ZTE AXON 10 PRO – “Real Review”

Published on October 19, 2019
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Yo what’s up everybody should boy floss back again with another video and today we’re gonna take a look at the ZTE axon 10 Pro now you can pick this up from a bunch of different websites I found this one at electronics force comm I’ll put a link up in the description the price on this one 500 bucks I repeat 500 bucks now at that price this might be the one +70 killer alright so let’s go through all of the specs now this is a gsm-only phone so if you got AT&T; or t-mobile you’re good to go if you got Sprint or Verizon you asked out now it only comes in one color blue for the display you got a six point four seven inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 that that’s three hundred and ninety eight for the PPI Patrol for the processor got the qualcomm snapdragon 855 with the Adreno 640 GPU now what does that mean in English flagship specs bro flagship specs now you got either six or eight gigs of ram 128 or 256 gigs of storage and a micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to one terabyte now on the side note they got a 12 gauge version but that’s only available in China now it’s running Android 9 VIP with the me favor 9.1 skin on top you got a four thousand milliamp battery that features 18 watt fast charging and wireless charging I repeat wireless charging ladies and gentlemen oneplus has left the check now for the cameras on the rear you got a triple setup so you got a 48 megapixel wide-angle and 8 megapixel telephoto and a 20 megapixel ultra wide-angle on the front you got a 20 megapixel camera now you also got Bluetooth 4.0 NFC USB type-c charge in dual speakers and an onscreen fingerprint sensor so what’s missing no IP rating so it’s not water-resistant no always-on display and no headphone jack that’s just wet hashtag boss I sold it out for 500 bucks let’s see what it is now shout out to white shoes she got the day off here we go ZTE axon 10 Pro also known as the oneplus 70 killer hold on a second job ladies and gentlemen white shirts is back in the building [Music] white shoes calm down all right here we go nice black box giggity little unboxing knife now let’s get into this axon 10 Pro I got a lot of requests to check this one out that’s exactly what you’re gonna do okay this package just rolling I’m a little under the weather yeah all right here we go inside this is gonna be your device okay okay nice presentation alert let’s see this is gonna be a sim ejection tool okay of course I’m doing it the hard way sim ejection tool okay I’m a VIP okay I’m a VIP let me hold that down got your user books and shit pluck them follow them to the side you get a case now let’s take a look at this case okay basically just a gel skin case none fancy on this one okay so some objection to let me save that too okay more boxes I like that not love when they do a presentation like this why not now this is the euro charger okay so I could throw that in the trash sit for that see what else you get okay you get a set of headphones let’s see these have our inline controls on them uh not that’s the only thing I check for all right so you got inline controls this is a go USB type-c charging cable and that’s pretty much it now let’s take a look at the pro whoa check this out glass on the back glass on the front with the aluminium frame all right let me do the smell test on this one this one right here smells like savings all right 500 bucks basically if you wasn’t paying attention to none of the specs all you need to know is 500 bucks he’s getting wireless charging dual speakers on screen fingerprint sensor and the latest processor and GPU bunch of RAM and a bunch of storage this looks like a beast right here oh this is tough alright let me pause the video I’ll drop all my information in then we’re breeze through the OS talk amongst yourselves alright guys we’ll be back in now just put my information in the phone got everything all set up and I got to be honest with job for 500 bucks this is a win now look I said this before I’m gonna say it again and I’m gonna keep saying it the days of having to spend a thousand bucks for a quality phone is over let me show you three dope phones that you can get for half the price of your Galaxy Note Templar on ten one plus seventy and my favorite a suit zenfone 6 five hundred bucks 600 bucks 600 bucks all three of these phones have the latest processor and GPU and they each have a feature that separates them from the three the oneplus got the 90 here it’s refresh rate axon 10 wireless charging and the Asus zenfone 6 you got my favorite feature the James Bond camera I love this phone like I said all three of these phones half the price of your Galaxy Note templates with the flagship specs but here’s the downside whenever you buy one of these mid-range phones with high-end specs they all suffer from the same problem the camera the cameras are never the best that’s why you spend in a thousand bucks for that iPhone or that Galaxy Note you want the top-of-the-line camera and these phones ain’t got it but they are quality phones first things first build quality now I know I gotta say it feels so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures glass on the back glass on the front aluminium frame and wireless charging on deck for 500 bucks that’s pretty sick now a couple of different ways you can open up the device you can swipe up putting your pattern in your PIN you got your own screen fingerprint sensor now this one ain’t as good as the oneplus but it does work I noticed I set it up at the top it does work but I notice you got to press it a little bit harder the one plus is a little bit smoother and faster but the face unlock on this phone is unbelievable now watch this look at that I’m looking at it look how fast that is okay I’m gonna look at it now bow face unlock on this phone is ridiculous now let’s take a look at that display beautiful AMOLED panel no problems with this except for one thing now I got the display on max brightness the display is not the brightest in the world let me pull out my oneplus and show you how the difference now I don’t know if you can see it or not but the oneplus the display is definitely better and the fingerprint sensor on the oneplus is way better now I know somebody’s gonna ask what would you pick the axon 10 or the oneplus personally I would go with the oneplus 9 th refresh rate is ridiculous I like the build quality this one a little bit better and not to mention one plus the camera in this one is pretty good yeah I’ve seen the video quality for yourself still pictures most of these phones if you’re taking a picture in the daytime who cares it’s the night shots that’s gonna get you and the video quality the video quality is what gets you on all of these cheapo phones you see it’s never stable so one plus has one of the best videos for under six hundred bucks basically six hundred and under nevertheless I digress where was we nice and smooth all right now this is that me favor you I I haven’t used any phones in a long time and the Mossad note I know what somebody’s I gonna say Oh ZTE they spying on you with some of the