Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review (Penta Camera Phone With 108 MP Sensor)

Published on December 24, 2019
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Hi guys this is Jason or the coven I’m here with the review of the show me me note then finally this is the Penta camera phone that everybody’s been talking about yes it’s a 5 camera handset with a 100 8 megapixel shooter at the back side so basically it’s supposed to be a rival for D Hui P 30 Pro and also for the Nokia 9 PureView ok so first things first the price tag should be around $600 for this baby right here it’s the first Penta camera phone from Xiaomi is the first 100 8 megapixel camera phone on the market available in the stores the mimics alpha was a concept it’s got a huge battery and it’s a bit of a powerhouse in the mid-range and high mid-range Department so first things first of all the design the obvious elephant in the room is the similarity with the Huawei p30 pro if you look at the back side and exclude the Xiaomi logo you may be hard-pressed to find differences between this and the p30 pro of course extra cameras but the triple camera bulk here is very similar to the hue one obviously is made of glass and has a metal frame and the facade is a very curved perhaps even more than the pictures and renders show and those are beautiful curves and talking about glass at the front as well and a small teardrop notch here at the topside the phone is not slippery in spite the quantity of glass and it comes with pretty thick measurements nine point seven millimeters and a hefty 208 grams even though I have good news for you you will not feel those 208 grams because they’re very well distributed now aside from the hue you see here there are other verses like aurora green and glacier white this is supposed to be the midnight black and i quite like it even though the overall green is my favorite it’s got were classified protection at the front and back curved sides is pretty confused even with a single hand some happy with this design choice even though it’s a heavier than the whole p30 pro it’s still sexy and grippy now on the screen front this is a 6 point 47 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 23 40 over 1080p and HDR 10 support it also has always on display and a small teardrop notch here at the top side and I’m going to watch a video alright now a test video for 60 frames per second HDR clips here we go should show us all we need about this beautiful screen extremely vivid colors excellent brightness even the contrast was fine on a very weirdly hot December day also wide angles deep blacks good immersion on account of the narrow bezels basically anything you could want you have it with this screen here now we also did a bunch of tests so let’s see how those panned out so I’m going to start a false with the pixels this is the pixel arrangement we put it on at the microscope it’s a pentile matrix and then we measure the brightness and achieve the top level of 550 locks units which is pretty solid it beats the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus and away p30 pro at the same time it scores below the Samsung Galaxy Note Templars and the xiaomi redmi k 20 pro now if you’re not happy with the screen calibration there is a settings option here with that brightness level you’ve got reading mode that color scheme with this color palette and options like auto saturated and standard plus the dark mode text size you can hide a notch with options from here and there’s also a special area for the always-on display and the things it can show now we move further from that we got here the hardware section we are meeting here with a pretty powerful mid-range CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 g8 nanometers octa-core accompanied by 60 G beta RAM and 128 gigabyte storage no microSD card slot here the good news is that I didn’t encounter any trace of lag no matter what I did and no matter how hard the multi test there was no trace of lag even games you could put details all the way to the high or ultra level and still the game would function in a pretty fine fashion now we go to our sister website where we got the benchmarks we start antutu as you can see none two to eight were placed on a 10-spot beating the motor no one home and one action in unto two seven around the thirty six pot beating the show me me ninety and who a p20 pro but scoring below quite a few phones including last year flagships like the north nine pixel to excel and LG g7 thank you in some of these benchmarks believe it or not we got even beaten by the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro well here not we actually beat in Geekbench v but there were some of them where we got bitten by that xiaomi phone okay more tests are found here more benchmarks in general it truly functioned more like a high mid-range phone rather than a true flagship and this is the graphical department this is the score just below the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro by a small difference anyways you are not going to encounter lag that’s for sure another thing i found