ZTE Axon 20 5G Review – A Hidden Selfie Camera Phone!

Published on March 14, 2021
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Hey what is happening this is lions and you know i love zte because the company usually produces good value for the price smartphones or they give you at least one cool innovative feature as a matter of fact i still have the zte accent seven from 2016 but in this video i want to talk about the zte accent 25g so this is the world’s first commercial under the display camera smartphone but this device also has a lot more other cool features to talk about however this is not the perfect device that’s why i divided this video into two parts pros and cons so this is what i like about the axon 25g first of all i like the innovation i wouldn’t call this under the screen selfie shooter the key selling point of the axon 20 but it’s definitely one of the standout features i never had a problem with camera cutouts or even small notches but zt’s implementation simply looks better and it shows the progress of technology in this field it’s not only the camera that’s under the screen zte also implemented an independent driver chip and integrated circuit to make all of this magic work while you can still see a small square on top of the screen while the background is light but when the background is dark it’s pretty much invisible meaning that you get a truly full screen experience if you don’t like the notchless display you can hide the status bar in the settings menu so how does this selfie shooter work i would say that you can take just mediocre quality images in good lighting and the images are definitely not as sharp as i’ve seen the pictures are a bit fuzzy and the level of detail is quite low in low light the situation gets worse of course so don’t expect great results selfie portrait mode is a bit of a letdown edge detection is not accurate in pretty much all of the shots but that has a lot to do with software meaning that the quality could be improved with future software updates 1080p selfie video quality is mediocre to say the least check it yourself because i mounted the device on a tripod so this is how the video would look like if you wanted to make some content as you can see this under display selfie camera is usable but it is far from the best but we still need to upload zte for making the first smartphone with a camera implemented under the screen i’ll talk about still image and video quality using other cameras later in this review so stay tuned the display on this phone is just gorgeous first of all it is massive measuring at 6.92 inches meaning that if you love watching videos you’re definitely going to appreciate the size of the screen also there is quite a bit of technology underneath this display the size of the display wouldn’t matter if it was of bad quality well it’s completely the opposite the screen is one of the best in this price segment it is 1080p plus which is completely fine because the panel is plenty sharp also it has 10 bit screen with 1 billion colors meaning that it is vibrant color accurate and is just beautiful to look at further a 90hz refresh rate makes the phone feel smooth there is also under the display fingerprint reader that may not be the fastest out there but it is pretty accurate i found the face unlock feature to be reliable and fast albeit there is a slight delay when you press the power key i made quite a few calls to test out the call quality as the earpiece is also implemented under the screen the phone uses a piezo electric vibrator under the display which is essentially a vibration monitor that vibrates the display which in turn produces sound i can say that call quality is not the best compared to traditional earpieces but it is still pretty good as i could hear people on the other end clearly the phone supports 5g and i found connectivity and signal reception to be great in areas where 5g is available now let’s talk about specs and performance this phone has an upper mid-range class snapdragon 765g chipset and if you pair it up with a generous amount of ram and storage and a 90hz refresh rate display you can expect pretty good overall performance we have android 10 out of the box which is not the latest version of android but me favor ui is packed with a lot of features my favorites include the ability to customize always on display and play with some gesture and motion controls there are also quite a few other settings and little tweaks to play with overall i wouldn’t call me favor ui my favorite user interface but i still like it because of its clean look and smoothness while using the phone for the basic stuff the phone performs well while gaming too my favorite titles like assault extreme and call of duty run fine on the highest graphic settings and even pubg runs fine on hd graphics with no overheating issues the design of the phone is quite nice the model that i have ships with this fall leather finish which is really nice to the touch but i’m not sure about long-term durability of this device my phone still looks pretty much new but if you’re concerned about long-term durability of this backplate you can use the protective case that you can find in the retail packaging which looks exactly the same as this backplate once you take the phone out of the box you will immediately notice that the device is massive due to its large display in fact the axon 20 makes my galaxy s21 ultra look compact which is quite ridiculous the button placement is convenient and the overall build quality is pretty good but there is one major letdown that i’ll talk about in the shortcoming section soon the phone has a quad camera system on the back with a 64 megapixel shooter at the car pictures taken with 8 megapixels wide angle shooter look okay but they could be a bit sharper and have more detail the main camera on the other hand takes really nice and sharp pictures with quite accurate colors even two times digital zoom images look pretty good 64 megapixels mode gives you more megapixels to play with but the overall quality is significantly worse compared to the auto mode night mode produces quite nice pictures that have a good amount of detail and noise levels are kept to a minimum however using night mode is a bit slow as the phone takes its time taking and then processing the images there is also a mono mode if you are into monochrome photography and a macro lens for close-ups however since it’s a fixed focus lens it’s hard to take sharp looking photos handheld you can also take quite nice looking images of objects with a bokeh effect portraits have pretty good edge detection and the overall quality is nice keep in mind that i took all of the portraits myself using a tripod and a timer function of the phone the main camera is capable of recording really nice quality 4k 30 fps video that is stable and smooth even when shot handheld thanks to electronic image stabilization if you want to use a 60 fps mode i suggest you mount the device on a tripod to reduce the shakiness the footage using both 30 and 60 fps frame rates is nice and sharp except for over saturated colors which lead to reddish looking water but that can be fixed in post you can also record a decent quality slow motion video from 120 up to 480 fps i would personally stick to 120 fps for the best results there is also the so-called v-log video mode that is a bit gimmicky but i actually had a lot of fun shooting videos this mode automatically mixes a few video clips with audio here are a few samples [Music] now other features and test notes as quickly as possible we have a hybrid dual sim and a micro sd card slot for storage expansion there’s also nfc and connectivity has been great we don’t have any fancy dual speaker systems but a bottom firing loudspeaker actually produces pretty good sound quality check it [Music] yourself the battery life on this phone is quite good yet not the best due to a relatively small 420 milliamp hours battery that has to power up a massive screen my youtube video playback at around 50 of screen brightness test score is over 13 hours which is pretty good but if you use the phone more intensively you should expect to get about 5 to 6 hours of screen on time charging time is about 1 hour from 0 to full with a supplied 30 watts charging brick now i wanted to share a few shortcomings of the device while the overall build quality of the phone is pretty good the device uses a plastic frame it doesn’t make the phone look or feel cheap but a metal rail would definitely have made axon 20 feel more premium in the hand another shortcoming that i have already mentioned that under the display selfie shooter does not impress whether you take regular selfie a selfie portrait or recording selfie video speaking of video sound recording quality could be better too overall zte accent 25g is a nice phone despite having some shortcomings that i have already mentioned so here is my conclusion if you can live with these flaws 450 euros will buy you a huge phone with a massive and excellent quality 10-bit display great overall performance decent battery life fast charging and a pretty good main camera for both stills and video at the end of the day zte accent 25g may not be perfect but it brings some cool tech innovation and it’s also a really nice phone overall that i’ve enjoyed using for the past couple of weeks what do you think about the zte accent 25g would you buy this device or would you not tell me which is your favorite feature in the comments section down below also like the video if you liked it please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already it was lions thank you for watching and see you soon.
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