drama with Donald Trump and ZTE and all that look this is not a political show alright this is a this is a tech review we’re reviewing the tech product now all of the stuff that goes behind it with war way in the government as et in the government we’re not talking about that I will we only here to talk about the phone I just want to make that clear all right so let’s go through the basic toggles mister you got your order rotate but leave that on you got screenshot and screen record and I love that got your mobile hotspot you got your DT DTS sound like Dolby Atmos on deck screen cast NFC everything’s on deck take it over to settings okay so of course you got Bluetooth NFC we don’t need to check that out let’s go to features now if you want to you can add your virtual navigation or you can have your swipe gestures we can have your regular three buttons on the bottom I’ll leave it just like that let’s say you got scream record gestures and motions let’s see three finger pitch for a screen shot let’s try that okay three fingers okay like I said I haven’t used this OS in a long time I’ll leave that on I like that why not let’s see it got raised awake auto answer pocket mode blah blah blah let’s see I’ll turn on speakerphone shake the turn on flashlight ok karate chop action okay we got to leave that on I like that that’s pretty much it now I don’t see any worldstar gesture for the camera we’ll take a look at that later let’s see anything else Z pop that shit you screw on swipe over I remember this from the axon the other acts on phones I had back in the days you swipe over use that as your back button so if you got small hands set that up I’ll leave that off for now and the Smart Cover features let’s go to display now let’s see can we took this display animal screen effects you can make it a little bit colder a little bit warm up we’ll leave it on normal this is max brightness though let’s see okay Oh always-on display check this out now okay once again I made a mistake I said no always-on display always-on display on this oh this is pretty sick this is pretty sick this last show always let’s see how that looks oh I’m pretty okay I’m impressed right now I’m I’m genuinely impressed always on display now at the beginning you heard me say on my flagship checklist that’s one thing that I need I need an always-on display 500 bucks we in business let’s see anything else with that nope storage ain’t mad storage on this one you got let’s go to accessibility okay so if you’re hearing or visually impaired all your features on deck and that’s pretty much it let’s uh check the web browsing speeds I right my bad I had to log into my Chrome account let’s try that again go to apple.com there it is that was nice and fast good scrolling speeds on deck all the pictures popped up let’s check the split-screen multitasking let’s take it over to YouTube got YouTube on the bottom Apple on the top that’s pretty sick now let me pull up a video so we can check out the speakers all right so I got my digital test video cued up here we go max volume on two speakers beautiful display let’s come up the bottom still here from the top now this dual speakers not the loudest in the world not the best but two speakers is always better than one all right now just out of curiosity I wanted to see which one sounded better this sort of one-plus check this out for yourself the one plus definitely sounds better let’s cover the bottom sounds more full I’ll do them side-by-side yeah this one sounds a lot more hollow there’s the one plus yeah one plus is winning in the speaker’s all right so now let’s take a look at the camera here’s all your different shooting modes got your bokeh effect you got night shots portrait mode rolling your different Lighting’s you got photos let’s see wide-angle one time zoom three times zoom let’s see the maqsuum 10 times zoom oh that’s pretty sick you got videos wide let’s go to more sport manual boat panorama you got mono magic shutter time lapse and slow motion now let’s see anything else I got HDR you got your motion photos beauty mode all your filters let’s take it over to settings resolution now here’s the thing all of these phones with the 48 megapixel sensors they usually trash I’ll leave it at 12 megapixels ai camera we’ll leave that on DoubleTap to launch the camera so that’s your world star button let’s see if it works oh that’s nice and fast okay I like that and that’s pretty much it on net let’s go to video settings okay max quality 4k alright so let’s do some test shots [Music] all right so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 I’m giving the ZTE axon 10 Pro a major major major go and for 500 bucks as Bob Barker would say the price is right now look I know a lot of y’all gonna say y’all don’t trust CTE the Chinese government dis the Chinese government debt that’s a valid argument but like I said earlier this is a review of the phone not the company not the politics and as the phone goes this is a beast the bill quality is a 1 we’ve got the latest processor and GPU beautiful AMOLED display four thousand milliamp battery with fast charge you got wireless charge dual speakers always-on display plenty of RAM plenty of storage expandable memory and did I mention all of that for 500 bucks bro you cannot complain hi this is a beast let me drop the case on so yeah I can see what it looks like that’s that this is sick now the one downside to this phone is the same downside to all of these mid-range phones with high-end specs the camera you’ve seen the video quality for yourself not the best alright the pictures are decent but definitely not the best but for 500 bucks I am not complaining alright this is the perfect trap phone right here I this is a trap phone deluxe alright if you’re looking for a backup phone this is it right here anyway hit me up in the comments let me know what y’all think about this one alright so one more thing now I’m not gonna waste your time making a whole comparison video let me go ahead and answer that question for y’all right now out of those three phones that I sold earlier which one is the best number one one plus seventy number 2 h2 zenfone 6 and number three axon 10 Pro now if I can only pick one I would go with the one plus best display best speakers and best camera shout out to everybody raka will be on Facebook Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters I see how holding down that Facebook page shout out to everybody hitting you up on boxer and a special shout-out to everybody rockin with me on instagram now I know that’s why I’m at full time on the percent full throttle and a special shout-out to everybody blocking with the new stream on Sundays yall already know stream gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys allowed oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy underscore carter that’s where I’m at and a special shout out to the notification squad I see y’all in the comment section early hashtag salute og one more thing I almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y’all haters all gasp rules close your eyes a picture holy shit boys floss on Mountain Dew see Spock one to beam up

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