as a conclusion for the performance is that this phone fits in our list between the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro and the samsung galaxy a 80 if you won’t talk about the temperature we also measure that using a thermometer one example is here only thirty two point four degrees celsius achieved in benchmarks and the exact same temperature achieved in games so there is no trace of overheating here we have a heat map of the phone you can see here the max the average and the minimum and things are being kept pretty cool there’s probably a cooling system here in summer or heat pot or something like that and this heat pipe manages to cool down the device even when doing some hardcore gaming so pretty happy with the dissipation of the heat and the heat level now on the battery front prepare for this i’m sure you’re not ready for this it’s a gigantic battery 5260 milliamp per hour once again five thousand two hundred and sixty million per hour and 13 watt charging which is pretty impressive in my book well aside from that we also have a bunch of tests to show you so let’s go straight to that department we’re still here in the test Department so first of all we did the video playback test and it’s amazing it’s on the fifth spot it’s 21 hours 23 minutes it’s huge bits galaxy 870 which was a bit of a hot shot galaxy note n plus and the xiaomi redmi k 20 pro is the equal of the moto g 7 power a badass battery phone stays below the iPhone 11 pro max but not by very much this was video playback and this is continuous usage a crazy 15 hours and 5 minutes 9 spot bits Galaxy a 7850 not 10 Plus Xperia v you name it stays below the Xiaomi me 90 and the zenfone 6 somehow and possibly the biggest surprise the charging only one hour and seven minutes it’s great and after one hour of charging you’re at 96% also after 30 minutes of charging you’re at 52% so color me impressed color me very impressed by this battery possibly the selling point so far now on the acoustics front we only get the singular speaker I would have loved the stereo setup but we just have this speaker here not a very inspired placement because you will cover it in landscape sadly when gaming and watching videos there’s promise of high five high resolution and guess what we also have an audio jack available here now the actual listening experience let’s check it out so [Music] so in spite of what I just mentioned you can still hear the music even when you cover the speaker so that’s something nice now the overall experience the body doesn’t vibrate so that’s a nice thing to hear the volume is very high the basis I would say so so we need more bass but the highs are pretty nifty and the voices were warm I know it was an equaliser – audio and all that but they’re only applied when you’re using a pair of headphones now we also did some other tests you have a decibel meter and that one revealed for us the following results okay so this is the multimedia one where we scored 99 point seven decibels in games is the equal of the iPhone 11 pro max with this value it bit Xperia one but stays below the hue p30 pro the other test was just example it’s 89.9 decibels and if you followed our test that one is pretty impressive beating the 1 + 7 pro and the redmi note 8 pro from xiaomi we go further we have reached the camera so first 108 megapixel camera phone in the stores the first Penta camera phone which may actually be good the Nokia PureView world is a disappointment and here at the front we have a 32 megapixel camera that combines pixels and it’s hidden inside the notch now at the back things get serious one two three four five cameras ok so here we go the main camera is the 108 megapixel one it’s got a Samsung hmx sensor and F 1.69 aperture also optical image stabilization and it combines four-in-one pixels we also have a 12 megapixel portrait camera with 2 X optical zoom and also a 20 megapixel ultra wide camera for those lovely wider shots that one has a five-piece lens and autofocus the total of five megapixel camera is the ultra tell a camera with optical image stabilization and 10x hybrid zoom plus 50x digital zoom also should offer 5x optical zoom and finally the macro camera which I believe is this one here a small one 2 megapixel shooter for the macros that’s it in a nutshell you can shoot 4k video in 30 frames per second there’s AI there’s a night mode and also the 960 frames per second slow motion ultra slow motion video I don’t know if you notice but you also have a sum total of four LED flashes here two softer ones and two regular LED flashes okay so that’s about it I will not insist too much on the camera UI you probably saw it in the unboxing okay and as usual I’m going to go deep into the gallery now so be prepared for a lot of chatters so it’s one of these crazy December days when it’s very hot outside 15 degrees Celsius to cut Vantage of the Sun and went for a stroll these are dainty daytime shots so here we go first of all I like the way the sky was calibrated here okay the rotate is now on we can start our adventure so once again I am very picky when it comes to the shots that portray the