if you want other apps to also send you notifications you can go down there into manage apps to fix that now notice up here my battery life so two days ago I charged it that was the last time I was charged and I’m at 87% so in two full days I’ve only gone through 13% that’s using it completely I haven’t really done anything to try to conserve battery at all I’m so obviously battery life of twenty days is very possible on this thing so we do have idle alerts that’s basically to let you know when you’re when you’ve been sitting around for too long and then down here we can there’s a few more banned alerts as well so it brought in just the incoming SMS also goal notifications there as well and then down here find band so if you lost your band you can go ahead and use that to find it and a lot of other things here is the heart rate detection you can adjust when you want it to check your heart rate so the detection method I have it on automatic when I’m sleeping as well I’m detection frequency at 1-minute activity detection so during exercises it’s always going to be checking it as long as you have that turned on as well and that’s pretty much it so the me band four does everything that you need a fitness band to do including you can obviously mess with your music it does have connected GPS available as well the battery life is amazing color touchscreen so everything about this thing for only you know around thirty to forty dollars is pretty spectacular in my opinion so this is the me man for if you have any questions anything I might have missed in the video let me know down in the comment section thanks for watching I hope this video has been helpful for you and I will see you all in the next one

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