sky sometimes the sky is an unnatural blue here it’s a natural blue pretty close to the actual reality start it off with a few shots and this is 2x zoom reasonably impressed by it so far so good one plus seven pro-level expecting to reach the hue p30 pro level but we’ll get more about that later we started then taking some ultra wide shots xiaomi has resorted to some corrections so you will not see curved areas on the sides I can confirm that no curved areas on the sides however you will going to be losing some details and some colors on the sides of the water white photos once again in the photo department excellent water texture excellent level of detail and colors and we do have 108 megapixel photos full resolution for your enjoyment on the PC and on the PC you can start cropping and cropping and cropping till your hand hurts on the mouse you’ll be truly impressed and if you look at the color of a regular shot you will enjoy the sky but if you go to the water white one you may notice that the colors are a bit different not noticeably but at the edges you may notice it so now I’m going to start our big adventure in world of zoom so this is the ultra wide shot which is the regular shot and I’m starting to zoom this is 2x this is 5x and then we keep on zooming till we go to the crazy 50x magnification so if you want to compare this to the huawei P 30 Pro I’ll be the first to say it that one has better clarity when it goes past 5x till it reaches 5x they’re pretty comparable here the p30 Pro has clear images at 10x 20x 30x and also even at 5x so you can tell which is which well at least the trained eye can I would say that up to 10x you will not be able to tell the difference I can tell at 5x but not sure who can ok so about the selfies some of them may feature a doll face I try to remove all the many Corrections the lips to the eyes there are many default activated things so we’ll take more beautiful selfies I don’t want that so try to get rid of them in the end the selfies aren’t bad the focus is ok but what’s behind me is well too bright so you better get a proper area where the Sun falls on your face and doesn’t shine behind you ok so I’m loving the texture of the hair of the skin of the clothes in general I had no problems with these selfies I was either on par with what people expect but some of them feel a bit too Dollface and the brightness is well pretty good and this is a sample of bokeh not bad the book if it’s a bit fake software like but it’s sort of like after all doesn’t use a second camera good separation of the two planes at least doesn’t cut into my hair each thread of hair is separated from the tree in the background so that’s nice ok convincing texture of the eyes and of the face so I would say so far so good a lot of selfies here we go further beautiful ducklings on the lake forgot to mention colors I’m very happy with the color calibration 2 blues the Reds whatever you want exelon close-ups and here I’ve started taking some macros here somewhere I have a lot of shots ok so these are the macros pretty convincing I would say they’re on par with the show let me know they Pro and I would say slightly below the Motorola one macro ones that ones specialized on macro after all okay even more selfies I love this perspective here it’s like it’s asking for a zoom photo and that’s what we started to do we also took an HDR which was pretty solid in solving the two high dynamic range and here starts the zoom and we start to zoom and zoom once again you can’t tell the difference between this one and who a p38 pro until you go past 10x or so okay so this is a regular shot and this is an HDR shot we tried it out here and as you can see the ultra wide photo is a bit darker compared to this one it’s a difference of aperture of the lens and finally we can get to see some colors lovely blues reds purples and oranges and we even try it out bokeh on Donald Duck in order to try and separate his face from the background and we can also alter the depth of field from the options several more colors here and at least one of these shots is 108 megapixel one so you can truly zoom in like crazy on your PC of course they take a lot of space but in the end not many phones can do that actually this is the only one which you can buy right now okay so we have a lot of photos here as you can see and one of the coolest things about it is that you can take photos even with the Sun in front of you encounter the shore and I had zero problems with that so color me impressed I would say that the average user we’d not be able to tell the difference between the hallway Peter the pro and this phone which is no small feat for show me which didn’t use to conquer the tops of the SFD extra mark and other landmarks now let’s see the low-light pics we also took those so in the end keep that in mind data and photos compatible with any flagships out there even though we’ll try white ones okay so low-light photos pretty impressive zoom even though you’re losing quite a bit of clarity and detail during the night time clearly darker ultra white shots so that’s something to remember every once in a while we had a missed shot which may happen if you rush too much it can handle the lights pretty well the sources of light I thought that captures what a bit darker compared to what I got on an iPhone and on the Galaxy Note 10.1 ight mode to save us so the ultra white shows were not very impressing during the nighttime I can tell you that but the regular ones look pretty nice good lighting nice colors solid zoom even so overall I’m pretty impressed even by the low-light capture comparable to the flagships out there but still maybe the first half of the year flagships no the second half closer to the galaxy is 10 and the Galaxy Note 10.1 they’re superb but ultra wide ones and the lack of I would say more brightness spoils the party a little bit and also some of the photos have artifacts around the light sources so there is that it’s a phone that can fight any camera out there and in the zoom Department the average user won’t tell the difference between this and Hawaii 30 Pro okay so we’re done with the photos I would go ahead and put this on par with a 1 plus 7 Pro for now and I would say 90% of the Hawaii 30 pro and in the video Department let’s see what we’re getting here is got the me video app and got the folders here so we have a total of 14 videos taken with this phone ok let’s try and organize them somehow this is the first one actually okay so things I noticed when shooting video I like the texture of the water pretty realistic ok color calibration a slight tendency to expose the image higher than usual it’s crisp and I particularly love the microphone here if you listen closely to the music the voice is the ambience it’s actually a better than usual microphone you can truly notice that more than on other phones ok so not low-light yet this is a stabilization test actually descended stairs and not bad you see the image is not flickering there’s no trembling there’s no refocus the focus was spot-on the whole time I shot videos and I remember there was an only xiaomi phone i ever tested with a solid video it was the xiaomi me mix three the one with a sliding part of the top that one was the only solid filming I ever did with a show me this is the second one and it’s much better than the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro possibly one of the best if not the best xiaomi phone for filming out there solely stabilization nice all around colors selfie videos here we go ok so it won’t win any words but it’s pretty solid this one comparable to an iphone maybe but if you’re shooting you full HD well there are many phones out there shooting in 4k with the selfie cameras and nobody can compare with the galaxy note stand plus in that department so it’s no galaxy note n plus it we can maybe fight an iphone just maybe not enough for a vlogging career and we go further to this one we’re starting to go into the 4k back camera videos right now they’re incredibly crisp and detailed excellently colored and textured the 0 differences for a1 from a1 plus 7 pro galaxy s 10 no 10 iphone Xperia v you name it and now you can see the scenery excellent change of exposure from darker to lighter areas so color me impressed some cars at last there were times when the vegetation felt a bit off where the green wasn’t feeling realistic this one is also a bit whiter than usual but only a slight hue nothing series and the focus and zoom are also pretty fine I didn’t I wouldn’t call the zoom better than usual that something to notice here ok so actually short one of your videos in water white just to see how they do and let’s maybe try and find it this is the ultra white capture I just did for the sake of it and guess what it’s actually not bad it’s actually shockingly good I remember shooting ultra-wide video with the sony xperia 1 and 5 and we’re disappointing this is much much better I would even go as far as to make this better than the YP 30 pro in the video department but it’s a pretty tall order and I also went ahead and shot a video with the 2x special telephoto camera you can see it here things look pretty crisp but then if you should video starting from 5x things aren’t that crisp anymore okay so Indian comparable to the Hawaii p20 Pro may be beating it and very close to the 1 plus 7 pro but below the Galaxy Note 10.1 I’d video capture oh we got one here it includes a lot of music trying to avoid copyright problems and here we go there’s a lot of walking around and a lot of light sources and the camera handles them ok stabilization fades away in the night time I’ll give you that but things remain crisp clear and the colors are pretty nicely calibrated you can handle bright lights you can handle moving subjects but the stabilization will have seen better in the world of Samsung’s to be honest ok so that’s about it camera wise basically it’s comparable to the hue p30 Pro and it’s the equal of the 1 + 7 Pro as a core as a whole but not exactly on par with the Galaxy Note 10.1 Arjun is very small about 10% maybe on the connectivity front we already have an extra the infrared emitter on the top USB see audio jack and also microphone here and also a microphone here so two microphones already we also have 4G plus there is vuela t available here we got Wi-Fi dual band we got Wi-Fi direct Wi-Fi display bluetooth 5.0 and FC GPS galeano GLONASS and Baidu LT category 15 and FM radio even the calls were OK and the microphone was just as badass as when it was recording for the videos I did a bunch of speed tests so actually going to go to the app it’s simpler that way you consider it here on 4G we went as high as 183 mega per second downloads 60 3.1 upload that’s fine Wi-Fi top level of 69 point five to fifty three point eight I’ve seen better but in the end it may be the fault of the network now on the software front not much to say I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you this me UI 11 on top of Android pie before it’s pretty snappy even lacking a snapdragon a 5 5 or 90 hard screen is still pretty snappy so here we have the let’s say it’s a vault it’s the aggregator of useful things like shortcuts like tools you can write a note add stuff to your calendar multitasking you down like this with two rows of thumbnails and here you have a cleaner security scan you can also do the whole split screen thingy by pressing here and holding an app and then doing this so that’s the split screen now if you’re going to pinch the screen you’re going to go to the witness department which is just as transparent and white like the one you I experienced from Samsung speaking of transparent and white this area here the drop down one you got your quick settings which are quite useful there’s a reading mode there’s also dark mode which is just activated you can see it here and throughout the interface do not disturb video record for the screen and that’s about it as usual for me why there is no app drawer here all the apps are placed on the home screens there’s about 30 plus of them we got the main ones from Google also YouTube music interestingly there is a bunch of tools including a screen recorder browser got security here which is ready to optimize everything calendar that also the weather file manager Facebook and Netflix pre-installed and of course a mountain of settings there’s always on display there is battery and performance digital well being special features gave to robot quick reply in second space security wise you saw me messing about with the fingerprint scanner throughout the review and as you can see it takes quite a while to learn to load up and read your fingerprint it may be accurate by the time is too long to call it a proper fast and accurate solution once again it’s accurate but it’s taking too long for the whole animation to pop up well maybe if it was a different animation things would be better but in the end it’s just a recognition which is taking too long other than that I think we’ve covered everything here and well that’s about it I think it’s time for the verdict and let’s access our proper website here we go now on the pro side of the phone obviously it’s got a pretty design it’s also comfy a solid camera and zoom are the best video capture even seen on a Xiaomi phone it’s got a very bright screen a superb battery life gigantic even a charlyk is fine we’ve got an audio jack we got an infrared emitter I would say there are no problems with the water avoid capture I’ve seen on many phones and in the end it’s got a great 108 megapixel camera which you cannot find on any other phone in stores right now and the price is pretty okay in my book those are the pros on the con side no waterproofing no microSD no top-level CPU the zoom is a smidge below the hue p30 Pro II for being honest the low-light video could have been better we don’t have stereo speakers and a fingerprint scanner well not the fastest in the world but that may be fixed with an update in the future in the end yes you can call it a hallway p30 Pro rival because it is and it’s also a bit cheaper it’s got the best video shooting of any Xiaomi phone and it’s definitely about 2 or 3 times better than a Nokia 9 PureView the other Penta camera phone it’s basically a more powerful xiaomi redmi note 8 Pro II for being honest the real star of the show is the battery combined with the 108 megapixel camera once you get to a PC and zoom in on to on 108 megapixel shot from this phone you’ll understand the hype once use it for a few days and see that you will not need to charge the battery you’ll understand the hype again so choosing between this one and the hue p30 Pro now considering the current reputation and problem of people may be inclined to choose this one it’s also cheaper he’s got a brighter screen and the huawei phone it’s got more battery left than the whole phone and once it gets Android 10 should be moving properly now the holy foam has louder speakers and actually two of them and slightly better the zoom and the video Department are very tight in the end this one seems to check more boxes in the hallway p30 pro so that’s about it we can recommend it for a purchase for the ear end and it’s a premiere anyway you call it it’s a premiere the first 100 megapixel phone to hit the stores 108 actually this is from us bye bye.

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